The Sixteen Founders of Villa de Santiago del Saltillo

Here is the list of the sixteen founders of the Villa de Santiago del Saltillo present day Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. I extracted the following portrait of Alberto del Canto and the names of the founders from the book titled “The Conquistadores and the Crypto-Jews of Monterrey.

Among the list are 3 of my ancestors that I know of. I have included their relationship next to their names. Saltillo was founded in 1577.

Mural depicting the Founding of Saltillo by Alberto del Canto


The founding of Saltillo by Alberto del Canto. From the mural by Helena Enriqueta Huerta Muzquiz in the Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia, Saltillo, Coahuila. Photo: Henry Gomez

List of the Sixteen Founders of Villa de Santiago del Saltillo

  1. Captain Alberto del Canto, Portuguese (my 10th great grandfather)
  2. Juan Alonso, Portuguese
  3. Julian Gutierrez
  4. Rodrigo Perez
  5. Cristobal de Sagastiberri, Basque
  6. Agustin de Villa Sur
  7. Santos Rojo, Basque.
  8. Manuel de Zirua
  9. Juan de Erbaez, Basque
  10. Manuel de Mederos, Portuguese
  11. Antonio Hernandez Grimon
  12. Baldo Cortes, Spaniard
  13. Juan Navarro, Basque (my 12th great grandfather)
  14. Mateo de Barrasa
  15. Juan Perez Chocallo, Portuguese
  16. Gines Hernandez, Portuguese
  17. Baltazar Castano de Sosa, Portuguese (my 11th great grandfather)

Let me know int he comments if your ancestors are also listed in this list. If you are interested also in the early settlers of Saltillo I highly recommend that you check out my previous post: Aquellos Primeros Saltillenses, eBook by María Elena Santoscoy Flores

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9 thoughts on “The Sixteen Founders of Villa de Santiago del Saltillo

  1. Anthony Garza

    Alberto del Canto is my 12th great grandfather according to my family tree. Glad to see we are related down the line!

  2. Amelia

    Moises are you related to Juan Navarro too? Remember we had a connection before via Cuellar from Guerrero, Tamaulipas.

  3. carmen gonzalez

    i have readed four books on family tree i do not have a website, but i love to hear stories on mier ,tamps i just finished the juan de dios guerra,,,wife– narzia gomes – my mothers grandparents, (mier,tamps and later moved to san carlos, ranch 8 miles north of el sauz,tx,,,i would like to stay in touch the you, thank you carmen munoz, gonzalez, 271 Harrow dr. san antonio,tx,78227 210-673-0988

  4. Irene Hernandez Maldonado

    Hola Moises,

    We have two common ancestors, Juan Navarro is my 11th great grandfather and Baltasar Castaño de Sosa is my 11th great grandfather. I do not have a website, but my tree is on


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