The Conquistadores and the Crypto-Jews of Monterrey

While conducting Genealogy Research I came across “The Conquistadores and the Crypto-Jews of Monterrey” by David T. Raphael. It turned out to be an excellent book. It is full of great genealogical information, many of my own ancestors are mentioned within its pages. there is even a whole chapter dedicated to my 11th great grandfather Diego de Montemayor. Another whole chapter is dedicated to my de la Garza ancestors.

What I really loved about this book was Gaspar de Castanos entry into New Mexico and his brush with the Pueblo Indians. It is, in my opinion, an amazing chapter that shows clearly a first-hand account of how the Spaniards with way fewer numbers than the local population would conquer them.

After reading this book it is now one of my favorite. It not only provides great information but also contains transcriptions of original documents. You may also want to pay attention to the citations since that will lead you to more clues.

Book Cover of The Conquistadores and the Crypto-Jews of Monterrey

Book description from the distributor:

Among the cities in Mexico, Monterrey has a mystique all its own marked by the enduring “Jewish question” regarding its founding in 1596. The historian, Vito Alessio Robles, made the statement that “all the citizens of Monterrey are descended from Jews.” Includes chapters on early prominent founders and families, Alberto del Canto, Luis de Carvajal, Gaspar Castaño de Sosa, Diego de Montemayor, Founder of Monterrey, The Garzas of Lepe and Monterrey, Francisco Báez de Benavides and the Martínez of Marin. This book reviews the evidence.

Where to borrow or Buy your own Copy:

If you have read this book or once you read it please let me know your opinions about it. I know that it will help you out in your own Genealogy Research.

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