by Moises Garza

July 23, 2014

Last Names of Nuevo Leon

 This is the second volume by Guillermo Garmendia Leal about the founding families of Monterrey and their descendants. It was written back in 1993 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon Mexico. If you have traced your ancestors all the way to these founding families then this book will be an excellent resource for your research. Just be aware that the author mentions that he left out two families. One was the family of Diego de Montemayor and the other the one of Laonso de Leon.

In the book the author states that he will focus special attention to these two and will have their own book. Years later he did publish a book for each. You can read more about the one for Diego here Diego de Montemayor Sus Decendientes – Diego de Montemayor and His Decendants.

Book Cover of Familias de Monterrery Sus Descendientes Tomo II

 Families Mentioned in the book:

  1. – BARRERA, Melchor
  2. – BAEZ DE BENAVIDES, Francisco
  3. – BOTELLO DE MORALES, Francisco
  6. – CAMACHO, Pedro
  7. – CASAS, Bernabe de las
  8. – CAVAZOS, Juan
  9. – CHAPA, Juan Bautista
  10. – DURAN, Antonio
  11. – FAJARDO DE QUINTANILLA, Joseph Felipe
  12. – FARIAS, Juan de
  15. – FLORES, Pedro
  16. – FLORES CARBALLO, Rodrigo
  17. – GARCIA DE LAS RIVAS, Manuel
  19. – GARZA, Marcos Alonso
  20. – GONZALEZ, Marcos
  21. – GUERRA., Vicente
  22. – HERRERA, Bartolome de
  23. – IRIBE Y VERGARA, Francisco de
  24. – LOPEZ DE JAEN, Juan
  25. – LOPEZ PRIETO, Nicolas
  26. – LOZANO, Pedro
  27. – MARTINEZ GUAJARDO, Francisco
  28. – MONTEMAYOR, Diego (el mozo)
  29. – OLIVARES, Juan de
  30. – PEREZ, Fernan Blas
  31. – PEREZ DE LERMA, Juan
  32. – PEREZ DE LOS RIOS, Juan
  33. – PEREZ DE MOLINA, Antonio
  34. – RAMIREZ, Francisco
  35. – RAMOS DE ARRIOLA, Juan
  36. – RUIZ DE OCON, Alonso
  37. – SALAZAR, Pedro de
  38. – SOLIS, Martin de
  39. – SOSA, Baltazar de
  40. – TENORIO, Jusepe de
  41. – TREVINO, Jusepe
  42. – VILLAFRANCA, Mateo de
  43. – ZALDIVAR, Vicente de

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  1. Looking for confirmation of relationship of Benigno Villarreal m. (2nd) Carmen Galvan with my wife Amparo Villarreal, b. 1929 Saltillo, Coahuila, MX

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