by Moises Garza

March 14, 2017

Families of Santiago Nuevo Leon Mexico in Five Volumes
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

In this post, you can get copies of Crispin Rendon’s work on the Families of Santiago Nuevo Leon Mexico in Five Volumes.

If you have roots from Santiago or its surrounding area make sure to get a copy of the five volumes.

Even if you don’t, make sure to get them it is better to have them than to not.

To read more about each volume and or get a copy of each check out my previous blog posts listed here:

The Families of Santiago Nuevo Leon Mexico Volume One

The Families of Santiago Nuevo Leon Mexico Volume Two

The Families of Santiago Nuevo Leon Mexico Volume Three

The Families of Santiago Nuevo Leon Mexico Volume Four

The Families of Santiago Nuevo Leon Mexico Volume Five

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For More Resources About Santiago Nuevo Leon

WAC-030: Genealogy Resources for Santiago, Nuevo Leon

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  1. Thank you I do enjoy all your blogs and Mr tendon right now ,taking care of personal issue’s so everything is on hold its health ,so thank you i do want to buy abook from you and mr rendon at a later time,may you and your family,have a blessed night;Ms,Landin

    1. What about Chapa? If they don’t appear in the word scrabble it’s probably because there were not that many Chapa living in China Nuevo Leon at that time. Do you have Chapa from that area?

  2. Mr. Garza, I bought you book titled Mexican Genealogy Research Online, and I like it and am using it as to do research on my ancestors from the Santiago and Monterrey, Nuevo Leon area. Mostly from the Santiago area. I am interested in buying the paperback copies of the Families of Santiago, Nuevo Leon. I’ll start with Vol. I first and then buy each of them individually, as I read each one. But I want to pay through money order instead of using my credit card. Could you help me please on how I can go about buying the volumes using this method. The other book I am also interested in the the China book. I saw some last names on the cover that are the same as my ancestors. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. These ebooks can’t be bought. They are free and published by Crispin Rendon. The best thing you can do is get the PDF’s and print them yourself. I recommend using a printing shop since doing it at home will be too expensive.

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