Families of Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume One – Email by Crispin Rendon

It had been several months since Crispin had told me that he was planing on doing a a project for Santiago Nuevo Leon. I was super glad when I received the following email from him. I found my Marroquin ancestors in there. If you are doing research in this area then you will enjoy this book.

This email is going out to the hundreds of people in my genealogy address book.  There is no need to respond unless you want me to remove your address.

I have posted online Volume One of Families of Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico 1797-1807 (find a link below)

This book has two generation descendant reports for the first 253 marriage records found for the Nuevo Leon town named, in earlier times, Valle de la Guajuco and currently named Santiago. The church marriage records used are those found on the first 60 images found online at www.familysearch.org in the Mexican Church Records, browse image collection, for Santiago marriages (1797-1841). Each family is presented in the order that their marriage appears in the records.  An image number is provided to help locate the online marriage records.

The index found on page 320 has all of the people found in this volume.

Families of Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume One


 Best Regards,

Crispin Rendon

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