by Moises Garza

December 3, 2013

Families of Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume Five
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

In this post, you will find the Crispin Rendon's eBook "Families of Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume Five" and the link where to download it for free. 

If you have family/ancestors from Santiago, Nuevo Leon or it's surrounding communities please make sure to get a copy of this eBook for your genealogical library.

This e-book is an excellent resource so do not miss the opportunity to get a copy for your self.

Introduction of Fifth Volume by Crispin

Crispin Rendon


This book has descendant reports for the couples that married in the church in the Nuevo Leon, Mexico town named, in earlier times Valle del Guajuco, and currently named Santiago. The church records used are those found on images (365-488) found online at in the Mexican Church Records browse image collection for Santiago marriages 1797-1841. The image number is provided for each couple so that record can be quickly found.

Families of Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume Five

Please ensure that you get a copy of this eBook, since you never know how long it will be available for download.

If you don't have a digital genealogical library this book is a great resource that you can start with.

Other Volumes of This Series

Here are the links to all the volumes of this series by Crispin.

The Families of Santiago Nuevo Leon Mexico Volume One

The Families of Santiago Nuevo Leon Mexico Volume Two

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The Families of Santiago Nuevo Leon Mexico Volume Four

The Families of Santiago Nuevo Leon Mexico Volume Five

By the way, don't forget to say thank you to Crispin Rendon for providing us with this great resource just like he has done month after month.

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  1. I have been trying to research my mother’s family, whom she has little information other than what her father told her. His name was Inez (Ines) Garcia but his real last name was Sanchez. His father, Arcario Garcia Sanchez, changed the name to Juan and took his mother’s last name when they moved to Texas around 1899. I know that my grandfather said he came from a wealthy family who owned a tequila plantation and distillery and his mother, Rosa Hernandez came from San Luis Potosi and her family members were lawyers and Generals in the Mexican army. My great-grandfather, Juan, was the black sheep of the family and he also had a sister, Victoria. He also left his wife Rosa. I just don’t know where to start or what to look for. I know that they were from Nuevo Leon or in the surrounding areas and my grandfather was warned not to come to Mexico to collect his inheritance and he never went. Can you lead me in the right direction?

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