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Where to Locate Baptism, Marriage, and Death Church Records for Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico

UTPAbroncsAs I have hinted to you in the past one of my favorite resources for my Genealogy research has been the University of Texas Pan American in Edinburg, Texas.

It’s collection of books concerning South Texas and Northeastern Mexico is superb and in my opinion unrivaled. What is not known to many people is that the University houses Baptism, Marriage, and Death Church Records for Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

See my previous post for more information about Reynosa Marriages from 1790 to 1810 which contains a link to where you can browse them online.

The following Reynosa Church Records can be obtained on microfilm;

  • Reynosa Baptismals, 1800-1912
  • Reynosa Marriages, 1811-1823
  • Reynosa Deaths, 1837-1845
  • Reynosa Deaths, 1859-1860

They are part of the Frank Cushman Pierce Collection which is microfilmed in two reels.

There is also another title that may be of interest to the researcher; Copia de Bautismos de la Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe de la Villa de Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico, 1801-1912.

Finally, Lee James Nichols has indexed the Reynosa Marriages for 1790 to 1810 in his book; Archivos parroquiales de Nuestra de Señora de Guadalupe de Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico : matrimonios vol. #2, 7-1-1790 / 1-14-1811 / indexed by Lee James Nichols. I have seen this book and it is a great resource. If interested you can buy this book at Border Lands Bookstore it is item#717 and it costs $55.00

If anyone has additional information on Reynosa, Church Records please send me an email or if you need for me to get you copies of documents from these collections please look at the Services tab for more information.

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Maria Gertrudis Blassa Cuellar, 1776 Baptism in Revilla (Guerrero), Tamaulipas, Mexico

The following is transcript to the 1776 Baptism of my 4th great grandmother Maria Gertrudis Blassa Cuellar. I had only found her in other records with the name of Maria Gertrudis but the following record indicates that her full name was Maria Gertrudis Blassa Cuellar. Her parents are listed as Joseph Cuellar and Ana Maria Gutierrez and her God parents are Miguel de Cuellar, y Gertrudis Gonzalez Ydalgo. See Original

Transcript of above image:

Febrero de 776,,

Maria Gerts. Blassa espanola

En esta Missn. de Sn. Ygnacio de Loyola de Revilla en quatro dias deel mes de Febrero deeste presente ano de mil sets. setenta y seis Yo fr. Juan Manuel de la Parra Bautisse Solemnemte. puse los santos oleos, y chrisma a una Ynfanta espanola de diez dias Nacida aquien pusse por nombre Maria Gerts. Blassa; hija lega. de Joseph Cuellar, y de Ana Maria Gutierres: fueron sus Padrinos Miguel de Cuellar, y Gertrudis Gonzalez Ydalgo aquienes adverti su oblign. y parentesco espiritual; y para que conste lo firme este dia mes y ano ut Supra.

Fr. Juan Manl. de la Parra

Source: FamilySearch

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Families of Salinas Victoria, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume One – Email From Crispin Rendon


Earlier today I received the following email from Crispin Rendon announcing the release of his new book about the Families of Salinas Victoria Volume One covering the Marriages from 1755 to 1769. I highly encourage everyone to download the book and also read the first pages to get an idea of the scope of  Crispin’s new project. This is the first of Nine Volumes.

Here is the Email:

This email is going out to everyone in my genealogy address book.  There is no need to respond.

I have posted online Volume One of Families of Salinas Victoria Nuevo Leon.

Below find a link to it.

Francophiles look for two marriages on Nov. 3, 1756. That is when two Frenchmen Bernardo Puy and Pedro Peche married the Villarreal sisters, Maria Francisca and Isabel Maria daughters of Francisco Villarreal and Catalina Garza.

Families of Salinas Victoria, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume One

Best Regards

Crispin Rendon

Hope you have fun searching for your ancestors in this new book.

1926 Birth Index of Los Aldamas, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

1926 Birth Index of Los Aldamas, Nuevo Leon, Mexico in lists by male and female and in alphabetical order.

Cut out of original Image:
1926 Birth Index of Los Aldamas Nuevo Leon Mexico pg 78-mod1 1926 Birth Index of Los Aldamas Nuevo Leon Mexico pg 78-mod2 1926 Birth Index of Los Aldamas Nuevo Leon Mexico pg 78-mod3
 FamilySearch > Mexico, Nuevo León, Civil Registration, 1859-1962 >
Transcription of above image:
Num	Foja	Letra		Hombres		Num	Foja	Letra		Mujeres
24	11	A	Adan Garza			55	24	A	Adelfina Trevino
39	17		Alfredo Garza			106	47		Alicia Amaro
42	17		Alfredo Garza			101	48		Ana Lopez
60	26		Anastacio Pablo Chavarria	139	70		Alicia Regalado
75	33		Adolfo Alanis			22	10	B	Barbara Carmona
91	43		Arturo Alanis			96	45		Berta Carillo
108	52		Atanacio Moreno		        13	7	C	Consuelo Gonzalez
116	57		Antonio Garcia			30	14		Consuelo Alanis
128	57		Antonio Cavana		        54	23		Corina Rios
26	12	B	Benito Vera			68	30		Consuelo Alanis
40	18		Benito Lopez			82	32		Celia Garcia
57	25		Blas Guerra			84	38		Celia Garcia
85	38		Bartolo Barrera			25	12	D	Donitila Rodriguez
46	20	C	Cruz Cantu			38	17		Delia Gonzalez
136	88		Candelario Lopez		112	54		Dora Lopez
5	3	D	David Pena			10	5	E	Evangelina Garcia
29	13		Domingo Alanis		        12	6		Eva Leal
115	56		Donato Garcia			31	14		Esperanza Tanguma
17	8	E	Eleuterio Sepulveda		74	32		Elena Pena Vela
21	10		Eustolio Garcia			77	34		Enriqueta Garza
77	34		Enrique Garza			98	46		Evangelina Garza
120	59		Enrique Salinas			111	54		Esperanza Gonzalez
121	60		Eusebio Pena			123	61		Eustolia Alanis
125	62		Everardo Garza		        124	61		Ernestina Garza
135	68		Enrique Alanis			131	66		Esperanza Ramos
53	23	F	Facundo Garcia		        134	67		Ema Pena
65	28		Felix Torres			36	16	G	Gertrudis Garza
2	2	G	Guadlaupe Garcia		137	69		Guadalupe Lopez
15	7		Genovevo Perez		        117	57	H	Herminia Gutierrez
72	31		Guillermo Leal			64	28	I	Irene Rodriguez
129	64		Gustavo Diego Guerra		9	5	J	Juaquina Garcia
8	5	H	Heriberto Vera			89	41		Jovita Pena Vela
7	4	J	Juan Benito Trevino		94	44		Josefa Garcia
24	11		Jose de los Santos Lopez	130	65		Judit Margot Lopez
32	15		Jose Cantu			52	23	L	Luz Garcia
33	15		Juan Flores			119	58		Luisa Garcia
43	19		Jose Garcia			18	9	M	Maria Socorro Hernandez
49	21		Jose Garcia			27	13		Maria del Socorro Alanis
50	22		Jose Fuentes			34	15		Maria Duran
59	26		Juan Alanis			44	19		Margarita Lopez
61	26		Juan Severo Cepeda		51	22		Maria Gonzalez
69	30		Juan Salinas			67	29		Maria Magdalena Salinas
72	34		Juan Gonzalez			76	33		Maria Beatriz Salinas
86	39		Jose Olivares			80	35		Maria Solis
93	43		Juan Esparza			99	47		Maria Olivares
113	55		Jose Gutierrez			107	52		Maria de los Angeles Aguilar
127	63		Jose Cantu			133	67		Maria Socorro Pena
41	18	L	Luis Garza			73	32	O	Odilia Cantu
48	21		Luis Lauro Garcia		6	4		Paulina Gonzalez
37	17	M	Manuel Almaraz		        16	8		Paula Pena
66	29		Marciano Martinez		3	2	R	Rita Garza
81	36		Manuel Garcia			4	3		Ramona Garcia
83	37		Mariano Pulido			87	39		Ruperta Pena Vela
105	50		Maximiliano Trevino		90	42		Raquel Lopez
109	52		Manuel Garcia			106	51		Rita Pena
110	53		Manerto Vera			63	27		Santos Ramos
132	66		Mario C. Gonzalez		104	50		Sofia Gonzalez
92	43	N	Noe Lopez			118	58		Sara Salinas
102	49		Noe Salinas			88	40	T	Tules Pena
56	24	O	Omero Alanis			126	63		Teresa Regalado
45	20	P	Pablo Diaz			11	6	V	Victoriana Lozano
1	2	R	Roberto Garcia			95	44		Virginia Ontiveros
1	2		Rodolfo Garcia
19	9		Rufino Garcia
20	10		Raul Leal
58	25		Ramon Garcia
62	27		Ramon Perez
70	30		Ramiro Perez
71	30		Ramon Ramirez
97	46		Rafael Garcia
103	49		Rogelio Salinas
114	56	S	Simplicio Hinojosa
35	16	T	Tomas Marroquin
79	35		Timoteo Rios
138	70		Tomas Rios
14	7	V	Venancio Cantu
28	13		Victor Garcia
47	21		Vidala Cantu
122	60		Valdemar Pena

Los Aldamas, N.L., a 31 de Diciembre 1926
Source: FamilySearch

Nicolas de Marroquin and Francisca Rodriguez, 1707 Marriage in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

This is transcription to the 1707 marriage of my 7th great grandparents, Nicolas de Marroquin and Francisca Rodriguez. Unfortunately this record does not indicate whom their parents may be and i have yet to find out. See Original

Transcript of above image:

Nicolas de Marroquin con Franca. Rodrigues Espanoles

En nuebe de henero del ano de setecientos y Siete casso y velo con mi licencia el Prsto D. Marcos Gonzales a Nicolas de Marroquin con Franca. Rodriguez aviendo precedido las vanas en tres dias festivos que fueron a quinse y a dies y nuebe y a beinte y uno del me de Diciembre, fueron testigos Joseph de Trevino Antto. Rodriguez y Mathias Gonsalez, y para que conste lo firme.

Geronimo Lopez Prieto

Source: FamilySearch

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Diego de Montemayor Sus Decendientes – Diego de Montemayor and His Decendants

Diego de Montemayor Sus Decendientes

This book, I am sure is of great interest to many people whom have traced their ancestry all the way back to Diego de Montemayor. I highly recommend that if you have traced your ancestors to Northern Mexico or South Texas make sure and look for them in this book.

With this book I was able to link several lines to the same ancestor. I highly recommend you take a look at it if possible. It also contains several copies to original images, but it is mainly about 140 pages of names of one huge family tree.

The author of this great work is Guillermo Garmendia Leal and he compiled it in Monterrey Nuevo Leon back in 1993.

As with most books that I mention in this blog, this one is available at the University of Texas Pan American and you can see if it is available in their catalog. If you live in any other part of the U.S.A. and want to see if a local library has it just check Worldcat.

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Miguel Martinez and Clara Trevino, 1707 Marriage, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

The following is transcript to the 1707 Marriage record for my 7th great grandparents Miguel Martinez and Clara Trevino, they married in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. This document does not indicate whom their parents are but from other sources I have come to know that the parents of Miguel were Joseph Ygnasio Martinez and Ynes de La Garza. Clara’s parents were Nicolas de Trevino and Maria Garcia de Sepulveda. The document bellow does indicate that they had a marriage dispensation since they were related by third and fourth degrees of consanguinity.

Transcript of marriage image:

 Miguel Martinez Con dona Clara Trevino Espanoles

En 23 de Noviembre de mil Setecientos y Siete anos Case y vele a Miguel Martinez Con Dna. Clara de Trevino Espanoles, aviendo procedido Las Banas a 30 de Octubre a 1 de Ne. y a 6 envirtud de dispensa que dispenso el Y TTmo Senor Obispo deeste Obpado de tercero Con quarto grado de Consanguinidad: fueron testigos Migl. Cantu Antto, Baldes y Joseph Galvan y para que Conste Lo firme


Source: FamilySearch

1918 Index to Marriages of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

1918 Index to Marriages of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico. In alphabetical order by groom’s name. You can find the index image in the following colelction: FamilySearch, Mexico, Tamaulipas, Civil Registration, 1800-2002 > Mier

Transcription index images:
No. de 
Actas		Hombres			      Mujeres
8	Antonio Ramirez		        Cayetana Jaso
33	Adolfo Molina			Herlinda Gonzalez
37	Arnulfo Ramirez		        Toribia Ramos
44	Andres Garcia			Juliana Tovar
12	Carlos Bazan			Dolores Canales
46	Constancio Resendez		Zenaida Ramirez
35	Carlos Gonzalez		        Juana Alanis
9	Deodoro Rodriguez		Benilde Moya
11	Domingo Martinez		Sara Vasquez
23	Diego Abad			Veatriz E. Garza
34	Dolores Mendosa		        Elvira Longoria
25	Evaristo B Guerra		Hortencia Garcia
53	Ernesto Saldana		        Eleuteria Garza
1	Francisco L Saldana		Eduarda Bazan
54	Fermin Gonzalez		        Carmen Tovar
56	Fernando Loera		        Benigna Sifuentes
57	Francisco G Robles		Carmen Salinas
36	Juan S. Gonzalez		Margarita Garcia
28	Luis Abad			Juana Salinas
31	Loreto Garza			Ma de Jesus Garza
42	Librado Rodriguez		Gregoria Salinas
45	Manuel Hinojosa		        Ma del Refugio Sarabia
52	Martin Canales			Juliana Barrera
21	Rafael Benavides		Concepcion Garcia
7	Simon B Gonzalez		Andrea Hinojosa
18	Santos Garcia Medrano	        Manuela de Leon
5	Toribio Cantu			Ysabel Garcia
26	Tomas Flores			Rosa Gonzalez
49	Nistano Hinojosa		Petra Garcia
Source: FamilySearch

Bartholome de Cuellar and Maria Gregoria Martinez, 1732 Marriage, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

The following image is that of the 1732 marriage of my 6th great grandparents Bartholome de Cuellar and Maria Gregoria Martinez. Please note the underlined text, I used the two marriages above theirs to reconstruct the possible text and the name Bartholome we know to be correct due to their dispensation dated January 30, 1732. I’ll be posting it once I get to it. Back to the document. The document bellow indicates that the parents of Bartholome are Asencio de Cuellar and Anna Garcia. It indicates that Asencio was death by the time the marriage took place and that Bartholome was originally from Saltillo, Coahuila. So many new clues! The parents of Gregoria are listed as Miguel Martinez and Clara Trevino. This documented also indicates that they were related by four degrees. luckily I have the dispensation and it indicates exactly how they are related but that is for another post.

Cut out of original image:

Bartholome de Cuellar and Maria Gregoria Martinez, FamilySearch, Monterrey, 1732 Marriages Pg 169 and 170-1-small Bartholome de Cuellar and Maria Gregoria Martinez, FamilySearch, Monterrey, 1732 Marriages Pg 169 and 170-2-small

See Original

Transcription of above image:

Bartholome de Cuellar y Gregoria Martines espanoles

En este dia 25 de julio de setecientos treinta y dos as. case y vele, ynfacie eclesie, de de Licensia sui Parroquia, a Bartholome de Cuellar hijo Legitimo de Asencio de Cuellar Difunto, y de Anna Garcia originarios y vecinos de la Villa del Saltillo con Gregoria Martinez Doncella, orijinaria, y vecina deesta feligrecia hija Legitima de Miguel Martinez y de Clara Trevino Vesinos de ella y todos Espanoles, aviendoseles dispensado el parentesco de 4o. grado Enigualdad de sangre y publicado los En virtud de boleta En los dias, 11, 15. y Maio fueron testigos Onofre Gonzalez, Pedro Martinez, y Juan Garcia, y lo frime.

Fr. Mathias De Aguirre

Source: FamilySearch

Cameron County Records on Microfilm at The University of Texas Pan American

UTPAbroncsThe following are all the records that are microfilmed and available at the University of Texas Pan American in regards to Cameron County Texas. You can see the entry at the UTPA Library Catalog.

I just wished that the Starr County and Hidalgo County Records would have been microfilmed as Cameron’s Records since they are more complete and contain much more information.


This is their description:

Publication Info. Austin : Texas State Library, 1990.

Description 74 reels

Film#                Description
1016150 Declaration of Citizenship, 1871-1890
1016151 Reverse Index to Civil Minutes A-K Defendants prior to 1952
1016152 Reverse Index to Civil Minutes L-Z Defendants prior to 1952
1016153 Direct Index to Civil Minutes A-K Plaintiff prior to 1952
1016154 Direct Index to Civil Minutes L-Z Plaintiff prior to 1952
1016155 District Court Minutes, 1849-1858 ; District Court Records, 1858-1866
1016156 District Court Records, 1866-1878
1016157 District Court Records, 1878-1892
1016158 District Court Criminal Minutes, 1892-1902 ; District Court Civil Minutes, 1892-1906
1016159 District Court Criminal Minutes, 1902-1914 ; District Court Civil Minutes, 1906-1911
1016160 District Court Records, 1849-1866
1016161 District Court Records, 1866-1873 ; District Court Minutes, 1873-1878
1016162 District Court Original Minutes, 1884-1892
1016163 General Index to Deeds Grantee vol.1, 1848-1911
1016164 Real Estate records A-B, 1848-1850
1016165 Real Estate records E-F, 1851-1857
1016166 Real Estate records G-H, 1857-1865
1016167 Real Estate records suppl. A-B, 1866-1867; trans. A1,1867-1870
1016168 Real Estate records suppl. C, 1870-1873; Real Estate records suppl. D, 1873-1878
1016169 Real Estate records suppl. E, 1878-1882; Real Estate records suppl. F, 1882-1885
1016170 Mortgages & Deed of trust direct index A-K, 1848-1945
1016171 Mortgages & Deed of trust direct index L-Y, 1848-1945
1016172 Mortgages & Deed of trust reverse index A-K, 1848-1945
1016173 Mortgages & Deed of trust, reverse index, L-Z, 1848-1945
1016174 Deed of trust & misc. 1882-1892
1016175 General index to Probates vol.1, 1848-1924; Journal (Probate) vol.A, 1848-1851; Records (Probate), 1851-1858; Probate minutes vol.B, 1851-1858
1016176 Probate minutes vol. C, 1859-1876; vol. D, 1865-1870; Transcribed vol. D, 1866-1870; vol. E, 1870-1880
1016177 Probate minutes vol. F, 1880-1883; vol. G, 1879-1890
1016178 Probate minutes vol. H, 1889-1900; vol. I, 1896-1900
1016179 Probate minutes vol. J-K, 1900-1907
1016180 Probate minutes vol. L-M, 1907-1912
1016181 Civil minutes-County Court, 1867-1910
1016182 (Naturalization) Declarations of intentions, 1879-1930
1016182-2 Declarations of intentions, 1876-1880, 1882-1906; Declaration Record, 1895-1909; Naturalization record, 1900-1904
1016183 Index to marriage records-groom, 1848-1948
1016184 Index to marriage records-bride, 1848-1943
1016185 Marriage record vol. A, 1848-1855; vol. B, 1865-1869; vol. C, 1866-1867; suppl. B-C1867-1871
1016186 Marriage record vol. D-E, 1871-1881; vol. F, 1863-1887
1016187 Marriage record vol. G-H, 1887-1905
1016188 Marriage record vol. I-J, 1905-1912
203101 Plat books vol. 1-12; Index to plats and maps
203102 Survey record vol. A, 1881-1938; transcribed vol. A, 1881-1909; vol. B, 1870-1928; vol. D, 1938-1940
203103 Assessor’s abstracts vol. 1, 1945-1946; vol. 2, 1945-1956
203104 Assessor’s abstracts vol. 3, 1945-1946; Index to subdivisions
2321370 Birth record, 1917-1936
2321371 Birth record, 1936-1943
2321372 Birth record, 1943-1946
2321492 Death record, 1949-1955
2321493 Death record, 1955-1959
2321494 Death record, 1959-1962
2321495 Death record, 1962-1965
2321498 Death record 1974-1977
2321672 Death record, 1916-1917; Cemetery record, 1839-1900
2321673 Burial permit record, 1870-1938, 1940-1950
2322624 Death record, 1910-1916
1031-02 Tax rolls, 1886-1900
1031-03 Tax rolls, 1900-1910
3116 Tax rolls Ausaldexan, A-Garza, Manuel, 1848-1886
2701 Tax rolls Garza, Manuel-Garcia, N. P., 1886-1900
2695 Tax rolls Garcia, Nestora P.-Brown, W. F., 1900-1910

Subject Public records — Law and legislation — Texas — Cameron County. Cameron County (Tex.) — History — Sources.

Other Title Texas county records

I hope you found this post useful, if you like you can check the previous posts about Cameron’s neighboring counties on the following links. If you need anything that is contained within these films and don’t have access yourself look at my services page.