by Moises Garza

January 6, 2019

Las Villas del Norte 2019 Journal
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

The Las Villas del Norte 2019 Journal is out and ready for you to enjoy. This blog post gives a short overview and includes the table of contents so that you can see what to expect when you get your own copy.

I had the honor of editing many great articles and putting the journal together. some are just fascinating to read.

Like our previous three journals, it contains a great deal and wealth of genealogical information on families from South Texas and Northeastern Mexico.

Down below you can see its table of contents so that you can get the true scope of the articles and what you can expect when you read the journal.

I am sure that this journal will be a great addition to your genealogical library.

A Big Thank You!

A big thank you to Judit Gonzalez, Anthony Garza, Moises Garza, Alma Rodriguez, Aliza Martinez, Carlos Martin Herrera de la Garza, Irma Salinas-Saldaña, Maria Rosa-Vela, Ernesto Hernandez Jr., Susana Guerra, Alicia Cantu O’Neal, Blanca Alvarado Olivares Curl, Jose Rolando Cano, Michelle Y. Garza, Helen Cota, and Patricia Alba Hernandez. Once again, thank you for submitting your articles and making this, our third journal, a reality.

By the way, your free printed copies are on their way, as a small thank you of our appreciation, for taking the time to document your family and preserve it in our journal.

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Cover of Journal: Las Villas del Norte 2019 Journal


Las Villas del Norte 2019 Journal

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Table of Contents:

Here is the table of contents of this book so that you may know exactly what it contains.

Introduction Pg. 1

Ancestor Reports

  • Ancestors of Lope de Sosa 15 Generations – by Moises Garza Pg. 5
  • Ancestors of Ines Cabrera 15 Generations – by Moises Garza Pg. 15
  • Ancestors of Crisóforo González and Antonia Guerra – by Judit Gonzalez Pg. 25

Articles for Research

  • Property Loss Report of the Reynosa 1802 Flood – by Anthony Garza Pg. 29
  • Find Records Researching Government and Church Political Jurisdictions – by Moises Garza Pg. 31
  • How to Find Your Ancestors Using Mexico’s Civil Registration Records – by Moises Garza Pg. 41

Book Reviews

  • Los Mormalejos Novel Series – by Alma Rodriguez Pg. 51

Descendant Reports

  • The Heirs of Francisco de la Garza – by Anthony Garza Pg. 61
  • Descendants of Tomas Martinez and Eugenia Rodriguez – by Aliza Martinez Pg. 70
  • Longoria – Estudio Genealogico en el Noreste de Mexico y Sur de Texas – by Carlos Martin Herrera de la Garza Pg. 78


  • “Our Family’s DNA Connections!” – by Irma Salinas Saldana Pg. 131

Family Histories

  • Mis Raices: The Story of the Salinas Family – by Maira Rosa Salinas-Vela Pg. 143
  • Letter to Susana Guerra and the Descendants of Patricio Guerra and Margarita Estrada – by Ernesto Hernnadez Jr. and Susana Guerra Pg. 150
  • Spanish Belgian, Blacksmith, Alamo Resident: Juan Banul – by Alicia Cantu Garza O’Neal, M.B.A Pg. 161
  • A Procession for Chica – by Blanca Alvarado Olivares Curl Pg. 164
  • My Cantu Family – by Jose Rolando Cano Pg. 176
  • The Man My Father Was – By Judit Gonzalez Pg. 184
  • Lazara Resendez Garza – by Michelle Y. Garza Pg. 190

Journeys of Discovery

  • Rich Man, Poor Man, Baker Amn, Sheik: – by Helen Cota Pg. 195
  • Crispina’s Story – by Patricia Alba Hernandez Pg. 200

Pedigree Charts

  • Ancestors of Lope de Sosa 9 Generations Pg. 207
  • Ancestors of Ines Cabrera 9 Generations Pg. 216


  • !Que Orgullo de Ser Tejana! – by Judit Gonzalez Pg. 231

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Please let me know in the comment area of what you think about this journal.

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