by Moises Garza

January 19, 2017

Last Names of Nuevo Leon


Las Villas del Norte Genealogy Group has published their 2017 Journal and it is now available for purchase. I had the honor of editing many great articles and putting the journal together.

This journal was dedicated to our grandparents and it contains a great deal of genealogical information on families from South Texas and Northeastern Mexico and down below you can see the table of contents. I am sure that this journal will be a great addition to your genealogical library, get your copy today.

I want to thank Anthony Garza, Grace Rolph, Alejandra G. Quintanilla, Alicia Cantu Garza O’Neal, Maria Irma Salinas Saldaña, Irma Longoria Cavazos, Viola Rodrigues Sadler, Antonio Lopez, Antonio Pruneda Bill, Dr. Beatrice de Leon Edwards, Michelle Hinojosa Melencio, and Rose Puype. Once again, thank you for submitting your articles and making this, our second journal, a reality.

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Cover of Journal: Las Villas del Norte 2017 Journal

Las Villas del Norte 2017 Journal

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Table of Contents:

Here is the table of contents of this book so that you may know exactly what it contains.

Introduction Pg. 1

Our Grandparents

  • Cornelio Garcia and Ramona Delgado by Grace Rolph Pg. 5
  • The Life and Ancestry of Domingo Nava by Anthony Garza Pg. 21
  • The Life and Ancestry of Santiago Guzman by Anthony Garza Pg. 25
  • My Grandparents by Alejandra G. Quintanilla Pg. 29
  • Who is Maclovia Bernal Salinas Espinosa Cantu? by Alicia Cantu Garza O’Neal Pg. 31
  • Francisco Salinas and Nicolasa Garcia by Maria Irma Salinas Saldaña Pg. 39
  • Abraham Gonzalez, Sr. and Gertrudis Salinas by Maria Irma Salinas Saldaña Pg. 43
  • Eulalio Garza and Dominga Marroquin by Moises Garza Pg. 47
  • Juan Tanguma and Josefina Lopez by Moises Garza Pg. 51
  • My Great-Great Grandmother Gabriela Alvarez de la Garza by Irma Longoria Cavazos Pg. 55

Ancestor Reports

  • My Maternal Grandmother: Gertrudis Salinas Pg. 63
  • My Maternal Grandfather: Abraham Gonzalez, Jr. Pg. 67
  • Ancestry of Domingo Nava by Anthony Garza Pg. 69
  • Ancestors of Santiago Guzman by Anthony Garza Pg. 93
  • 13 Generations of Alicia Cantu Garza O’Neal Ancestors by Alicia Cantu Garza O’Neal Pg. 111

Descendant Reports

  • Eight Generations of Descendants of Jose Antonio Tanguma by Moises Garza Pg. 115
  • My Martinez Lines from the Founding of Saltillo to the Cotton Fields of Robstown by Viola Rodrigues Sadler Pg. 147
  • Jose Gil Martinez and Maria Adelaida Cardenas Pg. 175

Pedigree Charts

  • Pedigree Chart for Eulalio Garza Seven Generations by Moises Garza Pg. 179
  • Pedigree Chart for Dominga Marroquin Seven Generations by Moises Garza Pg. 199
  • Pedigree Chart for Juan Tanguma Seven Generations by Moises Garza Pg. 217
  • Pedigree Chart for Josefina Lopez Seven Generations by Moises Garza Pg. 229
  • Pedrigree Chart for Maria Isidra Garcia by Grace Rolph Pg. 251

Articles for Research

  • Lista General de los Individuos Solteros y Casados de la Villa de Reinosa y de
    Jurisdiccion Desde la Edad de 15 Años Hasta la de 40 Años en 1814 by Anthony Garza Pg. 255
  • Las Provincias Internas, Index to Volume 180 by Moises Garza Pg. 259
  • Table of Contents for Las Porciones Journal by Moises Garza Pg. 261


  • Count Jose de Escandon Versus Monsieur Rene de la Salle by Antonio Lopez Pg. 267
  • Jose Maria Bill: Indian Captive-Army Guide by Antonio Pruneda Bill Pg. 271
  • Remembrances of my Father by Rose Puype Pg. 283

Journeys of Discovery

  • In Search of Colonel Antonio Zapata: Ancestor or Not? By Dr. Beatrice de  Leon Edwards Pg. 297
  • Finding Gloria by Michelle Hinojosa Melencio Pg. 303
  • The Story of How our Tanguma are Actually Zamora by Moises Garza Pg. 309


  • What is Genetic Genealogy and How to Get Started by Moises Garza Pg. 313

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