Y-DNA Descendants of Pedro Salinas

Y-DNA Descendants of Pedro Salinas

This is the report of Y-DNA descendants of Pedro Salinas who was the husband of Angela Solis. Both of them are my 11th great grandparents. This couple he lived during the late 1500's and early 1600's.

This report created by Crispin Rendon indicates that the Y-DNA of Pedro is I-M223.

Introduction of Report by Crispin Rendon

This is what Crispin say about this report.

Crispin Rendon


Pedro Salinas and Angela Solis are my 10th great grandparents. They have 26,387 descendants in our kindred database. There are 12 FamilyTreeDNA matching results with the Salinas surname. Pedro Salinas is YDNA haplogroup I-M223. We have this from the family trees and YDNA test results of Inocente Salinas and Robert Salinas. They are the great grandchildren of Felipe Salinas and Maria Ignacia Alanis.

Get A Copy of the Report, Y-DNA Descendants of Pedro Salinas

Make sure to get your own copy of this report today, since you never know. One day he may end up being your ancestor or of someone you may be doing research on for someone else.

Here is the link to Download it: https://dna.updog.co/CrispinRendon/YDNA_Pedro_Salinas.pdf

The We Are Cousins DNA Project

To read, learn, or get more reports similar to this one by Cripin Rendon please visit the We Are Cousins DNA project page. Here is the link: https://www.wearecousins.info/dna/

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  1. mario

    Looking at a family tree, if a person has a number by it, why can’t I find that number futher down the list. Can you help me with that?

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