by Moises Garza

December 13, 2016

Genealogies of Early San Antonio Families
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

This book contains the Genealogies of Early San Antonio Families and it is a great resource. You can read more about it in this blog post.

If your family or ancestors are from the San Antonio area the book by Fredrick C. Chabot is a must-have. It is a compilation of family genealogies since the settlement of San Antonio all the way up till 1937 when the author published the book.

The book is divided into four sections; Spanish-Mexicans from pages 15 – 243, French pages 255 – 265, Anglo-American’s pages 273 – 358, and Germans pages 375 – 412.

I wish I could tell you that I found my family within the pages of this book but I did not since they are not from the San Antonio area. It was interesting to find some families listed as coming from Revilla and Mier.

Regardless of how useful it was for me or not, I highly recommend that you check it out if you have any ties to the San Antonio area. The best thing is that this book is available out there on the internet free of charge for anyone to enjoy.

Cover of Book: Genealogies of Early San Antonio Families (The Makers of San Antonio)

Click here or on the above image to view on Hathi Trust or Download from Google

Table of Contents:

The table of contents has all the last names in alphabetical order but they are simply too many to list in here so I just added the sections and on what pages you can find them.

Spanish-Mexicans Pg 15 – 243

French Pg 255 – 265

Anglo-Americans Pg 273 – 358

Germans Pg 375 – 412

Read this book online:

This book is available free of charge for viewing at Hathi Trust and here is the link so you can see it.

Download the eBook from Google

Here is the link:

Search This Book:

I also found out that Ancestry has also indexed the contents of this book and you can search it online at but in order to view the results you need to be a paying member of Ancestry.

I truly hope that you find this book to be useful for your research. Let me know of any find that you come across.

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  1. The Descendents of Captain Joseph de Urrutia
    Commander of the Royal Presidio San Antonio de Bexar
     Compiled by John D. Inclan

    Generation No. 1

    1. CAPTAIN JOSEPH1 DE URRUTIA1 was born Abt. 1678 in Guipuzcoa prov., Spain1, and died 16 Jul 1741 in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas1. He married (1) DONA ANTONIA RAMON-CAMACHO 06 Jan 1696/97 in Santiago Apostol, Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico, daughter of DIEGO RAMON and FELICIANA CAMACHO-Y-BOTELLO. She was born Abt. 1680 in San Juan Bautista del Rio Grande, Presidio del Norte, Coahuila, Mexico, and died Bef. 1704. He married (2) ROSA FLORES-DE-VALDEZ 1703 in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico1, daughter of JUAN FLORES-DE-VALDEZ-CEPEDA and JOSEFA DE HOYOS-DE-LA-GARZA. She was born Abt. 1692 in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico, and died Bef. 1720.

    Power of Attorney by Soldiers at the Presidio de San Antonio de Bexar
    Dated 25 September 1735

    This document authorized their commanding officer, Captain Joseph de Urrutia , or Dõn Juan de Angulo, a merchant in Mexico City, to collect their annual salaries and apply 12,000 pesos of this on Urrutia’s taxes. Urrutia was then to reimburse the soldiers with merchandise in San Antonio. Excellent census of the military in Bexar at time.

    Power of Attorney

    In the royal presidio of San Antonio de Bexar, jurisdiction of these provinces of Texas, kingdom of the New Philippines, on the 25th day of the month of September , 1735, before me, Dõn Manuel de Sandoval, captain of Spanish infantry, governor and captain general of these said provinces of Texas, their presidios, conversions, and frontiers, commandant of the governors of Coahuila and Pensacola and of the witnesses with whom I am acting as a Juez Receptor in the absence of a royal notary or notary public, since the notary of this jurisdiction is in prison and there is no other as prescribed by law, there appeared, in person, Lieutenant Dõn Matheo Perez; Ensign Dõn Juan Galvan; Sergeant Ascencio del Razo; and Privates Juan Cortinas; Joseph Miguel de Sosa; Marcelino Martinez; Andres Hernandez; Manuel de Carvajal; Nicolas de Caravajal; Xivier Perez; Joseph Antonio Flores; Marcos Rodriguez; Joseph Maldonado; Juan Antonio de Luna; Antonio Guerra; Bacilio del Toro; Joseph Quinones; Nicolas Quinones; Sebastian Rincon; Pedro del Toro; Joseph Montes; Jacobo Hernandez; Diego Hernandez; Dõn Pedro de Ocon y Trillo; Francisco Flores; Lorenzo de Castro; Miguel de Castro; Matin Flores; Bacilio Jimenez; Mathias de la Zerda; Joseph Martinez; Joaquin de Urrutia; Pedro de Urrutia; Andres Garcia; Joseph de Sosa; Geronimo de la Garza; Joaquin Flores; Miguel Guerra; Francisco de la Pena; and Jose Cisneros, all officers and enlisted men of this royal presidio, all of whom I certify I know, and they said that they unanimously, by common consent, together and individually, as a group, do hereby grant by these present such power as may be necessary and required by law, to their captain, Dõn Joseph de Urrutia, in the first place, and, in the second place, to Dõn Juan de Angulo, a resident and ware-house keeper in Mexico City, as paymaster for the said officers and men so that in their name and representing their persons, rights, and acts, they may, during the present year of 1735, appear, and they shall appear, each one for himself and for all the others, before the Most Illustrious and the Most Excellent Archbishop and Viceroy of this New Spain and for the necessary warrants for collecting their salaries of 380 pesos which His Majesty has assigned to each of the forty signers, plus 65 pesos for the Lieutenant, Ensign, and Sergeant, all of which amounts to 15,265 pesos, and 240 pounds of power, representing the six pounds which his Majesty likewise gives to each of the said signers every year, all of which is to be issued by Royal Treasury in Mexico City, where the official royal judges, in view of the said warrant from the Most Illustrious and Most Excellent Archbishop and Viceroy, will deliver, in cash to satisfy the aforementioned signers, and in their name, to the aforementioned paymasters and agents, Dõn Joseph de Urrutia and Dõn Juan de Angulo to whoever may represent them. The said sum and the quantity of powder, and they now and forevermore will consider themselves satisfied with such amounts as the said agents may receive. Furthermore, they state that they may issue such receipts and quittances as may be necessary to collect the same, plus affidavits that they have received same or the renunciation of laws connected therewith. They shall present before his Excellency the necessary memorials and other documents as may be necessary for that purpose. They hereby grant and give unto the said Dõn Joseph de Urrutia and Dõn Juan de Angulo the present power-of-attorney with full authority and power to appoint one, two, three, or more substitutes, and the latter may appoint as many more as may be necessary, without any restriction whatever, for they de hereby authorize and empower each and every one of them to institute legal proceeding and swear to oaths whenever necessary, on the condition that the said agents shall pay and deliver the amount or value of the salaries to which the undersigned are or shall be entitled from the Royal Treasure, to Dõn Joseph de los Rios, royal tax collector, the amount of 12,000 pesos, which, by order of the present governor of this province of Texas, is to be charged against the Royal Treasury and delivered to them in merchandise through their said captain and agents, Dõn Joseph de Urrutia in exchange for equal amount, as principal and cost, which the aforesaid captain owes as royal taxes to His Majesty, which said sum the undersigned acknowledge as having received. In view of the above, and since the aforesaid sum of 12,000 pesos is due the Royal Treasury before any sum or sums which the said undersigned or afore-mentioned agents may owe. In case the afore-said sum should not be paid by their agents Dõn Joseph de Urrutia and Dõn Juan de Agulo, the undersigned do hereby annul and cancel the power which they give and confer upon their said agents, and they transfer and change the same with full authority, as stated herein, to Dõn Joseph Luis de los Rios, or to such agent as may be appointed by him as his lawful representative so that he, as royal collector, may deliver and pay to the Royal Treasury the sum of the salaries due the said undersigned for the present year, in the amount of twelve thousand pesos, receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged. Whatever is left, up to the total amount due the said soldiers for their said salaries, shall be placed at the disposal of the undersigned. For the execution of the above they have bound their persons and present and future assets, and they hereby authorize the justices and judges of His Majesty to whom there presents shall come to make them observe and fulfill same to the full force and extent of the law as though it were a sentence pronounced, passed, and agreed to in a case which had been tried in court by a competent judge. They ask and begged me to interpose my royal and judicial authority, and I, the said governor, in the name of His Majesty, do hereby interpose same insofar as I can and should according to law. Done before me and the attendant witnesses with whom I am acting according to law as stated above, and those who knew how to write their names signed same with me, and for those who could not write their one of the following witnesses signed for them,: Dõn Fermin de Ibiricu, Dõn Ignacio Gonzalez de Inclán, and Alberto Lopez, who were present and all of whom reside in this said presidio. This has been placed on common paper because there is no stamped paper as provided by law. I certify.

    (The signatures of the following appear: Dõn Manuel de Sandoval, the governor; his official witness, Joseph Antonio Bueno de Roxas and Domingo de Oyez; Mateo Perez; Juan Galvan; Juan Cortinas; Marcelino Martinez; Martin Flores y Valdez; Basilio Jimenez; Joaquin de Urrutia; Miguel Guerra; Pedro del Toro; and Pedro de Ocon y Trillo. Fermin de Ibiricu and Ignacio Gonzalez de Inclán signed for the others who did not know how to write).
    From the Bexar Archive Translations, Vol. 7, pp 123-133. Bexar County Courthouse Archives. (Translations also in UT Baker Library at Austin, Texas).

    Her father, Major Diego Ramon, was the Commander of the Presidio de San Juan Bautista del Rio, at Coahuila, Mexico. It was during this period that the Major’s step grand-daughter, Dona Maria Manuela Sanchez Navarro y Gomez Mascorry married the French Cavalier, Louis Juchereau de Saint Denis, military commander of Natchitoches, Louisiana.

    Between March 1691 to June 1698, Major Diego Ramon served as the governor of Coahuila, Mexico.

    Note: I have included this genealogy in the chapter titled, The Descendents of Major Diego Ramon and
    Dona Feliciana Camacho y Botello.

    Marriage source: Church record from the LDS microfilm #222,421

    A.K.A. Antonia Rosa Flores de Valdez.

    2. i. ANTONIA RAMON2 DE URRUTIA, b. Abt. 1698, San Juan Bautista del Rio Grande , el Presidio del Norte, Coahuila, Mexico.

    ii. ROSA-MICAELA2 DE URRUTIA1, b. Abt. 1704, Santiago Apostal, Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico1; d. Abt. 1774, Boca de Leones, Nuevo Leon, Mexico1; m. PEDRO-JOSE GODOY; b. Boca de Leones, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

    Marriage information from the book, Mil Familias III, by Rodolfo Gonzalez de la Garza. Page 216.

    3. iii. CATHALINA DE URRUTIA, b. 05 Dec 1706, Santiago Apostal, Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico; d. Bet. 1778 – 1809, Boca de Leones, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.
    iv. CAPTAIN TORIBIO DE URRUTIA, b. Abt. 1707, San Juan Bautista del Rio Grande ,Presidio del Norte, Coahuila, Mexico; d. 26 Jun 1763, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas; m. (1) MARIA-JOSEFA FLORES-DE-VALDEZ, Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico; b. 1712; d. Abt. 09 Jul 1792, San Pedro Creek, Bexar County, Texas; m. (2) ANA-JOSEFA-MARIA FARIAS-FLORES-DE-ABREGO, 08 Mar 1734/35, Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico; b. 03 May 1721, Sagrario Metropolitano, Saltillo, Coahuila, New Spain (Mexico).

    Married twice, he had no issue. Source: Mil Familias III, by Rodolfo Gonzalez de la Garza. Page 215.
    On February 18, 1738, he gave $1 peso towards the construction of San Fernando Church.
    Source: The book – History and Legends of the Alamo and other Missions by Adina De Zavala.
    In 1740 he succeeded his father as captain of San Antonio de Bexar.
    In 1743 he was the justicia mayor of San Antonio, (Texas).
    The Handbook of Texas Online.
    With the Makers of San Antonio by Frederick C. Chabot.
    Index to the Marriage Investigations of the Diocese of Guadalajara, by Raul J. Guerra., Nadine M. Vasquez, Baldomero Vela, Jr. Page 97.

    In 1743, Maria Josefa sold a male slave (Luis) to Governor Justo y Morales.
    Source: San Antonio de Bexar by Jesus F. De La Teja
    In 1778, she received a royal grant near what is now called San Pedro Creek, Texas.
    The Handbook on Texas Online
    She signed her will on August 5, 1778. Heirs listed: First Marriage, Miguel Nunes-Morillo, three children,
    Manuel and Miguel are both deceased, daughter Ygnacia; second marriage, Fermin Virique – no issue;
    Third marriage, Toribio Urrutia – no issue;granddaughter Maria Josefa and grandson, Lt. Jose Menchaca.
    Marriage source from her will. Her will was probated on July 9, 1792.
    Source: Wills and Inventories of Bexar County, Texas – San Antonio Genealogical and Historical Society.

    Source: Sagrada mi tra de Guadalajara, by Maria de la Luz Montejano Hilton.

    4. v. JUANA-DE-DIOS DE URRUTIA, b. 25 Jul 1709, Santiago Aspotol, Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico; d. Aft. 19 Jul 1745, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas.
    5. vi. JOAQUIN DE URRUTIA, b. Abt. 1710, Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico; d. 01 Nov 1768, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas.
    6. vii. PEDRO DE URRUTIA, b. Abt. 1711, Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico.
    viii. MANUEL DE URRUTIA, b. 15 Jan 1713, Sagrario Metropolitano, Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico; d. Died young.

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