by Moises Garza

November 24, 2014

Last Names of Nuevo Leon

In this episode, Moises talks about the AncestryDNA results of his wife Clarissa Perez. He also talks about the book Real Stories of Starr County, The Real Starr Website, and the death record of his 8th Great Grandfather Blas Canales.

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This is session number 19

Today’s main topic will be my wife’s DNA Results


  1. Listener comments and or questions.

Lis Salas – “Is there a way to determine if records on have been indexed or not? I have started searching some baptismal records for Marin, Nuevo Leon page by page, and not sure if this is a waste of time.”

An easy way to find out is to go to the search page on familysearch, do not enter a name or last name. On birthplace type marin, then type mexico under country and enter the state. This will give you all indexed records for Marin, Nuevo Leon, I did this and yes they have been indexed. Another way to see if the records have been indexed is to get the film number and on the search page under “restrict records by” select film and enter the film number. That is an easy way also to find out if those particular records have been indexed. I hope this answers your question.

  1. What’s new in the Genealogy world and At We Are Cousins?

Ancestry DNA Circles

Printed edition of Mexican Genealogy Online: A guide to help you Discover your Ancestors 2ns Edition

  1. This week’s book

The Real Stories of Starr County, Rio Grande, Roma, Escobares, La Grulla, and Vicinity 1582 – 1900

  1. 4. This Weeks Online Resource

Real Starr Website, A Great Genealogical Resource

  1. This week’s Ancestor Record

1780 Church Death Record of Blas Canales Benavides in Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

  1. Upcoming Genealogical Conferences and Local Society Meetings

The Rio Grande Valley Hispanic Genealogical Society meets every 3rd Sunday of the month at the Harlingen Public Library

The Nuevo Santander Genealogical Society out of Zapata County meets every first Saturday of the month at the Zapata County Museum.

Las Porciones Genealogical Society meets every last Monday of the month at 6:00 pm, don’t know the location

  1. My Wife’s DNA Results

Ethnicity Estimates

DNA Matches 60 pages 0 50 each

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