by Moises Garza

November 3, 2014

Last Names of Nuevo Leon

Israel Cavazos Garza has played an integral part in my genealogical research. His books are invaluable and contain a wealth of information. I recently found a book of his on my local university library that is simply a treasure. Let me explain why.

This book “Diccionario Biografico de Nuevo Leon” contains hundreds of biographies of people that have played a role in the founding and development of Nuevo Leon. Not to mention, many of my ancestors are mentioned within its pages and I know that many of yours may be also mentioned. This book also includes many photos both men and women. The following is an example of what you can expect to find in these biographies. It is the biography of my 9th great grandfather Blas de la Garza.

Biography of Blas de la Garza my 9th great grandfather:

“GARZA, Blas de La. Poblador. Nacio en Mapimi, en
1590. Hijo de Marcos Alfonso Garza y del Arcon o
Falcon y de Juana de Trevino. Entro al Nuevo Reino
de Leon con Jose de Trevino, su tio, en 1603. Poblo la
hacienda de San Francisco, (Apodaca), que adquirio
en union de Alonso de Trevino, su hermano. Esta hacienda
«sirvio de frontera y granero de la ciudad». Segun
documentos de la epoca fue «muy poderosa, asi de
panes como de ganados … y gran cantidad de caballada
». Durante diez anos fue justicia mayor, cargo del
cual le fue tomada residencia en 1653. Participo en las
jornadas que se hicieron a la Huasteca y a Tampico.
Durante el alzamiento de los tepehuanes dejo la hacienda,
trasladandose temporalmente a Salinas, donde
fomento la mineria. A la entrada del gobernador Martin
de Zavala, en 1626, la repoblo. Contribuyo mucho
a la pacificacion con la aprehension de los capitanes
indios Malapaja, Cauyugama y otros guachichiles.
Surtio de bastimentos, caballada y polvora a los soldados,
en la campana contra los alazapas. Envio auxilio
a Parras peticion de dona Isabel de Urdinola. Su fami-·
lia fue una de las mas numerosas e importantes. Tuvo
cinco hijos varones y doce hijas. Murio en Monterrey
el 21 de febrero de 1669.” – Israel Cavazos Garza

As you can see, the above biography contains important genealogical information on my 9th great grandfather and it also provides additional clues that there are documents to support his role in history.

Cover of the book Diccionario Biografico de Nuevo Leon.

Diccionario Biografico de Nuevo Leon - Biographic Dictionary of Nuevo Leon

As it is the case with books of Israel Cavazos Garza, this book is very rare. As I mentioned before I was very fortunate to have found it at my local university’s library.

Where to find this book?

I do hope that you get to get a copy of this book. if you do find it let me know what you think about it.

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  1. This is my 10th great grandfather! I wonder if you may be able to send me some information on him in English? I can speak and read some Spainsh but a lot is lost for me in translation

  2. Hi, do you know of any library that carries the Diccionario Biografico de Nuevo Leon as an ebook ? I once was able to photograph the person I was researching JUAN HICKMAN but I lost the picture of his biography and now I don't live in Monterrey anymore and with the pandemic can't cross the border to Los Angeles where the closest book is available. Thank you in advance

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