by Moises Garza

November 16, 2014

Last Names of Nuevo Leon

If you had any ancestors that lived at one point in Saltillo Mexico you might want to check this book out. It is titled Diccionario Biografico de Saltillo. It was written and compiled by Martha Duron Jimenez and Ignacio Narro Etchegaray back in 1994.

This is a very important book since previous to it there was none other. There had only been minor biographical dictionaries but nothing like this one. Where they obtained information from the already existing dictionaries and they combed through the archives of Saltillo for other unknown or obscure people that contributed to the founding, formation, and culture of what is now Saltillo.

If you are wondering why I think that this book is so important. Here is why. Since several years ago I had been coming across some ancestors whom the authors attributed information to this book. Some of my ancestors that are mentioned are Alberto del Canto, Diego de Montemayor, and Bartolome de Lizarraraza y Cuellar among many, many others. Also starting on page 183 the authors have included family trees. Bellow the book cover I have added the people they start with.

Cover of Book:

Diccionario Biografico de Saltillo

Family Genealogies:

  • Capitan Martin de Arizpe and Leonor Martinez de Salazar Gutierrez Abrego
  • Capitan Fernando del Bosque and Juana Flores de Abrego Farias
  • Joaquin de Leon and Juana Ramon Ramos de Arreola
  • Capitan Diego de Montemayor and Ines Rodriguez also with Juana Porcallo de la Cerca
  • Capitan Luis de Morales and Juana de Trevino Salazar
  • Pedro Martin de Urdinola and Marria Juana de Balderena Together with Juanes de Larrumbide and Ma Martin de Echenegucia
  • Rodrigo Flores Valdes and Maria de Salazar Trevino
  • Julian Gutierrez no wife listed fahter of Leonor Gutierrez who married Agustin Abrego
  • Capitan Francisco Martinez Guajardo and Ines Rodriguez
  • Capitan Juan Navarro and Maria Rdodriguez de Sosa
  • Santos Rojo and Beatriz de las Ruelas Navarro

Many of the above are my ancestors so you can just imagine the surprise I got when I was browsing through this book. It is an excellent resource and I hope that you can get hold of a copy. Bellow are some places where you can get a copy.

Where to obtain a copy:

Other Similar Books:

Let me know of any find or if you have this book and are willing to look up information for others.

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