La Lomita Chapel, Mission, Texas

La Lomita Chapel is located 3 miles south of Expressway 83 on FM 1016 in Mission, Texas.  La Lomita was first built in 1865 by Rene Guyard, whom was a French merchant from Reynosa. He had purchased the land in 1845.

Guyard left this site and porciones 55 and 57 to the Oblate priests in 1871 and La Lomita soon became an important site for the Calvary of Christ, the Oblate missionaries who rode up and down the Rio Grande Valley visiting widely separated Catholic churches, baptizing newborns, performing marriage ceremonies, and blessing the dead.

I found the following two post cards on ebay

La Lomita Church1.JPG La Lomita Church2.JPG

The following photo is how La Lomita looks in present day, I found this photo in the city of Mission website.

 La Lomita 3.jpg

You can read more about this Chapel Here:

For Many Great Photos check this link out:

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  1. julian velez

    What importance if any does the saying mean ( Los Hijos De Los Ebanos ) mean, I have heard these several times from my Mom now passed.

    1. Moises Garza Post author

      I have never heard that expression. Maybe someone else has an answer for us. Can you type a sentence of how she would say it when using this expression. That could provide some clues for us.

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