Holy Family Catholic Church of La Grulla, Texas

Many people have deep roots in La Grulla, Texas as is the case with my wife’s family. Her ancestors arrived at or near La Grulla back in the 1860’s starting with her 2nd great grandfather Jose Encarnacion del Refugio Perez whom was born in General Teran, Nuevo Leon. It is unknown if he returned back to Mexico but what is clear is that his son Jose Francisco Perez did stay and did make a life in this area. He even married a local girl Paula Contreras whose life was cut short by a snake bite back in 1921 dying in La Grulla. Leaving behind 5 small children and a one year old baby. You can see a picture of Paula and Francisco in a previous post: Photo of Paula Contreras Garza and Francisco Perez Lozano

You may be asking your self as to why I titled this post “Holy Family Catholic Church of La Grulla, Texas”. Well one of those small children grew up to be Francisco Perez whom helped build the roof of this church. His children and grandchildren attended and continue to attend this same church. I also just wanted to share the awesome picture, taken by my friend Jimmy Martinez, that reminded me of this story.

 Photo of the Holy Family Catholic Church of La Grulla, Texas

 Photo of the Holy Family Catholic Church of La Grulla, Texas

I believe this church was built in the late 60’s to early 70’s but I am not sure. Hopefully someone can tell us more about it int he future or if you know leave us a comment.

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  1. Angie Garcia

    Holy Family Church was a mission church to Immaculate Conception Church at Rio Grande City, Texas
    our parish became a church on September 12, 1967…this year we will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary. we would appreciate any photos that you may have, any history that you may know of…for example of the names of persons that help build this church…any marriages, first communions pictures, baptisms any history that would help our celebration…the committee would like to give recognition to these people. They are planning numerous of events during the month of September, our Jamica is schedule to be on the 23rd of September. Thank you and we hope to hear from you. You may email me any information or pictures that you may have.
    Angie Garcia

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