Marriages of Cano and Cantu in Reynosa

Marriages of Cano and Cantu in Reynosa, Tamaulipas 1860 – 1930

Jose Rolando Cano has compiled the Marriages of Cano and Cantu in Reynosa and it is a great resource for those of you researching the Cano and Cantu last name from Reynosa, Tamaulipas. Back in April he compiled an eBook and shared it with members of Las Villas del Norte.

He compiled this eBook to use on his own research but realized that it could be of benefit to others. As I mentioned he shared it with his fellow members on Las Villas del Norte and now has decided to share with our readers here at We Are Cousins.

As what you can find within the pages of this eBook is self-explanatory it is about Marriages conducted in Reynosa concerning the Cano and Cantu last names. If you have anything to add to this eBook to make it better please let Mr. Cano know so he can include it.

Cover of eBook “Nacimientos de Personas con los Apellidos Cano y Cantu en Reynosa Tamaulipas 1860 – 1930”


Download eBook

Make sure to get your very own copy of this eBook, you never know when you might need it. Also, don’t forget if you have nay Reynosa marriages that don’t appear here please let Mr. Cano know so that he may include them.

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