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The Real Stories of Starr County, Rio Grande, Roma, Escobares, La Grulla, and Vicinity 1582 – 1900

Are your ancestors form Starr County? Jesus “Chuy” Correa provides a short history of Starr County since colonial times to present times.  His book titled “The Real Stories of Starr County, Rio Grande, Roma, Escobares, La Grulla, and Vicinity 1582 – 1900″ is a great read that provides the reader with the history of Starr county that is not thought anywhere else. This book contains great genealogical information since it contains a list of the first settlers that came with Luis de Carvajal, the Starr County Elected Officials 1848-2012, and the Rio Grande City Elected Officials 1993-2011 among other great valuable information.

Cut out of Book Cover:

The Real Stories of Starr County Rio Grande, Roma, Escobares, La Grulla and Vicinity

Table of Contents

  • Title Page
  • Copyright Page
  • Dedication
  • Editor’s Note
  • In troduction
  • Gracias del Juez
  • Preface

Part One

  • Journey of mankind
  • Our near descent
  • Luis Carbaja y de Ia Cueva
  • Santander Map
  • Jose de Escandon e Hilguera
  • Colonial Land Grants 1767
  • Villa de Santa Ana de Camargo
  • Republic of Texas
  • Rio Grande City, Texas
  • Rio Grande History 1752
  • Starr County History 1848
  • Henry Clay Davis 1846
  • Fort Ringgold 1848
  • Heinrich Portscheller
  • Rio Grande City History
  • Starr County Court House Building 1853
  • Rio Grande City’s historic photos
  • City of Escobares
  • City of La Grulla
  • Starr County Elected Officials 1848-2012
  • Rio Grande City Elected Officials 1993-2011
  • References

Part Two

  • Map of: Villas del Norte en Ia Provincia del Santander
  • Early Ranching on the Northern Frontier of New Spain
  • Map: 78 Porciones de Ia Villa Purfsima Concepcion de Mier
  • Capias de las Porciones 71, propiedad de Juan Salinas y 72 de Juan Angel Saenz
  • Steamboats on the Rio Grande
  • National Historical Landmark, Roma, Texas
  • Suspension Bridge Roma-San Pedro 1928
  • Salineno 35
  • Bibliography

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Apolonio Contreras and Demetria Garza, 1874 Marriage in Starr County, Texas

The following is the Marriage Record for Apolonio Contreras and Demetria Garza my wife’s 2nd great grandparents. They Married back in 1874 in Starr County, Texas. Several years ago I found the parents of Apolonio on a family tree in ancestry but it is now long gone. Unfortunately I have not found any documents listing his parents to verify that I have the right information and due to this reason I won’t list them here. Continue reading

Starr County Texas Records on Microfilm at The University of Texas Pan American

UTPAbroncsSeveral months ago I had called the Starr County Clerk office and inquired if I could have access to their Marriage records. I was told yes and provided with location. I inquired if I could take a scanner, or camera and told that I could not. I asked if they had a copier and was advised that they would make the copy for $20.00. I asked for the prices and it was pretty much $20.00 per copy for any document in their archives. I asked if they could search for it and they said it would be $30.00. As you all know this is just a hobby for me and since I needed several images I opted for not going over since it was also 40 miles away from home.

Don’t feel bad this is not the end of the story, luckily for me, while conducting searches at the University of Texas Pan American’s Catalog I came across this title “Starr county records [microfilm]“. I promptly clicked on it and the following is what I found.

Publication Info. Austin : Texas State Library, 1990.

Description 27 reels


Film#       Title
1016443 Index to deeds direct vol. 1, 1848-1905; Index to deeds reverse vol. 1, 1848-1909
1016444 Deed record trans. vol. A & E, 1848-1883; Deed record (Orig.) vol. B, 1848-1852
1016445 Deed record (Orig.) vol. C, 1852-1862; vol. D, 1862-1874
1016446 Deed record trans. vol. F, 1879-1885
1016447 Real Estate record trans. vol. G, 1880-1883; vol. H, 1884-1886
1016448 Direct index to Probate minutes vol. 1, 1849-1939; Probate record vol. A, 1848-1861
1016449 Trans. Probate minutes vol. C, 1874-1888; Probate minutes vol. D, 1888-1898
1016450 Probate minutes vol. E, 1898-1907; vol. F, 1907-1915
101641    Index to marriages-males vol. 1, 1858-1972; Index to marriages-females vol. 1, 1858-1972
1016452 Marriage record vol. A, 1858-1872; vol. B, 1872-1889; vol. C, 1882-1893
1016453 Marriage record vol. D, 1893-1902; vol. E, 1902-1907; vol. F, 1907-1916
1016454  Declaration record vol. 1, 1883-1893; vol. 2, 1890-1902
1017265 Judgements & orders vol. 1, 1848-1965; Reverse index to judgements & orders vol. 1, 1848-1965
1017266 District Court record vol. A-1, 1848-1861; District Court minutes vol. A-2, 1848-1857; Trans. District Court record vol. 3-A, 1860-1879; District Court record vol. B, 1879-1866
1017267 District Court minutes vol. C, 1886-1892; vol. D, 1892-1900
1017268 District Court minutes vol. E, 1900-1907; vol. F, 1907-1923
1214-01 Tax rolls, 1849-1887
1214-02 Tax rolls, 1887-1910
Reel 1 & 2 Tax rolls, 1849-1910
2214.01    Survey record index, 1853-1947; Survey record vol. A, 1853-1878; vol. B, 1878-1881; vol. C, 1879-1935
2215.01    Survey record vol. D, 1917-1933; vol. E, 1935-1947; Field notes vol. 1, 1882-1917
2215.03   Survey record vol. A, 1853-1877; vol. B, 1877-1916; vol. C, 1878-1881.

Subject Public records — Law and legislation — Texas — Starr County.Starr County (Tex.) — History — Sources.

If you are into Genealogy like me, then you may already know that this is a treasure trove. Turns out the microfilms 1016452 & 1016453 contained the two marriage records that I was looking for. Guess what I went to the UTPA library and made digital images of the marriage records and all for free. Super convenient since the library is just a few miles away from my workplace.

By the way it took me more time to learn how to use the microfilm reader and computer that what it took to find the marriage records.

So if you are doing research in Starr County this is a great resource to get those needed records.

Happy hunting. If you need for me to look for a record or get you a copy of anything on these microfilms look at my services page for pricing.

Artecitas Ranch Cemetery, Starr County, Texas

The following video was recorded by Jimmy Martinez and listed its description as “Lost Cemetery 4 miles East of La Grulla”. I thought to myself maybe I can find its name by doing some Genealogy research? After a few minutes I found it, Artecitas Ranch Cemetery, since it is now located in what used to be called Artecitas Ranch located in Starr County Texas.

I did a quick search with the name and dates on the first tombstone belonging to Alberto Ortiz. I found Albertos Death Certificate wich indicates that he was born  I found the following in the United States Census, 1900. Felipe Ortiz is the head of household and listed Anita (Garcia) as the wife with the following children listed; Josefa Ortiz, Inocencio Ortiz, Alberto Ortiz, Franquilina Ortiz, Nicomedes Ortiz, and Petra Ortiz. I have found living descendants in Sullivan City, Texas which is only three miles North of the cemetery. The reason for the family abandoning the cemetery, I do not know. What I do know is that Artecitas Ranch is no longer theirs.

Video from Jimmy Martinez You Tube page.

Other Mentions of Artecitas Ranch

Garcia, Esteban – May have been related to Anita Garcia.

If anyone has any more information about this ranch or its cemetery please leave me a comment or contact me.

Part of Map Showing Artecitas Ranch in 1935 Starr County Map

See Original Map at The Portal To Texas History

Desiderio Flores Flores and Guadalupe Villarreal

1st Generation

Desiderio Flores Flores is my wife’s great-grandfather, he was born on Dec. 12, 1883 in Mexico and died on Jan. 25, 1968 in Pct. #4, Hidalgo, Texas.  He was the son of Anastacio Flores Flores and Manuela Flores Vela. He married Guadalupe Villarreal on Feb. 11, 1919 in Starr, Texas, USA. Guadalupe, daughter of Juan Villarreal* and San Juana Rodriguez*, was born Mar 10, 1895 in Texas, USA and died Jun 25, 1968 in Mission Municipal Hospital, Mission, Hidalgo, Texas, USA. Note: Unfortunately I have not been able to find her parents due to her name being very common and the little facts known about her. Since the story goes that she divorced Desiderio and married several times after him. If anyone has any information about her please contact me. Thank you Rosie for your invaluable information.

Children of Desiderio Flores and Guadalupe Villarreal

    1. Maria Dedar Flores died on an unknown date.
    2. Paula Flores was born About 1911 in Texas, USA.
    3. Leonor Flores was born About 1914 in Texas, USA.
    4. Cipriano Flores was born About 1919 in Texas, USA.
    5. Manuela Flores was born on Aug. 13, 1923 in Los Ebanos, Hidalgo, Texas, USA and died on Jul. 23, 1968 in Mission Municipal Hospital, Mission, Hidalgo, Texas, USA.
    6. Andrea Flores was born on Nov. 31, 1928 in Starr, Texas, USA.
    7. San Juanita Flores was born on May 29, 1930 in Starr County, Texas, USA and died on an unknown date.
    8. Ananstacio Flores was born on Aug. 11, 1933 in La Grulla, Starr, Texas, USA and died on Jul. 4, 1934 in Precinct 5, Starr County, Texas, USA.

2nd Generation (Children)

  1. Maria Dedar Flores died on an unknown date.  She married Vicente Perez on Oct. 28, 1940 in Starr, Texas, USA. Vicente, son of Francisco Perez and Paula Contreras, was born on May 24, 1917 and died on Feb. 14, 1990 in Starr, Texas, USA.
  2. Paula Flores was born About 1911 in Texas, USA.
  3. Leonor Flores was born About 1914 in Texas, USA.
  4. Siprian* (aka Cipriano) Flores was born Dec 28, 1919* in Texas, USA.
  5. Manuela Flores was born on Aug. 13, 1923 in Los Ebanos, Hidalgo, Texas, USA and died on Jul. 23, 1968 in Mission Municipal Hospital, Mission, Hidalgo, Texas, USA.  She married Enrique Flores.
  6. Andrea Flores was born on Nov. 31, 1928 in Starr, Texas, USA.
  7. San Juanita Flores was born on May 29, 1930 in Starr County, Texas, USA and died on an unknown date.
  8. Ananstacio Flores was born on Aug. 11, 1933 in La Grulla, Starr, Texas, USA and died on Jul. 4, 1934 in Precinct 5, Starr County, Texas, USA.


  • Rosie Flores, facts with a * where provided by Rosie
  • FamilySearch
  • Interviews with my Father In-Law Heraclio Perez

Texas General Land Office, Land Grant Search

Texas Land Grants

Did your ancestor ever receive a Land grant from the Spanish Government or the State of Tamaulipas? If your answer is yes it is very likely that you will find it on the website for the Texas General Land Office.

What the Texas General Land Office has to Offer

The Texas land grant database contains over 4,200 land titles issued by Spain and Mexico from 1720 to 1836 covering 26 million acres. It also offers other collections for a total of 656,129 records.

You can get a full description of it or start searching for your ancestors at the land grant search.

I hope that you find this resource useful and helpful in your research. Let me know about your finds.

This is an example of one of the results for one of my wife’s ancestors:

County:  Hidalgo
Abstract Number:  83
Adj County:  Starr
District/Class:  San Patricio 1st
File Number:  000753
Original Grantee:  Flores, Segundo
Patentee:  Flores, Segundo
Title Date: 
Patent Date:  13 Aug 1881
Patent No:  500
Patent Vol:  23
Certificate:  106
Part Section: 
Survey/Blk/Tsp:  27
Acres:  13322.20
Adj Acres:  903