by Moises Garza

January 12, 2013

Last Names of Nuevo Leon

The following is the Marriage Record for Apolonio Contreras and Demetria Garza my wife’s 2nd great grandparents. They Married back in 1874 in Starr County, Texas. Several years ago I found the parents of Apolonio on a family tree in ancestry but it is now long gone. Unfortunately I have not found any documents listing his parents to verify that I have the right information and due to this reason I won’t list them here. If anyone has any clues let me know. I know due to Demetria’s death certificate that her parents are Epamuseno Garza and Maria Eugenia Solis. I have yet to also find more information on them.

Marriage Record

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Apolonio Contreras and Demetria Garza, UTPA, Starr, 1874, Film 1016452 – Low Res.jpg” type=”image” alt=”Apolonio Contreras and Demetria Garza, UTPA, Starr, 1874, Film 1016452 – Low Res.jpg” ]

Copy from the University of Texas Pan American, Edinburg, Texas Microfilm #1016452

Transcript of above image:


To any Regular Ordained Minister of the Gospel JUDGE OF THE DISTRICT COURT, OR JUSTICE OF THE PEACE: I hereby Authorize any one of you to celebrate the Rite of Matrimony between Apolonio Contreras & Demetria Garza and due return of your proceedings hereon to me, at my Office, make within Sixty Days, as the Law directs.

As Witness Whereof, I, James J. Vex Clerk of the District Court of Starr County, hereto subscribe my name and affix the Seal of said Court, this Fifth day of August A. D. 1874 James J. Vex Clerk [?]

Return. The rite of Matrimony between the above-named parties was duly celebrated by the undersigned J, M. Jaffres, a Roman Catholic Priest on the Seventeenth day of August A. D. 1874 J. M. Jaffes Rio Grande City, August 17, 1874 Catholic Priest

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Apolonio Contreras de La Garza and Demetria Garza Solis and Their Children

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  1. I too have a couple of records from Starr Co with ancestors married by this same Catholic priest JM Jaffres. Have you been able to figure out what church this priest may have performed marriages? I was thinking that the church records may in fact list more information if the church will release them.

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