by Moises Garza

January 10, 2013

Last Names of Nuevo Leon

UTPAbroncsSeveral months ago I had called the Starr County Clerk office and inquired if I could have access to their Marriage records. I was told yes and provided with location. I inquired if I could take a scanner, or camera and told that I could not. I asked if they had a copier and was advised that they would make the copy for $20.00. I asked for the prices and it was pretty much $20.00 per copy for any document in their archives. I asked if they could search for it and they said it would be $30.00. As you all know this is just a hobby for me and since I needed several images I opted for not going over since it was also 40 miles away from home.

Don’t feel bad this is not the end of the story, luckily for me, while conducting searches at the University of Texas Pan American’s Catalog I came across this title “Starr county records [microfilm]”. I promptly clicked on it and the following is what I found.

Publication Info. Austin : Texas State Library, 1990.

Description 27 reels


Film#       Title
1016443 Index to deeds direct vol. 1, 1848-1905; Index to deeds reverse vol. 1, 1848-1909
1016444 Deed record trans. vol. A & E, 1848-1883; Deed record (Orig.) vol. B, 1848-1852
1016445 Deed record (Orig.) vol. C, 1852-1862; vol. D, 1862-1874
1016446 Deed record trans. vol. F, 1879-1885
1016447 Real Estate record trans. vol. G, 1880-1883; vol. H, 1884-1886
1016448 Direct index to Probate minutes vol. 1, 1849-1939; Probate record vol. A, 1848-1861
1016449 Trans. Probate minutes vol. C, 1874-1888; Probate minutes vol. D, 1888-1898
1016450 Probate minutes vol. E, 1898-1907; vol. F, 1907-1915
101641    Index to marriages-males vol. 1, 1858-1972; Index to marriages-females vol. 1, 1858-1972
1016452 Marriage record vol. A, 1858-1872; vol. B, 1872-1889; vol. C, 1882-1893
1016453 Marriage record vol. D, 1893-1902; vol. E, 1902-1907; vol. F, 1907-1916
1016454  Declaration record vol. 1, 1883-1893; vol. 2, 1890-1902
1017265 Judgements & orders vol. 1, 1848-1965; Reverse index to judgements & orders vol. 1, 1848-1965
1017266 District Court record vol. A-1, 1848-1861; District Court minutes vol. A-2, 1848-1857; Trans. District Court record vol. 3-A, 1860-1879; District Court record vol. B, 1879-1866
1017267 District Court minutes vol. C, 1886-1892; vol. D, 1892-1900
1017268 District Court minutes vol. E, 1900-1907; vol. F, 1907-1923
1214-01 Tax rolls, 1849-1887
1214-02 Tax rolls, 1887-1910
Reel 1 & 2 Tax rolls, 1849-1910
2214.01    Survey record index, 1853-1947; Survey record vol. A, 1853-1878; vol. B, 1878-1881; vol. C, 1879-1935
2215.01    Survey record vol. D, 1917-1933; vol. E, 1935-1947; Field notes vol. 1, 1882-1917
2215.03   Survey record vol. A, 1853-1877; vol. B, 1877-1916; vol. C, 1878-1881.

Subject Public records — Law and legislation — Texas — Starr County.Starr County (Tex.) — History — Sources.

If you are into Genealogy like me, then you may already know that this is a treasure trove. Turns out the microfilms 1016452 & 1016453 contained the two marriage records that I was looking for. Guess what I went to the UTPA library and made digital images of the marriage records and all for free. Super convenient since the library is just a few miles away from my workplace.

By the way it took me more time to learn how to use the microfilm reader and computer that what it took to find the marriage records.

So if you are doing research in Starr County this is a great resource to get those needed records.

Happy hunting. If you need for me to look for a record or get you a copy of anything on these microfilms look at my services page for pricing.

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  1. This is awesome Moises! As a librarian, I didn’t even think that the local universities would probably have what I needed! This is good to know when I make it down to South Texas again. 😀

    1. FYI these microfilms and many others are available from the Texas state library. I was reading that they are available through intralibrary loan. Maybe your local library can request them. I’ll be posting more posts about these resources in the comming days. Let us know if you ever use them.

  2. Hi Mr. Garza,
    I would like to ask you for some information that I am having a hard time searching for.I think you are the right person to help me out.I read your story and I need information from starr county and mier as well.

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