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Holy Family Catholic Church of La Grulla, Texas

Many people have deep roots in La Grulla, Texas as is the case with my wife’s family. Her ancestors arrived at or near La Grulla back in the 1860’s starting with her 2nd great grandfather Jose Encarnacion del Refugio Perez whom was born in General Teran, Nuevo Leon. It is unknown if he returned back to Mexico but what is clear is that his son Jose Francisco Perez did stay and did make a life in this area. He even married a local girl Paula Contreras whose life was cut short by a snake bite back in 1921 dying in La Grulla. Leaving behind 5 small children and a one year old baby. You can see a picture of Continue reading

Camargo Church Death Records 1764 – 1864

Last Saturday I wrote about Camargo Baptismal Records Index 1764 – 1882 and today I will let you know about another great genealogical book about Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico. It  is a book by the Spanish American Genealogical Association (SAGA). It is titled Camargo Baptismal Records Index 1764 – 1882. Continue reading

Location of Convent of San Francisco, Monterrey – An Email from George P. Cervantes

I received the following email from George P. Cervantes and I requested him to let me share it with you since the information and links contained in it are excellent. The previous post George is referring to is Convento de San Francisco 1590 to 1914, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Subject: Location of San Francisco, Monterrey

Hi Moises-

First, thanks for your We Are Cousins blog – a lot of interesting information! I have a number of ancestors on my mom’s side from Tamaulipas/Nuevo Leon. I haven’t seen you mention any of them yet, but we have some ancestors’ last names in common (de la Garza, Guerra, Treviño).

Anyway, I’m just getting you some info on your 12/12/12 post about the location of San Francisco in Monterrey. Maybe you have your answer already, but I found some information on this not-very active blog:


That information seems to place it near the present corner of Calle Ignacio Zaragosa and Calle Melchor Ocampo (which used to be called San Francisco).

This location seems to be verified by this US Naval Intelligence map (click on “Monterey”); it was published in 1919, but it looks like the information was gathered before San Francisco was destroyed. “San Francesco Ch.” is labelled “3”:


It also seems to be in this 1905 map in Spanish, where no name is listed, just a cross at the corner of S. Francisco & Zaragosa:


You can see the top of San Francisco to the left in this 1846 print, looking from the area near the Cathedral (the view is looking to the west-northwest, I think):


and here’s a 1909 photo, from a distance – it’s in the middle right of the



So…it looks to me like San Francisco was located in the middle of what’s now Calle Ignacio Zaragosa, just south of present-day Calle Melchor Ocampo; probably facing more or less north (facing up Zaragosa). And, sadly, the building appears to be all gone – to say nothing of all the people buried there. According to the first article I mentioned, some of the artifacts are in the Museo del Obispado.

I hope this is helpful. Thanks again for your work on the blog!

-George P. Cervantes

Once again thanks George for the excellent information, I hope that you all found it helpful and informative as I did.

Here is a Picture/Drawing of the Convent of San Francisco

Convento de San Francisco Monterrey 1887, Past and Present by Hannah More Johnson


The Following is an overlay of a 1905 map and a 2006 map of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. 

Convent of San Francisco Overlay, Monterrey Nuevo Leon mexico


X marks the location where the church was in 1905 and the current location today of where it would stand if it would have had not been demolished.

Convento de San Francisco 1590 to 1914, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

The Convent of San Francisco is were most of the founders and settlers of Monterrey were buried.  It dated back till the 1590’s but unfortunately it was demolished in 1914. As you may have noticed, most death records of my ancestors name this Church as the place of burial. If anyone can point the location where the church used to be please send me the GPS location so that I may check it out on Google Maps.

From, The Conquistadores and Crypto-Jews of Monterrey Pg. 168


Inmaculad Concepcion Church Ciudad Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

The church of Inmaculada Concepcion of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico has played an immense role in my family’s history and now in tracing my Genealogy. I have traced over two hundred years of Baptisms, Marriages, and Deaths through the records left behind by her priests. Here are some old pictures and some modern ones of this great church that up to this date is impacting the lives of the surrounding community as it has been doing since the 1700’s.

1874 Picture of Mexican Army in Front of Church

Mexican Army in front of Inmaculada Concepcion Church in Mier
Tamaulipas in 1874. Source: http://juancrouset.blogspot.com

Early 1900’s

Source: http://www.hispanicgs.com

More About the Church

Parroquia de la Purísima Concepción (PurísimaConcepciónParish) Calle Hidalgo, facing Plaza Juárez Mier. The church dates to 1780 and its enormous tower to 1795. It has been restored and its roof structure modernized. The structure is in excellent condition due to the great care of the parishioners. Continue reading

La Grulla, Texas, San Roque Catholic Church

San Roque church lies in the center of La Grulla, Texas. According to Raul Longoria the San Roque Catholic Church was built in 1891 by Juan and Yrinea Longoria in memory of their son Eugenio who was killed in 1870. Longoria mentions that Eugeino never came back after leaving to go visit some friends and relatives in a nearby Las Cuevas (present day Cuevitas). He was found weeks later near Penitas Texas (about 10 mile further than Cuevitas) with his horse having three bullet holes, but his cause of death was never determined.

San Roque Catholic Church (Abandoned historic church) La Grulla
Tx. Photo is a personal photo of Moises Garza taken in 2003.

This is the same church which can be assumed with certainty that my wife’s great-grandfather Francisco Perez Lozano and family attended to. The certainty comes from the fact that they were Catholic and that this was the only church near where they resided. Also his son Vicente worked in constructing the roof on the new church.

San Roque Church Video by Jimmy Martinez

I want to thank my friend Jimmy Martinez for allowing me to add his video to this page. You can check out his other YouTube videos using the link bellow.