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Good Bye 2012 and Hello 2013

happy 2013On this last day of 2012 I just want to wish you and your families a very Happy New Year and also share a recap of 2012 and my goals for this blog in this coming year of 2013.

This blog started as a personal blog and a place to document my own family genealogy and history but with time it has turned out to be a valuable resource to many. I just hope it continues to grow and help as it has been doing so.


Recap of 2012

  1. Had over 80 new Facebook likes.
  2. 393 New Twitter Followers
  3. Had over 10,000 unique visitors
  4. Received over 50 emails form distant cousins.
  5. Wrote over 365 posts.
  6. Moved to WordPress.
  7. 6 Guest Posts

Goals for 2013

  1. Reach 300 Facebook Likes, currently at 121. If you like a post please re-share with your friends.
  2. Reach 1000 Followers on twitter, currently at 485. 
  3. 365 Posts on my family ancestry and resources.
  4. Get 20,000 unique visitors, if you can spread the word.
  5. Connect with more distant cousins.
  6. Master WordPress, I am almost there.
  7. Write the Newsletter at least once a Month, I know that I was terrible this year, only went out twice or thrice.
  8. 10 or more guest posts, you are always welcomed to make a guest post.

I just hope that  2013 will be more productive since I know this blog has helped many and continues to help people connect with their ancestors. I have been very fortunate for the wealth of records available at I just hope they continue to be available. Once again thanks for reading and see you in 2013, have a very Happy New Years!!! Can’t wait for the menudo tonight.

Pablo Tamez Leal and Maria Ygnacia Cavasos Garcia, 1811 Church Marriage Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

 The following is the 1811 Church marriage of my 4th great grandparents Pablo Tamez Leal and Maria Ygnacia Cavasos Garcia. They got married in Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Pablo’s parents are listed as Juan Angel Tamez and Anna Maria Leal. Juan was listed as diseased. The parents of Maria Ygnacia are listed as Esteban Cavazos and Juana Francisca Garcia. Both of them are also listed as being from “Hacienda de los Rodriguez”.

Cut out of original image:

 Pablo Tamez and Maria Ygnacia Cavasos, FamilySearch, Santiago, Marriage, 1811, Pg.70See Original

Transcript of above image:

 No. 44 D. Pablo Tames con Da. Ma. Yga. Cavasos espls. en 8 de Mayo de 1811

En esta Parrochia de Santiago de Guajuco en ocho de Mayo de Mil ochocientos y once a. el Br. D. Jose Angel Cavazos este de Cura, practicadas sengun [?] las Diligs. matrimoniales, y haviendo procedido las amonestaciones en castisas Parroquiales de lso tres Dias festivos, qe. fueron el veinte, y ocho de Abril, primero, y ttres de Mayo, y no haviendo resultado impedimto. pa. el Matrimonio, Caso y Velo, infacie eclecie, y en tiempo debido a D. Pablo Tames espanol origo. y vezo. de este valle en la Hazda. de los Rodriguez, hijo legmo. de D. Juan Angel Tames difto. y Da. Anna Maria Leal, con Da. Maria Ygnacia Cavazos espanola del mismo origen, y vecindad, hija legma. de D. Esteban Cavazos Difto. y de Da. Juana Franca. Garcia: Fueron sus Padrinos D. Seferino Tamez, y Da. Ma. de Jesus Tamez, y testigs. el mismo Padrino, y D. Juaqn. Rodriguez. Y pa. qe. conste lo firmo.

Jose Estanislao Cantu


1907 Civil Registry Death Index for Doctor Coss, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

This is the 1907 Civil Registry Death Index for Doctor Coss, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. It is listed by alphabetical order.

Cut out of Original Image

1907 Death Index of Doctor Coss pg581-mod1 1907 Death Index of Doctor Coss pg581-mod2
Mexico, Nuevo León, Civil Registration, 1859-1962 >
Doctor Coss > Defunciones 1882-1910

Transcription of above image:

Numero	Nombres			Folios
3	Alanis Mariano				3 f
14	Alanis Hilario				8 v
23	Alanis Alfredo				13 f
8	Bargas Andres				5 v
21	Cantu Bartolome			        12 f
30	Cantu Antonio				16 v
11	Chapa Rosario del Maria		        7 f
17	Flores Matias				10 f
2	Games Federico			        2 v
9	Garcia Lionides Maria			6 f
20	Guerra Alvino				11 v
25	Garcia Tiburcio				14 f
31	Garza Maria Jose			17 f
32	Garcia Luz Maria			17 v
33	Gonzalez Maria				18 f
27	Hinojosa Atanacio			15 f
4	Martinez Concepcion Maria		3 v
10	Pena Candelario			        6 v
18	Pena Santos Maria			10 v
29	Pena Maria Jose			        16 f
1	Ramirez Paula				2 f
24	Rios Luz Jose				13 v
7	Salinas Antonio				5 f
12	Salinas Margarita			7 v
15	Solis Joaquin				9 f
16	Sanchez Ynocente			9 v
28	Solis Zeferino				15 v
6	Trevino Rumualdo			4 v
13	Trevino Cayetano			8 f
19	Tijerina Rafael				11 f
22	Trevino Juan				12 v
26	Trevino Severo				14
5	Ochoa Octaviano			        4 f

Source: FamilySearch

Francisco Rodriguez de Montemayor and Maria Caballero de los Olivos, 1684 Church Marriage in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

The following is the 1684 Church Marriage record for my 7th great grandparents, Francisco Rodriguez de Montemayor and Maria Caballero de los Olivos, they married in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. There are to reasons the following document is interesting. First, it is a double wedding, the brides are half  sisters since both of their names are Maria and it is also indicated that the second Maria is “hija natural” natural daughter meaning that she was born out of wedlock. Second it mentions the names of the parents for both of the couples. The parents of Francisco are Diego Rodriguez de Montemayor and Ynes de la Garza. Her parents are listed as Sargent Lucas Caballero and Juana de Barrasa whom was deceased by the time the marriage occurred.

Cut out of original image:

Francisco Rodriguez de Montemayor and Maria Caballero de los Olivos, FamilySearch, Monterrey, 1684 Pg. 32See Original

 Transcript of above image:

Franco. Rodrigues y Maria Cavallero espanoles – Domingo Peres y Maria Cavallero espanoles

En veinte y ocho de Noviembre de mil y seicientos y ochenta y cuatro Anos despose y vele infacie eclecie a Franco. Rodriguez y Maria Cavallero, el este hijo de Diego Rs. de Mtemar. y de Ynes de la Garza, y la esta Maria es hija del Sargto. Mar. Lucas Cavallero y de Da. Juana de Barrasa difunta; Aviendo prosedido las vanas en primero, sinco, y dos de este mes y Ano; y affirme, [?] Case y vele juntamente a Domingo Peres hijo de Domingo Peres difunto y de Maria Ranjel. y a Maria Cavallero hija natural del este Sargto. Mar. Lucas Cavallero. todos vezinos de esta ciudad; aviendo procedido affirmemos Las vanas en estos dias arriba referidos. = fueron testigos el capan. Ignacio Guerra, Don Pedro Garcia y el alferes Rc. Juan de Tremino; y para que conste lo firme et supra. =

Joseph Guaxardo


1914 Index to Marriages of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

1914 Index to Marriages of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico in alphabetical order by groom’s name.

Cut out of original images:

1914 Mier Marriages pg 246_cropped 1914 Mier Marriages pg 246_cropped0
Transcription of above images:
Numo. de las actas				Pajinas

6	Alejo Gonzalez			9	Maria Rocha
22	Antonio Valdez			27	Biviana Pena
70	Abel N. Pedraza		        90	Matilde Hinojosa
33	Cesilio Barrera			43	Juana Rodriguez
53	Castulo Barrera		        70	Dolores Smith
36	Esteban Garza			47	Narcisda Lopez
43	Castulo Barrera		        56	Paula Zamora
69	Eusebio Hinojosa		89	Hilaria Pena
20	Facundo Lopez			25	Juliana Marroquin
34	Gorgonio Gonzalez		44	Maria Ramirez
87	Geronimo Garcia		        109	Josefa Gonzalez
18	Ysaac Zepeda			23	Cresenciana Salinas
50	Ynocencio Gonzalez		65	Susana Garcia
32	Jorge Rodriguez		        41	Ysabel Guerra
52	Jose Ma. Rodriguez		68	Jovita Garcia
63	Jose Ma. Gonzalez Sandoval	82	Eulalia Saenz
82	Jose Ma Saenz			102	Adelaida Garza
85	Juan Bustos			106	Martina Garcia
51	Leandro Hinojosa		67	Gregoria Garza
15	Marciano Flores		        19	Agapita Garcia
31	Macedonio Hinojosa		39	Paula Gonzalez
45	Martin Fernandez		59	Juana Ramos
17	Nicolas Gonzalez		21	Petra Garcia
59	Pablo Barreiro			75	Nilaria Quinonez
76	Ricardo Cisneros		95	Elvira Hinojosa
80	Ramon Rios			100	Francisca Lopez
3	Tomas Rodriguez		        4	Delfina Ramirez
44	Tiburcio Solis			58	Eligia Salinas
40	Vidal Flores			51	Antonia Bazan
86	Zacarias Ramirez		108	Paula Gonzalez
C. Mier 31 de Diciembre de 1914. = El Juez Civil 
Jose Barrera Guerra
Source: FamilySearch

Eight Generations of Vales and Sanchez and Consanguine Zamorano, Curbelo, and Trevino Families

Cover VelezEight Generations of Vales and Sanchez and Consanguine Zamorano Curbelo and Trevino Families, is a very interesting family Genealogy Book. The author starts by describing how she arrived to Rio Grande City and then to La Grulla, Texas. Her story begins with her decision to get a teaching position in La Grulla, Texas back in the 1920’s.

I have yet to fully go over all the names in this book to see if any of my wife’s or even my ancestors are listed in there. I just thought that I let you know about this book since I am sure it will be of interest to anyone who has their roots in La Grulla, Rio Grande City and also other cities and towns of Starr and Hidalgo Counties.

If interested and want to read it, it is available for free at You can download it or view it on the link listed bellow.

View and or Download PDF Book from

Let me know what you think about it and also if you find your family listed within the pages of this book.

1921 Birth Index of Los Aldamas, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

1921 Birth Index of Los Aldamas Nuevo Leon, Mexico listed in alphabetical order by last name.
Cut out of original Image:

1921 Birth Index of Los Aldamas Nuevo Leon Mexico pg 628-mod1 1921 Birth Index of Los Aldamas Nuevo Leon Mexico pg 628-mod2 1921 Birth Index of Los Aldamas Nuevo Leon Mexico pg 628-mod3
FamilySearch > Mexico, Nuevo León, Civil Registration, 1859-1962 >
Los Aldamas > Nacimientos 1909 – 1924

Transcription of above image:

Num	Foja	Folio	Nombres		Num	Foja	Letra	Nombres
1	2	A	Alanis Concepcion	97	37		Barrera Baudilia
19	10		Almaraz Felipa		15	8	C	Cantu Baldemar
31	15		Alanis Jose		28	14		Carrillo Felix
59	24		Alanis Guadalupe	54	23		Camacho Mario
89	24		Alanis Guadalupe	91	35		Cavazos Ygnaci[?]
8	5	B	Barrera Francisco	92	35		Cavazos Francisc[?]
41	19		Benites Roman		93	36		Cavazos Benign[?]
80	31		Barrera	Aurelia		95	36		Cantu Juana

100	38		Cantu Eloisa		55	23		Lopez Ma. de Jesus
73	29		Elizondo Felipe Luis	69	28		Lopez Canuto
78	31		Escobedo Jose		99	38		Leal Ofelia
90	35		Elizondo Alfredo	21	11	M	Manrique Valentin
2	2	G	Garza Elisa		56	23		Martinez Enrique
5	3		Gonzalez Francisca	63	26		Moreno Guadalupe
7	4		Garza Adolfo		70	28		Moreno Felicidad
9	5		Garcia Marcelo		14	8	P	Pena Carmen
11	6		Garcia Paula		25	13		Perez Estefana
16	9		Gonzalez Luciano	33	16		Pena Cristina
20	10		Garcia Ysabel		48	21		Pena Maria Blanca
24	12		Garza Luz		50	21		Pena Benita
26	13		Garcia Amelia		67	25		Perez Lidia
43	19		Garcia Felix		85	33		Pena Marciano
46	20		Garcia Jose Ma	        98	37		Pena Herlinda
49	27		Garcia Benita		4	3	R	Rios Domingo
51	22		Garcia Cruz		12	7		Rios Manuel
52	22		Garcia Sixto		23	12		Ramos Jose
58	24		Gonzalez Baudilia	30	15		Ramos Eleuterio
62	25		Garcia Guadlaupe	34	16		Regalado Silvia
65	26		Garcia Rogelio		39	18		Rios Jose
67	27		Garcia Jesus		66	27		Regalado Rogelio
68	27		Garcia Santos		75	30		Ramos Canuto
71	28		Garcia Ma. del Carmen	84	33		Rios Felipa
74	29		Gonzalez Guadalupe	6	4	S	Sepulveda Ines
76	30		Garza Fidel		13	7		Salinas Cecilio
77	30		Garcia Madrona	        27	13		Saenz Heriberta
79	31		Garcia Roman		27	13		Saenz Heriberta
82	32		Garcia Marcelo		32	15		Salinas Simon
88	34		Garcia German		35	16		Salinas Clara
47	21	H	Hinojosa Romula	        36	17		Salinas Tomas
3	2	L	Lopez Sotica		37	17		Salinas Julian
18	10		Leal Manuel		40	18		Sanchez Francisco
22	11		Leal Gabriel		44	20		Solis Evangelina
29	14		Lozano Victoriano	60	25		Salinas Uvaldo
53	22		Leal Felipe		72	29		Salinas Trinidad

81	32	S	Sepulveda Clara
86	33		Sepulveda Leonor
87	34		Sepulveda Merced
94	36		Solis Leopoldo
96	37	T	Tanguna Guadalupe
45	20		Trevino Guadalupe
83	32		Tanguma P. Guadalupe
10	6	V	Vega Maria
17	9		Vera Ofelia
38	17		Vera Rogelio
57	24		Vela Maria
64	26		Valera Eugenio
Los Aldamas Diciembre 31 de 1921
El Juez del Registro Civil
Eugenio G. Gonzalez

Source: FamilySearch

Merry Christmas From We Are Cousins

In this festive day I want to wish everyone a very happy Christmas. Here’s a picture I took with the Clauses. Don’t forget to thank our Creator (AKA GOD) for our loved ones. Make me a favor hug them and let them know how much you love them!

With the Clauses

Left to right; Moises Garza, Santa (Rick Rodrigues), Mrs. Clause (Aurora Moreno). Photo taken during toy give away at the Hidalgo County C.S.C.D.


Anna Maria Anzaldua Saucedo, 1790 Death, Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

The following is the 1790 death record of my 8th great grandmother Anna Maria Anzaldua Saucedo. This document indicates her last name as being Saldua but from the marriage record of her daughter Juana Gertrudis Ramos we know it to be Anzaldua. This document also indicates that she died from “tisico” meaning that she died of tuberculosis. Her parents are listed as Sebastian Anzaldua and Mariana Saucedo, also that she was married to Juan Antonio Ramos. She was originally from Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico and died at age 78. She did not make a will since she was “pobre” poor.

Cut out of original image:

Anna Maria Ansaldua, Familysearch, Mier, Deaths, 1790, Pg. 2401

 See Original

Transcript of above image:

De la Villa Da. anna Maria Saldua Espa. Adulta casada que fue con Don Juan Antonio Ramos

Febrero de 1790,, a.

En esta Villa de la Purisima Concepcion de Mier en siete dias del mes de Febrero de este presente ano de Mil, Setecientos Noventa. Yo Fr. Pedro Maldo. y Zapata como Ministro de esta Villa en esta Santa Yglesia Parroquial de mi Cargo. Di Ecleciastica Sepultura Entierro Menor en quarto tramo rotura de tierra de Veinte reales al Cuerpo de Da. Anna Maria Ansaldua Espanola Adulta Originaria de la Villa de San Gregorio de Zerralvo, y vecina de esta Villa Hija lexitima de Dn. Sebastian Ansaldua, y Da. Mariana Sausedo, ya Difuntos. Cassada que fue con Dn. Juan Antonio Ramos. Recivio los Santos Sacramentos. No testo posr estar Pobre Murio de Tisico a los sesenta, y ocho anos de su edad, y para que conste lo firme en esta Dicha Villa, Dicho Dia, Mes, y a lo ut Supra.

Fr. Pedro Maldo. y Zapata


1906 Civil Registry Death index for Doctor Coss, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

This is the 1906 Civil Registry Death index for Doctor Coss, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. It is listed by alphabetical order.

Cut out of Original Image

1906 Death Index of Doctor Coss pg560-mod1 1906 Death Index of Doctor Coss pg560-mod2
Mexico, Nuevo León, Civil Registration, 1859-1962 >
Doctor Coss > Defunciones 1882-1910

Transcription of above image:

No.                  Nombres                      Folios


7          Alanis Maria                            5 fte

10        Alanis Antonio                           6 vta


15        Bustamante Eva                           9 fte


2          Cantu Ramon                              2 vta

11        Cantu Antonia                             7 fte

12        Cantu Gregoria                            7 vta

20        Cantu Rosalia                             11 vta

28        Cantu Serapio                             15 vta


9          Flores Ruperta                           6 fte

33        Flores Ma. de Jesus                       18 fte


24        Garcia Aurora                             13 vta

35        Guerra arturo                             19 fte

36        Guerrero Victor                           19 vta


4          Hinojosa Jose Luz                        3 vta

5          Hernandez Jose                           4 fte

6          Hinojosa Eusebio                         4 vta


23        Jimenez Francisca                        13 fte


1          Martinez Ynocencio                      2 fte

13        Martinez Petra                           8 fte

18        Martinez Eusebia                         10 vta

27        Martinez Atilano                         15 fte

30        Martinez Vicenta                         16 vta

31        Martinez Eustolio                        17 fte


3          Pena Manuel                             3 fte

22        Pena Ma. Ysabel                          12 vta

26        Pena Ma. de la Luz                       14 vta


19        Rios Matilde                             11 fte

21        Rios Ramon                               12 fte

32        Rios Ma. Reyes                           17 vta


16        Salinas Alejandro                         9 vta

17        Salinas Rafaela                           10 fte

25        Sanchez Eufemia                           14 fte

29        Salinas Ma. de Jesus                      16 fte


14        Trevino Ma. de Jesus                      8 vta


34        Uribe Mateo                                18 vta


8          Vega Miguel                              5 vta

Source: FamilySearch