by Moises Garza

January 26, 2023

Bernabe de las Casas History and Genealogy 1511-1940
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

In this post, I talk about a book concerning Bernabe de las Casas History and Genealogy 1511-1940. The book is written by Carlos Adrian Casas Ortega and it is titled "Historia Y Genealogia de la Familia Casas en El Norte de Mejico. De la epoca novohispana a la epoca contemporanea (1511-1940)".

I came across this eBook last week when I shared the book about the protocolos of Cadereyta, also by the same author.

When I saw the eBook I had no idea that it was about Bernabe de las Casas, my 10th great grandfather.

The book contains many great references to obscure documents about Bernabe de las Casas. It talks about his role in the discovery of New Mexico along Juan de Oñate.

It also goes on to also talk about his life in early Nuevo Reyno de Leon nowadays Nuevo Leon. He as a merchant, miner, rancher, and politician.

The book also provides information about his ancestors and descendants.

The eBook is being hosted at Dialnet by the Universidad de la Rioja. Below is the link to their page so you can get a copy of the eBook.

Bernabe de las Casas History and Genealogy 1511-1940

Descendants of Bernabe de Las Casas

On Las Villas del Nrote's Genealogy Database you can find over 21,000 confirmed descendants of Bernabe de las Casas.

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  1. Thank you! I may be related to Bernabe de las Casas and didn't know. I have a Maria Isabel Lobo Guerrero de las Casas entry in my tree and she appears to be related.

  2. Thanks for posting this review of that book.
    It is truly a fascination story of Bernabe de las Casas.
    In my files I have Bernabe as the 10G Grandfather of my wife and spouse of my 11G Grandaunt.

    My question to you, is there a way to contact the author?

    He incorrectly states that Luisa de las Casas is the daughter of Bernabe (page 114-115).
    She is actually the granddaughter of Bernabe, the daughter of Alonso Rodriguez and Beatriz de las Casas.
    That is consistent with what Family Search shows and is supported by three marriage dispensation where she is mentioned.

    The error may be originated from the 1692 Luisa's testament, that he mentions, where she calls herself Luisa de las Casas and does not mention her parents names.

    1. Many thanks for the comments, that improve my work, that we will have a second Edition corrected and aumented for 2024. If you have the references of marriage dispensation in microfilm who appoints a ecclesiastical record, i will check it, and I will make the appropiated corrections in the 2nd Edition. Thanks again, and keep in touch.

  3. In my database I have two marriage dispensation records where Luisa de las Casas is lsited as sister of Bernave de Villarreal.
    10972. “Marriage Dispensation Manuel de Villa Real & Maria Xertrudis Rodrigues,” 15 Jun 1728, Boca de Leones, Film # 0167995 & Film # 0167996.
    Marriage Dispensation 20-37 / 21-1
    Boca de Leones / 15 Jun 1728 / 93
    Manuel de Villa Real (e) (hl)
    Father: Capitan Joseph de Villareal (d)
    Mother: Da Maria de Renteria (d)
    Da Maria Xertrudis Rodrigues (e) (D) hl)
    Father: Capitan Balerio Rodriguez (d)
    Mother: Michaela de Chapa

    Parentesco en cuarto con tercer grado de consanguinidad
    Luiza de las Casas & Bernave de Villareal – hermanos
    + Luiza de las Casas
    –> Nicolas Rodrigues
    –> Balerio Rodriguez
    –> Maria Xertrudis Rodrigues (pretensa)
    + Bernave de Villareal –> Maria Gerra (sic Guerra)
    –> Joseph de Villa Real
    –> Manuel de Villa Real (pretenso)
    File: Genealogy SourceFile 10972 Marriage Dispensation Manuel de Villa Real & Maria Xertrudis Rodrigues.pdf
    13246. “Marriage Dispensation FranCO de Villa RL & Petrona Rodriguez,” 9 Oct 1723, RL de San Pedro , Film # 0168366.
    Marriage Dispensation 52-14
    RL de San Pedro / 9 Oct 1723 /
    FranCO de Villa RL (hl)
    Father: Joseph de Villa RL (d)
    Mother: Maria de Oropesa
    Petrona Rodriguez (D) (hl)
    Father: Balerio Rodriguez
    Mother: Michaela de Chapa

    Parentesco en cuarto con tercero grado de consanguinidad
    Luisa de las Casas y Bernabe de Vill RL – hermanos
    + Luisa de las Casas
    –> Capitan Nicolas de Rodrigues
    –> Balerio de Rodriguez
    –> Petrona Rodriguez (pretensa)
    + Bernabe de Villa RL
    –> Joseph de Villa RL
    –> FranCO de Villa RL (pretenso)
    File: Genealogy SourceFile 13246 Marriage Dispensation FranCO de Villa RL & Petrona Rodriguez.pdf

  4. I also have a marriage dispensation records where Luisa de las Casas is listed as cousin of Anastacia Gonsales.

    Bernabé de las Casas wife, Beatriz Nabarro Rodrigues, had as sister who married Marcos Gonzalez Hidalgo (my 11G Grandfather). Those are the parents of Anastasia (my 10G Grandmother).
    I have records of Anastasia's mom, four that called here Mariana Nabarro, one where she is called Juana and one where she is called Ursula.
    7900. “Marriage Dispensation Bernave Rodrigues de Carabajal & Micaela Cantu de la Serda,” 17 Dec 1678, Monterrey, Nuevo León, México, No 4-3. Page 7900, Film # 0167977.
    Marriage Dispensation 4-3
    Monterrey /17 Dec 1678 / N11
    Bernave Rodrigues de Carabajal (hl) (n/v Balle de las Salinas)
    Father: Alonzo Rodriguez (d)
    Mother: Da Luyssa de las Cassas
    Micaela Cantu de la Serda (hl) (n/v Balle de las Salinas)
    Father: Geronimo Cantu
    Mother: Juliana de Treviño

    Parentesco en cuarto grado igual de consanguinidad
    Anastacia Gonsales & Beatriz de las Casas – primos
    + Anastacia Gonsales
    –> Juliana de Treviño
    –> Michaela Cantu (pretensa)
    + Beatriz de las Casas
    –> Luissa de las Cassas
    –> Bernabé Rodrigues de Carabajal (pretenso)
    Files (2): Genealogy SourceFile 7900 Marriage Dispensation Bernave Rodrigues de Carabajal & Micaela Cantu de la Serda.jpg, Marriage Dispensation 4-3 Bernabe Rodrigues Carbajal.jpg

  5. In my original positing I incorrectly wrote Luisa de la Casas is "the daughter of Alonso Rodriguez and Beatriz de las Casas".
    I mis-spoke. I incorrectly mentioned her husband name as her father's name.
    She is the daughter of Capitan & Sargento Mayor Diego Villarreal & Beatriz de la Casas, and wife of Alonso Rodriguez Carbajal.
    That is also what is listed at
    But I based the information on source records, like the marriage dispensations mentioned, not the FamilySearch tree.

  6. Ustedes saben quien es el Marcos de la Casas, hermano (no hijo) de Beatriz Navarro (esposa de Bernabé de las Casas) que se menciona en este protocolo:
    Fondo: Ciudad Metropolitana de Monterrey (segunda epoca)
    Seccion de Fondo: Minas
    Serie: Donaciones
    Titulo: Donacion de 4 barras de mina
    Lengua: ESPAÑOL
    Lugar: MONTERREY
    Fecha: 08/Ago/1636
    Fojas: 1
    Coleccion: PROTOCOLOS
    Volumen: 1
    Expediente: 1
    Folio: 55 NO.43
    Descripcion: Marcos de las Casas, vecino y Regidor de esta ciudad, hace
    donacion a Bernabe de las Casas, su sobrino, hijo de doña Beatriz Navarro,
    su legitima hermana, de 4 barras de mina en el cerro de San Nicolas
    Tolentino, llamada Nuestra Señora del Rosario, la que por arrendamiento ha
    labrado el licenciado Juan de Ortega Santelices, Dean de la catedral de
    Guadalajara. Ante Juan Bautista de Urquiza, Alcalde Mayor y Juan de
    Abrego, Secretario. Testigos Gabriel Aguado, el Capitan Rodrigo Ruiz y
    Pedro de Salinas.

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