by Moises Garza

June 6, 2019

Guerra-Salinas Genealogical Family Tree Book
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

This is a Guerra-Salinas Genealogical Family Tree book. It covers over ten generations of descendants of hundreds of Guerra and Salinas family members. The full name of the book is "Las Escobas Ranch Salinas Family Reunion 2017".

The author of this book is non other than my good friend Irma Salinas Saldaña and she wrote is to document her 2017 family reunion and also as a way to share her research with her family and us.

If you have Guerra or Salinas ancestors then you definitely want to check this book out. Specially if you have roots in Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, and South Texas. It is also a great addition to any genealogical research library.

What I really enjoyed about the book was the Guerra research that Irma has done. Turns out that our most recent Guerra ancestor is Joseph Antonio Albino Guerra who married Maria Rosalia de Hinojosa in Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico. 

Below I have included a link where to buy the book on Amazon and also towards the bottom you can see the table of contents. It provides a better glimpse as to the contents and what you can expect to find within thee pages of this book.

Cover of Guerra-Salinas Genealogical Family Tree Book

Description of Las Escobas Ranch Book by Amazon

This is a Guerra-Salinas Genealogical Family Tree book. It covers over ten generations of descendants of hundreds of Guerra and Salinas family members. It includes a historical perspective of Las Escobas Ranch in Starr County, Texas. The book has reports, charts and pedigrees showing royals and saints connected to the family including some Jewish Ancestry connections. DNA results of family members are included and connected to root families who arrived in New Spain (Mexico). It contains an album of photos of the family reunion held in October 2017.

"This is a Guerra-Salinas Genealogical Family Tree book. It covers over ten generations of descendants of hundreds of Guerra and Salinas family members."

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments Pg. 1

Introduction Pg. 3

Part l: The Guerra Family Pg. 5
Guerra Cadamal Family Name and History Pg. 9
First Cadamal Guerra Arrivals in New Spain (Mexico) Pg. 11
Guerra Family Genealogy Pg. 15
Pedigrees and Cbarts Pg. 26
Historical Perspective of Las Escobas Ranch:
Jose Felipe Guerra Hinojosa - Founder Pg. 29

Part 2: The Salinas Family Pg. 39
History of the Salinas Family Name Pg. 43
Pedro de Salinas Brings Salinas Name to New World (Mexico) Pg. 45
Salinas Family Genealogy Pg. 47
Pedigrees and Charts Pg. 72
Historical Brief of Las Escobas Ranch:
Jose A. Salinas and Maria Emilia Guerra Pg. 76

Part 3: DNA Family Information Pg. 83
Our Family's DNA Connections Pg. 85
Sabas Ozuna mtDNA Results Pg. 91

Part 4: Royals, Saints and Jewish Connections in the Family Pg. 95
Kings, Royals and Saints Connect to Our Family Pg. 97
King/Saint Fernando III: Our 23ro Great Grandfather Pg. 99
King/Saint Louis IX Pg. 102
24 Generation Chart: St. Louis IX and St. Fernando III Pg. 104
Line of Kings Chart Pg. 106
Relationship Chart to St. Louis IX Pg. 107
Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, El Cid-El Campeador Pg. 111
25 Generation Chart: El Cid Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar Pg. 115
Our Family Jewish Ancestry Pg. 117
The Story of One of Our Jewish Ancestors: Luis Rodriguez
De Carbajal and Family Pg. 119
Nicolasa Garcia Family Jewish Connection Pg. 124
Jose A Salinas Relationship Chart to Garza-Falcon Family Pg. 125

Part 5: Memorials Pg. 129
My Beloved Uncle: Lauro H. Salinas WW II Story Pg. 130
Francisco Salinas / Maria Elena Salinas Pg. 137
Rolando Salinas, Jr. / Anna Maria Salinas Garza / Hilda L. Salinas Pg.. 138

Part 6: Family Reunion Album Pg. 140


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  1. I hope to read more on early settlers of South Texas, including Luna , Valdez, Huizar, Anthony, and many more.

  2. Moises, I just joined Somo Primos porque somos primos!
    However, I am an old fashioned foggy who does not know anything or do
    anything related to technology and media, because I don’t know anything about it.
    Fear of the unknown. I am a 12 generation decendent of Antonio Guerra Canamal and Maria Porras,
    and related to Jose Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara somewhere on the same tree. I would definitely want
    to purchase several of the books related to the topic but I don’t use credit cards either and can not
    purchase items on Amazon. Could you please guide me to a place where I could get ahold of some of
    the books. I would greatly appreciate any suggestion you may have.

  3. Well organized, beautifully presented, easy read, informative book. Thanks to the author for her love of family history, and for making that history available to all of us.

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