by Moises Garza

September 22, 2016

Founding Families of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico and Their Descendants
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

This book is about the Founding Families of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico and Their Descendants. It is about the nineteen families that settled in el Paraje del Cantaro, now Ciudad Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico back In 1753 .

The idea for this book came about since the very first time I read the book “Mier En La Historia” by Maria Antonio Guerra. Mr. Guerra in his book provides a transcription to a document found in the Mier archives listing the 19 families that were to settle what is now Mier, Tamaulipas.

This interest grew over time since I am a descendant of almost half of the families mentioned and I knew that many other people are also descendants of them. My vision is to identify every descendant of these families.

This book is a start and even at 426 pages, there is a ton of further research that has to be done. There were several families that I could not find anything for but I still listed them in the book since I felt that it would have had not been right no to list them.

Please note that an attempt was done to not list living people so please don’t expect to find descendants of theirs that are still living. Also if your family or ancestors are not listed it is because I have no information on them. If you would like for them to be included in future editions of this book send me their information so that I can research them and include them.

Cover of Book: The Founding Families of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico and Their Descendants



Description of book The Founding Families of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico and Their Descendants by Amazon:

In 1753 nineteen families settled in el Paraje del Cantaro, now ciudad Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico. This book is about those nineteen families and their descendants.

Table of Contents:

Here is the table of contents of this book so that you may know exactly which families were the founding families of Mier, Tamaulipas.

Introduction Pg. i
01 – Manuel Hinojosa and Ines de Chapa Pg. 1
02 – Jose Juan Bautista Chapa and Maria Rita Lopez de Jaen Pg. 51
03 – Ana Maria Guajardo and Jose Jacinto Peña Pg. 55
04 – Jose Francisco Antonio Guerra and Maria Ana Josefa de la Garza Pg. 85
05 – Francisco Javier Salinas and Maria Rosa Longoria Pg.113
06 – Jose Florencio Chapa and Maria Margarita de la Peña Pg.139
07 – Manuel del Bosque Pg. 147
08 – Jose Gaspar Garcia and Maria Gertrudis Barrera Pg. 150
09 – Jose Cristobal Ramirez and Matiana Hinojosa Pg. 174
10 – Jose Pedro Regalado de Hinojosa and Maria Catarina de la Peña Pg. 190
11 – Jose Joaquin Bazan and Maria manuela Gonzalez Pg. 201
12 – Jose Nicolas Antonio Gonzalez and Maria Ana Josefa de Garcia Pg. 206
13 – Jose Manuel Angel Hinojosa and Maria Juana Sanchez Pg. 310
14 – Jose Francisco Ignacio Gutierrez and Maria Matiana de Hinojosa Pg. 339
15 – Andres Garcia and Clara Maria Farias Pg. 343
16 – Jose Miguel Saenz and Maria Gertrudis Hinojosa Pg. 346
17 – Jose Peña and Maria Ana Antonia Lopez de Jaen Pg. 363
18 – Jose Bazan and Ana Maria Salinas Pg. 382
19 -Alonso Garcia Lugo and Maria Tomasa de la Garza Pg. 388
Index Pg. 389

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At the moment of writing this the only place that you can buy a copy of this book is through Amazon.

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About the author 

Moises Garza

I have doing my family genealogy since 1998. I am also the creator of this blog We Are Cousins, and the Mexican Genealogy blog. To always be up to date with both of these sites follow me on Facebook. To contact me or book me for a presentation, buy my books, and or learn more about me visit my personal website at

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  1. I bought your book, and my connection, of course Nicolas Gonzalez by way of Jose Antonio one of his sons , whose children settle around Rancho Monterey , close to el sauz,and then to Rio Grande city, great book ,David gonzalez

      1. I need to order this book…many of my ancestors were from Mier Tampa by Gonzalez Hinojosa Ramirez Chapa….I have to be related to them

        1. My great grand father Erineo and my grandfather Uvaldo both born ciudad mier later migrated to Randado texas where my father Guadalupe was born

    1. I'm also related to nicolas gonzales – didn't see jose antonio at least as a child on ancestry but see juan antonio.

  2. I counted about 9 that I know of. I send it to the twins and reminded them it was almost Mothers Day so I am sure they will get it for me! Good thing I had 4 boys. I know how to handle them Had! Ha!

  3. Moises I don’t know if this book would help me since my family was from Nuevo León and I don’t have very much info from them my grandparents died in there fortys my mom was left an orphan at the age of 11 or 12 really don’t know ? So I hope u get this message . And they lived in Harlingen Texas when they died. Last name Salazar grandmother ???

    1. If your parents where from Nuevo Leon I do not think this book is right for you. Since most of the families listed arrived in Tamaulipas around the 1750’s. The book contains many of the descendants of those families. I would suggest you start by looking for the birth certificates of your parents and grandparents. Then look for them in They have a ton of documents for Nuevo Leon. Good luck in your research. Oh don’t forget to join our Nuevo Leon and We are Cousins Groups on Facebook.

    2. Hi I came across your message to Moses I’m from Brownsville my mom has cousins in Harlingen who were dolores is Martin and Jose Salazar. What are the names of your mom and your grandparents

  4. Hi Moises

    I am a descendant of Mier. My mother was born there and it is said of “Categoria”.
    My son is or already got me a copy of this book which I’ve heard is a journey thru my Historical
    Can’t wait to see what’s inside…. I went there many times as a child.—– Thanks Laura

  5. Moses,
    Any mention of a Donato García and Juana Ramos who had a son in December of 1863. I don’t seem to find any information of Donato other than birth to his son Biviano. I want earlier info. Donato was born in Mier around 1840. His father is possibly Fransisco Garcia married to ? He is probably born around 1810. I feel strongly that the Garcia’s are settlers also from earlier but I’m stuck and can’t find a relative connected – Thanks.
    PS haven’t bought book.

    1. I searched my database and don’t have them listed but yet I have yet to go over the birth records for Mier. Have you searched for the son’s birth record at the Civil Registration Records index available at ancestry? If you find it it should have the names of the parents listed.

  6. Mr Garza, I admire your work and really appreciate your sharing, especially since my own research time is so limited. I do have a few questions that you or your audience may be able to answer. First, Where can I find an old map of the Mexico/US border area with the names of towns, ranches, etc? Ranch Garcia/Garciasville was my maternal ancestors’ home and I am hoping I can locate my great grandparents’ graves (Camila Garza Villareal and Fernando Farias Garcia) which have eluded me so far. Second question has to do with literature. Although I am Hispanic and able to read and understand some Spanish, my first language is English. So, I am unable to completely understand literature written wholly in Spanish. Are any of your members able to translate Spanish to English when I find family records?

    Thank you. Fannie Cavazos Hewgley

      1. Hi Moises,,,,,,,, My parents genealogy are 100% from Mier,,,I am a Garza Ramirez,,,, and both families arrived quite early,,,,,My Garza line arrived first to Camargo and then moved to Mier, and my Ramirez line are the Jose Cristobal line (one of the founders of Camargo and Mier),,,,,

        Should I write you in English or Spanish ????’


        1. If you would like me to add you family line to the second edition of this book just send me your line linking you to Cristobal. I’ll also add your name in the credits section of the book.

  7. I have tried with no success, through to find information about my great, great grandfather, Antonio Hinojosa who married Josefa de la Pena. I have been led to believe he was born in Spain around 1800, but finding anything through Spanish records has not been successful. . Have you any ideas where I should look for him and my great, great grandmother?

    Thank you

    1. I have access to spanish and mexican records on ancestry. they mispelled his last name. He is in my tree too.

      Name: Maria Josepha Saenz
      Gender: Female
      Marriage Date: 18 ene. 1786 (18 Jan 1786)
      Marriage Place: Inmaculada Concepción, Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico
      Father: Juan Francisco Saenz
      Mother: Maria Theresa Pena
      Spouse: Joseph Marcelino De Ynojosa

      the mexican records have him as Ynojosa instead of Hinojosa.

    2. looks like he was born in Mier.

      Name José Maria De Hinojosa Different
      Birth 20 Sep 1769 New
      Baptism Inmaculada Concepción, Mier, Tamaulipas, México New
      Christening Inmaculada Concepción, Mier, Tamaulipas, México New
      Father Manuel De Hinojosa New
      Mother Juana Sánchez

      name spelled properly here.

  8. I purchased the book, ” The Founding Families of Mier Tamaulipas…”, and immediately found many ancestors. I was able to add ancestors to my tree and gave credit to the book and will pull up the pertinent documents, from FamilySearch, as supporting data.

    Thank you, Moises, Crispín, and all others that put this book together for our information and continued tesearch.

    1. Our Great Great Grandfather was from Meir
      Meliton G Morales'
      He was Captured age 9 by the Apache Indians And traded to the Delaware Indians for a blanket & Bottle of Whiskey
      Escaped at age of 17
      He was A Settler Kimble County Texas

    2. Our Great Great Grandfather was from Meir
      Meliton G Morales'
      He was Captured age 9 by the Apache Indians And traded to the Delaware Indians for a blanket & Bottle of Whiskey
      Escaped at age of 17
      He was A Settler Kimble County Texas

  9. I look forward to reading this getting this book… my 6th great grand father was Jose Joaquin bazan… I would love to be added to any additional books

      1. I come from the Salmon family…I know my GGG grand father and his father might be buried in Camargo…my GGG name was Crispin Salmon if you can help me find more information about my sir name please let me know

        Jorge Salmon

  10. Several of my husband’s relatives are from Mier, Mexico. What information do you have on these families. Birth/Death/children? Do you show where the families migrated from when Mier township was formed?
    de la Garza, Garcia, Gonzalez, Saenz. Our Hernandez family married into the Saenz family near Goliad, TX. We still have relatives living there now. Thank you.

  11. Hello! Mier keeps popping up when I am looking for ancestors so I wonder if someone came from there at some point in 1800s. I am having trouble tracing my ancestors back before 1800. Do you know if anyone from the Garcia family moved to Veracruz late 1800 or early 1900? Thanks.

  12. Peace be with you and a happy day to you Cousin. just by the names you have here I all ready know. saving to get a copies to pass on myself. I want to Thank You for your part in this and passing of Information. wish they had used books.

    Chola Diane Ruiz (Chapa) de la casa de Flores y Garcia

  13. Hi Moises,
    I have traced my family to the Hinojosas from Mier. You have a lot of Hinojosas families in your book. Are they all related? I also have Salinas and Pena in my tree from Mier. I’m about to order you book and am looking forward to receiving it.

    1. We may be related. Both my familes have ancestors from Mier. both sides. i had salinas that came from bazan and hinojosas too.

  14. It would be great if these books were available as ebooks or kindle books. I really hate to buy paper books these days. It is so much easier to always have with me when i travel and they take up less room as an ebook or kindle book. Just a thought/suggestion for future.

          1. Mr.Garza
            Are there any last family names of Arocha or Aroche or Aroch (spelling may different) in the states of Tamaulipas or Nuevo León?
            These are not Arocha’s from San Antonio
            I know there were Arocha’s in Matamoros in the 1830’s. I’m guessing they came from Vera Cruz as Canary Islanders

          2. I only have four Arochas in my database. One form Reynosa, and Three from Mier. I am barely researching Matamoros and have not done research in Veracruz.

  15. Try this last name for a change Moises,,,(Estrada) I was born in Miguel Aleman but I lived in Mier since birth till about the age of 17, I went to Escuela Primaria Francisco Ramirez Canales ,and then Escuela secundaria Presidente Adolfo Ruiz Cortinez, Iam a descendant of General Francisco Estrada which was one of Porfirio Diaz right hand men during Porfirio Diaz’s time as president of Mexico, he pretty much owned half of mier at one point,, how much do you know about the Estradas?

  16. Mr.Garza
    Are there any last family names of Arocha or Aroche or Aroch (spelling may different) in the states of Tamaulipas or Nuevo León?
    These are not Arocha’s from San Antonio
    I know there were Arocha’s in Matamoros in the 1830’s. I’m guessing they came from Vera Cruz as Canary Islanders

  17. just finished the genealogy study of my mom side of the family. Interesting part is that my grandfather side of the family comes from Mier Mexico. they have been their since the l 1700 century… contact me for further info

  18. My grandfather was born in Mier, his name was José Antonio canales’! Do you have any information on the canales family!

  19. Wondering if my g. g. grandfather, Meliton Morales born in 1836 born to Santiago Moralez and Guadalupe Garza in Mier Texas, and who fought in the Civil War is mentioned in this or any other book…

    Thank you in advance for any information,
    Lisa Marie (Morales) Garcia.

    1. hello Lisa Marie. Wife is Meliton Morales decendant. Paulina Morales (Ybarra), Melitons daughter, is my wifes great grandmother. do you have any info on Paulina's son Eduardo? Thank you.

  20. Buenas tardes, my grandfather was born in Cuidad Mier Tamaulipas. Am curious if you are familiar with the names Panfilo Vela Smit (At times its Smit on other things it comes up Smith) married to Pacida Garza Hinojosa. I’m very interested in your book and wonder if I can find more of my ancestors there. Thank you for your time.

  21. I see this is from the 1700s for Mier. Were there families there before? I have some ancesters with early dates on that say they were born or died in Mier.

    When was it really established here.

  22. Hey moses, I was curious if you have heard about the de jaen family in nuevo leon. If so, I was also wondering if it was true that the family line traces back to cristobol colon.

  23. Hi Moises,
    My 3x great grandfather was born in Matamoros but his 1st wife was born in Cadereyta so what book or books would you suggest for me for my research? He remarried & had a lot of children with both wives.

    Many thanks,

  24. My great great grandparents Juan Morales and Emilia Bravo were both born in Mier, Tamaulipas. In some documents in ancestry there’s seems to be a last name change from Chapa-Saenz to morales. Some documents show my great x2 grandpas name as Juan morales or Juan chapa- Saenz. Having trouble finding who his parents were and I have a feeling he could have been possibly adopted. Is there any mention of these names in your database?

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