by Moises Garza

October 16, 2018

Last Names of Nuevo Leon

This book is about the Early Settlers of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico and Their Descendants. In the 1757 census of Mier, an additional twenty-two families are listed along the original nineteen founding families of 1753. This book is about those twenty-two families and their descendants

After I published The Founding Families of Meir, Tamaulipas and Their Descendants I got the idea to do the same with the families that had arrived by 1757 and that were listed in that census. In total forty-one families were listed in the census of that year.

After I removed the families that arrived in 1753 I was left with twenty-two families. Those families are the focus of this book.

This book is a start on documenting those early settlers that arrived in Mier between the census of 1753 and 1757. This new book is 466 page and there is still a ton of further research that has to be done. There were some families that I could not find anything for, but I still listed them in the book since I felt that it would have had not been right no to list them. Hopefully, as future editions are published more information on them will be listed.

Please note that an attempt was done to not list living people so please don’t expect to find descendants of theirs that are still living. Also if your family branches or ancestors are not listed it is because I have no information on them. If you would like for them to be included in future editions of this book send me their information so that I can research them and include them.

Cover of Book: Early Settlers of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico and Their Descendants

Early Settlers of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico and Their Descendants


Description of the book Early Settlers of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico and Their Descendants by Amazon:

In the 1757 census of Mier, an additional twenty-two families are listed along the original nineteen founding families of 1753. This book is about those twenty-two families and their descendants.

Table of Contents:

Here is the table of contents of this book so that you may know exactly which families were the Early Settling Families of Mier, Tamaulipas.

Introduction Pg. ii
1 – Jose Lazaro Vela and Maria Antonia Garcia Pg. 1
2 – Jose Juan Antonio Ramos and Anna Maria Anzaldua Pg. 55
3 – Juan de Dios Garza and Maria Ramirez Pg. 125
4 – Pablo Antonio Zarate and Juana Maria Bazan Pg. 129
5 – Jose Diego Garcia and Maria Gertrudis Salinas Pg. 133
6 – Jose Felix Recio and Maria Josefa Soberon Pg. 155
7 – Alejandro Garcia and Maria Antonia Vela Pg. 177
8 – Jose Diego Perez and Maria Rita Garcia Pg. 181
9 – Jose Bernardo Vela and Maria Josefa Pena Pg. 217
10 – Antonio Garcia and Maria Benavides Pg. 237
11 – Pedro Ramirez and Maria Ines Garcia Pg. 241
12 – Jose Manuel Alvino and Juana Montalvo Pg. 249
13 – Jose Ramirez and Maria Pena Pg. 253
14 – Ascencio Farias and _____ _____ Pg. 257
15 – Jose Alanis and Maria Guadalupe _____ Pg. 261
16 – Jose Juan Pantaleon Isaguirre and Maria Gertrudis Vela Pg. 265
17 – Francisco Gonzalez and Francisca Salinas Pg. 339
18 – Juan Francisco Saenz Pg. 343
19 – Jose Ramon Guerra and Maria Rosalia Hinojosa Pg. 347
20 – Jose Luis Garcia and Maria Tomasa Solis Pg. 399
21 – Francisco Ignacio de Landa and Maria Antonia Hinojosa Pg. 403
22 – Jose Tomas Barrera and Maria Guadalupe Garcia Pg. 407
Index Pg. 413

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  1. No veo a Juan Ignacio Vera y Hermenegilda de la Cerda llegaron en los 1750s a Mier tam. Rancho las auras… lo tengo todo ya en Ancestry

  2. Mi bis abuelo Tomas Molina Era Hinojosa pero le pucieron el apellido de la mama. Lo que no se es de donde vinieron los Molinas abia Un Teatro y un restaurante de los Molinas.

  3. De donde vinieron los Molinas que tenian theatro en frente de la cantina cod y otros restaurante dode Estevan los boses.. la misma familia de mi abuelo Rodolfo Molina y mi visabuelo Tomas Molina nacidos en Mier Tamaulips. Llo se que el papa de mi visabulo Era Hinojosa pero no dejaron que se casara la mama conel Hinojosa.

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