by Moises Garza

March 20, 2018

The Founding Families of Revilla and Their Descendants
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

In 1750 thirty-nine families settled in the Northern Frontier of New Spain. That settlement became the Villa of Revilla. It later became Ciudad Guerrero, Tamaulipas, Mexico. This book is about those thirty-nine families and their descendants.

Ever since publishing the book The Founding Families of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico and Their Descendants I wanted to do a similar book about Revilla. The problem was that I had no document listing the founding families as a basis to create a book. I searched and finally came to find the a document titled Villa de Revilla Año de 1750 Testimonio de las Diligencias Echas pr el Snr General Dn Joseph de Escandon Sobre La Fundacion dela Villa de Revilla entre el Rio Salado, o de Santa Rosas, y el de el Norte. This document was found on a microfilm titled Provincias Internas Volume 180 at Texas A&M University-Kingsville.

This document has come to be known as the Revilla Census of 1750. It is comprised of two lists, the first one was signed by Thomas de Cuellar and Miguel Martinez in Reynosa on June 15, 1750. This list mentions fourteen families. The second list was signed by Vizente Guerra Cañamar, Blas de la Garza, and Ignacio Guerra Cañamar in Santa Maria de Llera on October 10, 1750. This second list mentions twenty six families. The total numebr of families were 40 but one family is repeated on both lists so after removing it we are left with 39 families. Thus thsi book has a chapter for each of them. You can see a list of families below on this post.

My vision is to identify every descendant of these families.

This book is a start and even at 562 pages there is a ton of further research that has to be done. There were several families that I could not find anything for but I still listed them in the book since I felt that it would have had not been right no to list them.

Please note that an attempt was done to not list living people so please don't expect to find descendants of theirs that are still living. Also if your family or ancestors are not listed it is because I have no information on them. If you would like for them to be included in future editions of this book send me their information so that I can research them and include them.

This book is, hopefully, the first edition of many more to come and based on its size I think it is the only edition that will contain all the founding families of Revilla (present day ciudad Guerrero) in one book. Since it is obvious that there are many more descendants waiting to be found and added to this work.

Cover of Book: The Founding Families of Revilla and Their Descendants

The Founding Families of Revilla and Their Descendants

Description by Amazon:

In 1750 thirty-nine families settled in the Northern Frontier of New Spain. That settlement became the Villa of Revilla. It later became Ciudad Guerrero, Tamaulipas, Mexico. This book is about those thirty-nine families and their descendants.

Table of Contents of The Founding Families of Revilla and Their Descendants

     Introduction  ii
1 - Miguel Martinez and Clara Trevino Y Renteria  Pg. 1
2 - Jose Miguel Martinez and Maria Gertrudis Peña  Pg. 75
3 - Francisco Javier Baez de Benavides and Maria Nicolasa de Villarreal  Pg. 79
4 - Francisco Javier Peña and Anna Maria Antonia de Nagas  Pg. 83
5 - Joseph Santiago Martinez and Maria Agustina Treviño  Pg. 99
6 - Joseph Ignacio Martinez and Anna Maria de Montemayor  Pg. 107
7 - Jose Nicolas Antonio Campos and Maria Luisa Martinez  Pg. 115
8 - Joseph Felix Martinez and Gregoria Bermudes  Pg. 119
9 - Joseph de la Garza and Josepha de Sosa  Pg. 123
10 - Lorenzo Gutierrez and Maria Rosa de Trevino  Pg. 127
11 - Tomas Ventura de Lizarraraz y Cuellar and Maria Ines Martinez  Pg. 133
12 - Bartolome de Lizarraras y Cuellar and Maria Gregoria Martinez  Pg. 149
13 - Joseph Gonzalez Solis and Maria Theodora Villarreal  Pg. 301
14 - Joseph Leonardo de Trevino and Ana Maria Moreno  Pg. 323
15 - Vicente Guerra Cañamar and Maria Micaela Geronima de la Garza Falcon  Pg. 327
16 - Joseph Guerra Cañamar and Maria Efijenia de la Garza  Pg. 339
17 - Juan Amador Guerra Cañamar and Juana Francisca de Montemayor Rodriguez  Pg. 343
18 - Maria Josepha Guerra Cañamar  Pg. 347
19 - Margarita Guerra Cañamar  Pg. 351
20 - Joseph Gonzalez de Paredes and Maria Gregoria Guerra Cañamar  Pg. 355
21 - Joseph Lazaro de los Santos Coy and Francisca Lizondo  Pg. 359
22 - Juan Baptista Cavazos Montemayor  Pg. 363
23 - Santiago Cavazos Montemayor and Maria Gertrudis de la Garza  Pg. 367
24 - Antonio Guerra Cañamar and Gregoria Gutierrez  Pg. 371
25 - Bernardo Irineo Guerra Cañamar and Maria Josepha Garcia  Pg. 375
26 - Domingo Guerra and Clara Maria Cavazos  Pg. 379
27 - Ignacio Guerra Canamar and Angela de la Garza  Pg. 383
28 - Cristobal Javier Baez de Benavides and Maria Margarita Ochoa  Pg. 387
29 - Francisco Baez de Benavides de Lara and Maria Garcia  Pg. 401
30 - Pedro Alcantara Baez Benavides and Maria Josefa Ochoa  Pg. 405
31 - Jose Bernabe Gutierrez de Lara and Antonia de la Garza Falcon  Pg. 409
32 - Salvador Gonzalez and Anna Maria Lozano  Pg. 441
33 - Nicolas Rodriguez and Ana Maria de la Garza Guerra  Pg. 457
34 - Joseph de la Garza and Antonia Cavazos  Pg. 463
35 - Juan Jose Conde de Abrego and Anna Maria de Mendiola  Pg. 465
36 - Blas de la Garza and Maria Magdalena Garcia  Pg. 469
37 - Joseph Cayetano de la Garza and Anna Josepha de la Garza  Pg. 487
38 - Joseph de la Garza  Pg. 491
39 - Antonio Mendiola and Anna Trevino  Pg. 495
        Index of Names  Pg. 499

If you have ancestors form Revilla I know this book will be useful in your research.

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  1. Hello Moises, I already placed my order! Hopefully, I can add more information to my family tree from your compilation of each of my families listed on your book.I
    I should be ordering later on the one from Mier, Tamaulipas. Thank you!
    Sincerely, your cousin

  2. Moises, I have a marriage dispensation for Juan Francisco Saenz and Maria Teresa Pena from 1761. Were these microfilmed by LDS in Mier and Revilla?

  3. Hi my name is Alberto Villarreal and im interested in history so i check my ancestry and i found out that im a descendant of maria antonia de nagas and franco. Xavier de pena

  4. Hi Moises, I haha be tracked my genealogy to northern Tamaulipas (Revilla, Mier) and Nuevo León (Cerralvo, Cadereyta, Monterrey). However I can’t find much on the origins of the Palacios surname. Has it come up in your research?

  5. Hello, I have come across your books several times in searches and wanted to see if you would be willing to help guide me with trying to find my family that came from Spain. The last name is Mier. It has been a bit challenging finding Spain records. Any help would be much appreciated.

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