Y-DNA Descendants of Antonio Guerra Cañamar

Y-DNA Descendants of Antonio Guerra Cañamar

This is a report of the Y-DNA Descendants of Antonio Guerra Cañamar created by Crispin Rendon. Antonio Guerra Cañamar is my 9th great grandfather and lived during the late 1500's and early 1600's.

This report by Crispin Rendon is an attempt to document or discover the Y-DNA of Captain Antonio Guerra Cañamar. Presently as Crispin mentions there are two lineages and both have different Y-DNA. The reasons can vary but more male descendants need to come forward in order to try and put the puzzle together.

So if you are a Guerra and can trace your line back to Antonio Guerra Cañamar with documentation please contact Crispin Rendon. 

Introduction of Report by Crispin Rendon

This is what Crispin say about this report.

Crispin Rendon


I have a problem with my Guerra records. Some Y-DNA descendants of Antonio Guerra Canamar are haplogroup R-M153 and others J-L816. There appears to be a non-paternity event but where? The three people in haplogroup R-M153 trace back to Jose Angeles Guerra son of Jose Antonio Alvino Guerra Canamar and Maria Rosalia Salinas. The three people in haplogroup J-L816 trace back to Ignacio Guerra and Maria Josefa Martinez.

Get A Copy of the Report, Y-DNA Descendants of Antonio Guerra Cañamar

Make sure to download your own copy of this report today, since you never know. One day he may end up being your ancestor or of someone you may be doing research on for someone else.

Here is the link to Download it: https://dna.updog.co/CrispinRendon/GuerraQuestion.pdf

The We Are Cousins DNA Project

To read, learn, or get more reports similar to this one by Cripin Rendon please visit the We Are Cousins DNA project page. Here is the link: https://www.wearecousins.info/dna/

Don’t forget to download your very own copy of this report. Have fun!

2 thoughts on “Y-DNA Descendants of Antonio Guerra Cañamar

  1. Irma Saldana

    I have some Guerra male cousins that might want to test. What company do you recommend? I contacted a cousin and he is interested in testing. He is a direct descendant of Antonio Guerra Cañamar. I do not understand the non-paternity event or what that means. Please let me know how many Guerras you need tested. I have lots of Guerra cousins.

  2. Fred R Soto

    I am a Canales descendant on my mother’s maternal line. I can trace the Canales as far back as Juan Francisco Javier Canales de la Garza 1763 to 1818, but find his father listed as José Francisco Antonio Canamar de la Guerra 1708 to 1783 and his mother as Ana Josefa de la Garza 1713 to 1805 and I can not find any reference to a Canales anywhere in their family records. Very interesting that I find Antonio, Cañamar and Guerra in your ancestral line even if it is 100 years earlier. Sorry i can’t provide DNA info at the moment. I am still trying to figure out how to get my dna info loaded and ready to share.

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