by Moises Garza

February 8, 2018

Last Names of Nuevo Leon

This is the Y-DNA descendant report of Captain Alberto del Canto created by Crispin Rendon. Alberto del Canto is my 11th great grandfather and he lived during the late 1500's and early 1600's. 

This report by Crispin Rendon is an attempt to document or discover the Y-DNA of Alberto del Canto. Presently as Crispin mentions there are two lineages and both have different Y-DNA. The reasons can vary but more male descendants need to come forward.

So if you are a Rodriguez and can trace your line back to Alberto del Canto with documentation please contact Crispin Rendon. 

Introduction of Report by Crispin Rendon

This is what Crispin has to say about his report.

Crispin Rendon


Alberto del Canto was a Portuguese conquistador that founded some communities in New Spain (present-day Mexico) during the late 1500's. He was born in the Azores Islands in about 1547 as Alberto do Canto. The places he founded included Saltillo as well as Santa Lucia, the first attempt at establishing a city located at present-day Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. He married Estefania de Montemayor, daughter of his rival Diego de Montemayor who successfully founded Monterrey. When Estefania left Alberto, she went back to her father and her children were given his surname.

Many of Alberto del Canto's descendants that would carry his YDNA have the Rodriguez surname now. Rolando and Eddie Rodriguez have trees linking back to Alberto. Y-DNA 37 marker testing results for Rolando are R-M269 and for Eddie are I-P37. It is not possible for del Canto's male line descendants to have two different haplogroup designations that are not recently connected to each other. Either one or both of these branches does not connect to del Canto through the paternal line. Errors in the genealogical record research or non-paternal events (due to adoptions, affairs, etc.) could explain the different results. It is interesting to note that Rolando's results closely match that of the Garza lineage. Look for highlights in this report to follow their documented lines. Rolando's (RM269) branch is highlighted blue and Eddie's (I-P37) branch is highlighted yellow.

We need more men who may be descendants of Alberto del Canto through their paternal line, to take a Y-DNA test to research this lineage. We thank Rolando, Eddie, and to those who have provided funding to our group genetic genealogy research. 

This chart shows how the paper trail records of Rolando and Eddie are suppose to connect to Alberto. Generations after their split are not shown.

Get A Copy of the Report, Y-DNA Descendants of Captain Alberto del Canto

Make sure to get your own copy of this report today, since you never know. One day he may end up being your ancestor or of someone you may be doing research on for someone else.

Here is the link to Download it:

The We Are Cousins DNA Project

To read, learn, or get more reports similar to this one by Cripin Rendon please visit the We Are Cousins DNA project page. Here is the link:

Are You a Descendant of Alberto del Canto?

If you are, let me know in the comments section of this post. Make sure to leave your email, and I will email you my line connecting me to Alberto del Canto so that you may add me to your family tree.

Don’t forget to download your very own copy of this report. Have fun!

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Moises Garza

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  1. I have traced my father’s genealogy back to Alberto del Canto. Alberto’s and Estefania’s son Miguel del Canto used the surname Montemayor. He married Monica Rodriguez Trevino in 1674 Many of their descendants , estending down to great-grandchildren, used the surname “Rodriguez Montemayor” regardless of parentage.

    The sources I have used were: “With All Arms” by Carl Duaine; googling various names on the internet; “The Conquistadores and Crypto-Jews of Monterrey” by David T. Raphael; and the site.

    Miguel’s daughter, Petronila married Captain Lazaro de la Garza Falcon Gonzalez. Their daughter Angela married Captain Jose Gonzalez de Paredes Olea Camacho. Their daughter Josefa Gonzalez de la Paredes Garze married my father’s 5th great-grandfather, Captain Luis de la Fuente Cavello on 07 Jan 7110 in Saltillo.
    [ batch#M60533-4)

    My father is deceased (I am 84 yrs. old) but, because of the various sources I have used (including a genealogical report of my ancestors by Crispin Rendon), I believe my information is correct.

    Again, thank you for the work you are doing.

  2. Alberto del Canto + Estefania Montemayor Porcayo
    Miguel de Montemayor + Monica Rodriguez Trevino
    Diego Rodriguez de Montemayor + Inez de la Garza Gonzalez
    Miguel Rodriguez de Montemayor + Lucia Garcia de Saldivar
    Miguel Rodriguez Montemayor + Rosa Teresa Moya Trevino
    Antonio Leonardo Rodriguez Moya + Antonia Pena Estrada
    Miguel Rodriguez Pena + Maria Olaya Moreno Aguirre
    Isidro Rodriguez Moreno + Maria Guadalupe Vallejo Moya
    Prudencio Rodriguez Vallejo + Maria Guadalupe Vallejo Villalon
    Tomas Maria Rodriguez Vallejo + Manuela Corona Garcia

    Tomas Maria is my maternal great grandfather
    From Alberto del Canto to Miguel Rodriguez Pena I relied on the work of Santiago Vallejo from his family
    tree on the site “Familias del Valle del Huajuco” .
    I am attempting to get a paternal great grandson of Tomas Maria to test and I will share the results when I get them.

    1. J. Aguilar, please contact Crispin (his report has his email) so you could coordinate with him and others on how to be able to share the results if you can get that person to take a Y test. There is a sale now, so it is the best time to order a DNA test.

  3. Good morning,

    Thank you so very much for all the work that you and others share with us.

    This morning as I made an attempt to download the book on Sabinas Hidalgo by Crispin Rendon, I got an ALERT from my Norton Antivirus that the page was a fraudulent site. I have never downloaded anything before from We Are Cousins, but I decided to give it a try. Please check it out as I would like very much to have copies of the books that you make available on your site.

    Respectfully and very grateful for your work,

  4. I can’t upload all my info at this time, but from ancestory I have traced that my 12th great grandfather is Diego de Montemayor and my 11th great grandfather is Alberto del Canto. My 11th great grandmother is Estafania.
    My birth name is Canales. Have you traced any heritage to the Canales family.
    Thank you

  5. Hi! My name is Alberto Montemayor Rodríguez and my tree genealogy come until Alberto Del Canto and Estefania Montemayor Porcayo.

  6. Hola, Moises. I have ancestors that come from Saltillo. I would like to speak to you. I live in Round Rock, Texas. Is there a phone number you are willing to share with me so I can call you? Very interested in speaking to you.

  7. estimados compañeros interesados en la genealogia quisiera saber si el valle del huajuco hoy municipio de santiago y sus alrededores fue fundado por desentiendes de don diego de monte-mayor y alberto del canto

    1. En la pagina 17 del libro “Primeras Familias del Cercado Ascendientes y Descendientes Siglos XVII y XVII” el Profecor Eulogio Omar Montalvo indica que el Guajuco fue fundado por descendientes del primer y segundo matrimonio de Diego de Montemayor. Uno de ellos incluye a su hija casada con Diego de Montemayor. La respuesta a su pregunta es si.

      1. I am related through Estaphania Montemayor and Diego. I would like some more information related to the lineage through her and their offspring. Please email me whenever you have a chance. Thanks!

  8. I am a direct descendent from Alberto del Canto; the surname Rodriguez Montemayor or now Rodriguez have many direct male descendents; according to some studies the surname del canto or do canto was chandos from Sir Jhon Chandos, an english knight from norman ancestry, if this is the case Y haplogrup would be I P37, Viking. According to history books Sir John Chandos did not have children, but according to other accounts he married a sephardic ladie during the 100 year war. He served under the plantagenets. Coat of arms is very similar to the do Cantos in Portugal.

  9. Hi my name is Vanessa Marie Rodriguez. I've just discovered alberto del canto is my 15th great grandfather. I plan to have my dad Guadalupe Rodriguez take the test pretty soon . But I came upon your website and found it very interesting and wanted to reach out.

    1. Hello, Vanessa thank you for reaching out. It would be interesting to see his DNA results. I know that Crispin Rendon had collaborated with someone that was a Rodriguez that was also a descendant. We also have a FaceBook group on Alberto del Canto. If you have not done so please look it up and join it.

  10. My name is Ranjel Rodriguez Barba, I am a direct uninterrupted patrilineal descendent of Cpt. Alberto del
    Canto. He was my 11th great grandfather. My family lineage from Cpt. Alberto del Canto is as follow

    Cpt. Alberto del Canto y Estefania Montemayor Porcallo
    Cpt. Miguel del Canto Montemayor y Monica Rodriguez de Farias
    Cpt. Diego Rodriguez de Montemayor y Maria Inez de la Garza Gonzalez
    Cpt. Francisco Rodriguez de Montemayor de la Garza y Maria Juana Cavallero de Barraza
    Joseph Yldefonso Rodriguez de Montemayor Cavallero y Xaviera Treviño Villarreal
    Yldefonso Rodriguez de Montemayor Treviño y Maria Juana Eusebia Cisneros de Abrego
    Jose Crisanto Rodriguez Cisneros y Maria Inez Tamez Villarreal
    Pedro Jose Rodriguez Tamez y Maria Guadalupe Gonzales Rodriguez
    Jesus Maria Rodriguez Gonzales y Carmen Pequeño Dias
    Julian Rodriguez Pequeño y Maria Guadalupe Sias Ysaguirre
    Jose Benito Rodriguez Sias y Maria Manuela Gonzalez Platas
    Antonio Rodriguez Gonzalez y Aurelia Escobedo Mejorado

    Antonio Rodriguez Gonzalez was my grandfather. The information on the first five on this list was gotten
    from " Somos Primos, Los Descendientes de Alberto del Canto". The information on the rest I got from, "registros de bautismo, matrimonio, y defuncion de la iglesia Catolica y del registro civil".

  11. Hello, I did a free trial to look up Santos family lineage and after clicking as far back as I could go, it lead me to his wife Estephania and then to Capitan Alberto. I counted him as my 10th great-grandfather. I am not sure how accurate that website is. I no longer have access to this website the free trial ended. The website is called Josepha Manuela Cantu my 4th great grandmother is related to Capitan Alberto del Canto

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