The Leal and De Leon Project

The Leal and De Leon project is an ongoing work by Juan Jesus de Leon. Juan has been combing through the church records of Cadereyta, Montemorelos and extracting all the Leal and De Leon mentioned in those records. He has been compiling them into eBooks that are available free of charge to everyone. I decided, with his permission, to make this page for his project since it benefits everyone. Below are the eBooks that he has made. Some of them have extra information that you can read about and others only have the download link. I hope that this project helps you as it has helped me.

If you are interested in further research by Juan Jesus de Leon make sure to join his Facebook group.

Here is the link: Los Leal De Leon 1600’s -2000’s Descendientes del Capitan Alonso De Leon

Make sure to visit this page regularly to check if any new eBooks have been added by Juan.

7 thoughts on “The Leal and De Leon Project

  1. Juan Jesus De Leon

    Thank Mo’
    I will eventual
    ly start transcribing more Books from Other Municipios such as Linares Lampazos,Monterrey even Tamaulipas etc.

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