Y-DNA Descendants of Capitan Vicente Saldivar

Y-DNA Descendants of Capitan Vicente Saldivar

This is the Y-DNA descendant report of Captain Vicente Saldivar created by Crispin Rendon for Yvonne Saldivar Cantu whose brother and father are direct male descendant of his. Vicente de Zaldivar lived during the late 1500’s early 1600’s.

Introduction of Report by Crispin Rendon

There are over 50,278 descendants of Capitan Vicente Saldivar in our group database. He was a historical person but I will leave that to others to explain. My duty here is to bring together genetic and tradition genealogy. Early this year Yvonne Cantu sent me her family tree. Her brother’s y-DNA line traces back to Vicente Saldivar. Yvonne agreed that his test results should be shared. With that, I am announcing that the y-DNA of our ancestor Vicente Saldivar, based on the test results, is haplogroup I-M170 and that his Big Y test results are I-By16408.

Get your own copy

Make sure to get your own copy of this report today, since you never know. One day he may end up being your ancestor or of someone you may be doing research on for someone else.

Please take the time to thank Yvonne Saldivar Cantu for allowing me to share this report with you and also to Crispin for making this report.

Here is the link to download it: https://app.box.com/s/0fpddw9lv6opo6zep6yajx688rdegckd

With Yvonne’s permission I went ahead and already added this report to the We Are Cousins DNA Project were you can find additional reports and or join the project or volunteer to help.

The We Are Cousins DNA Project

Don’t forget to download your very own copy of this report. Have fun!

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