YDNA Descendants of Antonio Cadena Iribe

This is the Y-DNA descendants of Antonio Cadena Iribe. Antonio was born in the middle the early 1600’s and was buried in Monterrey in May 27, 1678. He is the progenitor of the last names Uribe and Cadena in northern Mexico. So if you have any of those two last names in your family tree it is more than likely that you are a descendant of his. This report was done and created by Crispin Rendon last month.

Introduction of Report by Crispin Rendon

Antonio Cadena Iribe is my 7th great grandfather. There are 19,468 of his descendants in the kindred group database.

Get your own copy

Make sure to get your own copy since you never know. One day he may end up being your ancestor or of someone you may be doing research for.

Here is the link to download it: https://dna.updog.co/CrispinRendon/YDNAAntonioCadenaIribe.pdf

I went ahead and already added this report to the We Are Cousins DNA Project where you can find additional reports and or join the project or volunteer to help.


The We Are Cousins DNA Project

Don’t forget to download your very own copy of this report. Have fun!

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