Diego de Trevino Y-DNA Report of Descendants and DNA Results

If Diego de Trevino is in your family tree make sure to check his Y-DNA descendants and DNA Results report prepared by Crispin Rendon. Even if he is not your ancestor make sure to get a copy of it since you never know when you might just end up needing it.

Diego de Trevino is my 10th Great grandfather and was married to Beatriz de Quintanilla. I have yet to find the parents of either of them.

Here is the introduction written by Crispin Rendon on his report:

My ancestor and that of everyone in this kindred group, Diego Trevino (spouse of Beatriz Quintanilla), was the first of our distant ancestors whose Y-DNA was identified. I descend from Diego 66 ways. Some in our kindred group descend from him over 100 ways. I would like to tell you how many of his descendants are identified in the kindred group database but I have a problem. Repeated attempts for a total number have rendered my PAF software unresponsive.

It did return 116,872 people in the first 13 generations.

We have Mike Ayala to thank for having his Y-DNA tested with FamilyTreeDNA and sharing his family tree. You may asked why someone with the surname Ayala has the Y-DNA of Diego Trevino. The reason is that Diego’s only son Joseph Trevino married Leonor Ayala. Two of his son’s took the Trevino surname and two the Ayala surname. Find Mike at the bottom of this descendants report. His Y-DNA haplogroup is E-M35.

This citizen science project attempts to chronicle the kindred group Y-DNA of distant (10 generations or more) shared ancestors.

Get a Copy of The Report:

Click on the following link and once it opens up just save it to your computer.


This report has been included in the We Are Cousins DNA project and you can just go to https://www.wearecousins.info/dna for future download and also to check out other reports.

Join the We Are Cousins DNA Project:

If you have tested with Family Tree DNA please join our project at https://www.wearecousins.info/dna you can compare your results to others whom have tested that are also from South Texas and Northeastern Mexico.

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