The Vital Contribution of Texas in the Winning of the American Revolution

Recently while researching the role of our Spanish Ancestors and their possible contribution to the American Revolution I came across this short essay titled “The Vital Contribution of Texas  in the Winning of  the American Revolution”. I had not thought about sharing it until I received an email from Christine Martinez with this PDF document attached. I though that it would be a good idea if I in turn shared it with everyone else.

This short essay written by Robert H. Thonhoff is very interesting and will surely get your attention and give you a rapid overview of Northeastern New Spain back during the American Revolution. You will learn about the cattle drives and also about the settlements that were in Texas about that time. This can also provide you with clues as to what localities to search for your ancestors in the future.

The Vital Contribution of Texas in the Winning of the American Revolution

Most importantly you will learn about Spain’s role in the american revolution and the major part that it played in defeating the British.

I hope that you enjoy this essay as much as I did.

You can view and download it here:

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2 thoughts on “The Vital Contribution of Texas in the Winning of the American Revolution

  1. roberto1936

    I am somewhat familiar with the essay about Bernardo de Galvez participation in the American Revolution. I am also familiar with the cattle drives to Espiritu Santo de la Bahia and Nacodoches long before the AMERICAN CATTLE DRIVES.
    I took interest in the TEJAS history NOT TEXAS history. There was no TEXAS UNTIL MEXICO WAS DEFEATED IN THE WAR OF 1846 to 1848 and a treaty was made known as EL TRATO DE GUADALIPE HIDALGO.
    I too interest in this history because most of my ancestors were creillos( Spanish blood born in New Spain). You can ONLY BE SPANISH IN YOU ARE BORN IN SPAIN.
    As long as people do NOT CORRECT history it will continue to be misterpreted and distorted. Example: cattle and horses were brought to this continent by the Spanish. The first people that conducted cattle drives were creillos and mestizos. the cattle drives were to la Bahia and nacodoches and caouila. I have research the Spanish version of history and that is where I obtained my data. As I mentioned before I want to write a book about my ancestors fron a socioecomic and poitical perspective. I do not want to write simple who my ancestors were and how many children they had. Thanks
    Roberto gutierrez

    1. Moises Garza

      Thanks for your comment and sorry for my late response. If you ever need help publishing your book let me know. I will soon be providing a service to help people self publish and promote their books on my blog.

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