Alonso de Leon Sus Descendientes – Alonso de Leon His Descendants

If you are a descendant of Alonso de Leon then you are in for a treat. Guillermo Garmendia Leal made a study that he named “Los Descendientes de Alonso de Leon” which is actually a complete study about the Founders of Cadereyta.

In the first chapter he shows his ten daughters and sons as well as their ancestors and in the second chapter he writes about the descendants up to the 6th generation reaching up to the 1760’s.  He mentions that he stopped at that year since after that the baptism records are available in Monterrey. Now days they are available at

He also mentions that no books are available before that time and that between 1750 and 1760 the great exodus of Cadereyta begins to populate Tamaulipas and Texas. He does mention that some lines do reach up to 15 generations but that they are his wife’s own personal family lines up to 1992.

Alonso de Leon is my 10th great grandfather and I am one of his descendants through his Son Alonso de Leon and Antonio Leal de Leon.

Image of partial cover of book”Alonso de Leon Sus Descendientes”:

This book is great since it also includes a timeline of his life. If interested you can see his marriage record here: The 1635 Marriage of Alonzo de Leon and Josefa Gonzalez in Huichapan, Hidalgo, Mexico

You might also be interested in a book that he wrote about the History of Nuevo Leon. You can check that out here: Historia de Nuevo Leon Con Noticias Sobre Coahuila, Tejas, y Nuevo Mexico

Where to get a copy of Alonso de Leon Sus Descendientes:

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  1. Ray M, Villarreal

    whats up cousin, my name is Ray M Villarreal. my grandfather was is Inez Villarreal married to Lenora Benavides, daughter to Eugenio Benavides, niece too Placido Benevidez. Both brothers married the daughters of Martin Del Leon, I have deeds in hand issued to my grand father and receipts from General Rusk for the cattle, horsed mules plus goods which were took from our family to support the army.

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