J. T. Canales and the 1919 Texas Ranger Investigation

I am writing this post to just make you aware of J.T. Canales and the 1919 Texas Ranger Investigation. The story is a four part series by Tony Bill and was published on the website alice24-7.com. The four articles are very interesting, intriguing, and full of local history all the way from Matamoros, Ciudad Mier, to Austin, and all in between. Details cover most of South Texas and it is a great read that every South Texan should read.

I had never heard about Jose Tomas Canales until a few weeks ago when someone just left a comment that said “J.T. Canales Texas Ranger Investigation”. I looked for the message to credit them but could not locate it. If it was you thank you.

Portrait of J. T. Canales:

Here are the four Articles located at alice24-7.com:

By the way these four articles also contain some information about genealogy and also land grants. They are minor mentions but I thought that it was important to mention it.

I hope that you enjoy reading a these articles that are but a tiny piece of our local history and our heritage. I really liked reading them, let me know what you think about them.

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