by Moises Garza

December 8, 2014

Last Names of Nuevo Leon

On September the 26th I received an email by Ernesto Uribe with a newspaper cut out titled “Celebran el Natalicio de Jose Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara”. Jose Bernardo Gutierrez Lara is considered to be a hero of Texas independence. If you Google him you will find more information on him. What caught my attention was the last name Gutierrez de Lara and that he was from Revilla. One of my brick walls is my 6th great grandmother Maria Gutierrez de Lara who married Juan Joseph de Castro lived around the same period that Bernardo lived in Revilla. I could not keep but wonder if they were related. I have yet to find a connection. Bellow is the article that I read followed by another interesting thing I found in a book.

This is the article that I read:

Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara

This is a translation of the text on the image:

The Municipal Presidency in coordination with the school Prof. Leal Leonicio Leal celebrated an anniversary of the birth of the illustrious Colonel Jose Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara Maximiliano Uribe. This important event was held August 20 at the monument erected in his honor, where the Honorable City Council placed a wreath and made a Guard of Honor. Local, State and Federal Officials, Education Authorities, Municipal DIF System, Teachers and Students of different educational institutions were presently conducting a Guard of Honor. Gutierrez de Lara was born on August 20, 1774, at the Villa de Revilla, belonging to the province of Nuevo Santander, today: “Municipality of Guerrero, Tamaulipas”. First Mexican diplomat in our history, Texas independence hero and first Governor of Tamaulipas, he became ill on a trip to Santiago Nuevo Leon and died at his daughter’s house May 13, 1841. He was buried in the parish church of Santiago Nuevo Leon.

This article was published in the Zapata County News on Sept. 11, 2014, page 10 in the Nuevo Guerrero Spanish language section.

More about Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara:

Jose Bernardo Maximiano Gutierrez de Lara married Maria Josefa de Uribe on April 21, 1800, in Revilla, Tamaulipas, Mexico. She was born in 1774 and died on December 15, 1841. She was the daughter of Jose Luis Francisco Uribe and Maria Magdalena Gutierrez de Lara.  Jose Bernardo was baptized on September 9, 1774, and was the son of Jose Santiago Gutierrez de Lara and Maria Carmen Uribe.

What I found in a Book:

I borrowed a book from my local university titled “Historia de la Iglesia de Santiago Apostol” due to my Marroquin being from Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. While browsing its pages I came across the following Image.

It is a 1978 pencil drawing that was done of the crypt that is under the altar of the Santiago Apostol church. The author states that the crypt was then sealed forever. You can see that there are the remains of six people and one of them is of Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara who was buried with his sword next to him.

General Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara

I hope that this article was of interest to you. If you are a descendant of his let me know in the comments.


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  • Juan Alaniz Tamez, “Historia de la Iglesia de Santiago Apostol” Pg. 72
  • Crispin Rendon, “Ancestors of Ernesto Uribe” June 22, 2013 Pg 18

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  1. Some of j is descendants live on laredo, nuevo Laredo and throughout! I was engaged to a Gutierrez b4 he was killed in a car accident. Ruben angel Gutierrez, buried in Laredo, TX. He was born April 30, 1952 and died March 4, 1986.

  2. Soy Patricia Uranga Sanchez, mi abuelo fue Leopoldo Sanchez Gutierrez de Lara, que nacio en Hualahuises Nuevo leon.
    Mi mama, Aurora Margarita Sanchez Cuellar, historiadora e hija de Leopoldo Sanchez Gtz. de Lara es quien me informo de Bernardo GUtierrez de Lara, quien fue el primer governador de la region del norte de Mexico y de Texas. Ella que tiene 81 anos ahora, va a presentarse en San Antonio en 2018 para dar una platica y presentacion de este tema.
    I’m Patricia Uranga Sanchez, my grandfather was Leopoldo Sanchez Gutierrez de Lara, who was born in Hualahuises Nuevo Leon.

  3. Dear Mr. Garza, I am the grandson of Fernando Gutierrez and Maria Sebastiana Lozano, of General Zuazua. My father, Fidencio, was cousin to Don Heriberto Gutierrez, last owner of the Hacienda San Pedro, which had once been owned (c 1840) by Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara, and his sons. The hacienda was a childhood memory, which we were not allowed to visit, as it was in ruins. In the 20’s, my grandfather, Fernando and his brother Jesus, played guitar and violin, along with their sister, my great aunt, Tia Cuca in a “banda” which played the local towns and rancherias. Tio “Chuy” was interviewed for a 1990 chronicle by professor Carlos Leal Velasco. As kids we were all aware of the “brujerias” in Zuazua–and the wonderful food. I would very much appreciate any research on descendants of Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara. My father immigrated to San Antonio in the early 50’s. I was astounded to learn that B. Gutierrez de Lara was considered the “liberator of San Antonio”! (My mother is Canales and Perez from Falfurrias, but that is another story) Gracias, Jose Roberto Gutierrez

    1. HAve you spoken to Jose Lopez, he is also a descendant of Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara and has a book on him. He also makes presentations about the contributions and legacy of Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara.

  4. My great-great-grand father, Jose de Jesus Lara Tamayo was the son of great, great, great grandfather Joseph Maria Tamayo Luna and Maria Josefa Villarreal Gutierrez de Lara, so as far as my knowledge allows me, Jose Bernardo Maximiliano Gutierrez de Lara was my 1st cousin 6 X’s removed. My great great grand ma was Ma Carmen Baez Benavidez, Guerra-Canamar. The son of Jose de Jesus and Ma Carmen Tamayo was Esteban Refugio Guerra Tamayo gggf) who married Ma de Jesus Cisneros Cabrera. Their daughter was my great-grand mother, Inocencia Cabrera Tamayo who married Lucas Saenz de Leon and had my grandmother, Maria Tamayo de Leon who married Adolfo Reno Pena and had my
    mother, Esther de Leon Pena who married Crecencio Garza Rodriguez and had me Judi Rodriguez, no issue.
    This is so interesting to know of the heritage that precedes me. This side of the Tamayo family was originally from Revilla, Matamoros, Port Isabel, Bagdad and Brownsville and some in San Antonio.

  5. Hola me apellido Espinoza Gutierrez de Lara, soy descendiente directo de Bernardo de la parte de mi mamá. Mi abuelo creció en torreón donde los Gutierrez de Lara se mudaron en nuevo león. Existe un libro que compré y leí the last knight escrito por José Antonio López y habla de las aventuras que pasó Bernardo para llegar a Washington y pedir ayuda para pelear contra los españoles muy buen libro lo recomiendo

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