Branching Out: Genealogy Workshop 2013

I was invited back in July to be one of the speakers for the Brownsville Historical Association’s Branching Out: Genealogy Workshop 2013. This workshop took place yesterday October the 5th. I had lots of fun, meet great people, and I learned allot from each of the other speakers.

The speakers where:

  • Gene Fernandez: Brownsville Historical Association whom spoke about his passion for preserving history and specially the History of Brownsville and it’s surrounding area. He also spoke about he Brownsville Historical Cemetery which has over 30,000 interments. If you have ancestors in this cemetery Gene is the expert you need to talk to. He also made me aware that the Old City Cemetery Center holds the Escandon Genealogy Collection. This collection includes marriage records, cemetery information, and other related research books and files for Brownsville, the state of Texas and the U.S. It also includes many index books for various Northeastern Mexican towns.
  • Elizabeth Heis: Resgistrar Dubois Hite Chapter DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Vice Chairman Volunteer Genealogist District IX Texas. The information that she presented about DAR was excellent and very informative. She also made us aware that the King of Spain requested that his North American subjects donate one peso to the American Revolutionaries to support their cause. At this time Spain was also at war with the British. She stated that rosters were created with he names of all the people that donated this one peso and it is through them that many Hispanics can also become part of the DAR.
  • Moises Garza (me) My presentation was a short intro about both of my websites and also a little background about me and the main topics were: Five Common Misconceptions about Mexican Genealogy Research, “Somos Primos” We Are Cousins, Learn Your History, and Places to Learn more about or find your Mexican genealogical Heritage in the RGV.
  • Marry Torres and another presenter but unfortunately I did not write her name down. marry provided information about the Rio Grande Valley Hispanic Genealogical Society and the other presenter information about the Tip O Texas Genealogical Society. I unfortunately had to leave during their presentation so can’t provide you more details.

Photo of me Presenting, Photo was taken by Mark Trevino:

Thanks for sending me the photo Mark!

That’s it. I hope that you can make it out next time. I am hoping to go to Zapata Rising. I will not be a speaker nor present anything, but some of you all have asked me if I am going so I might just go to meet readers of We Are Cousins and meet friends in person. Let me know if you are going.

Before I forget I want to thank Craig Stone for inviting me as one of their Speakers. The Sons of the American Revolution had a both set up and had more information about their organization. The sons of the Confederate Veterans also had a both set up.

On a final note if any of your ancestors ever served in an armed conflict either in the U.S. or Mexico please let me know and if you want to share their stories or biography at We Are Cousins you are more than welcomed to do so.

4 thoughts on “Branching Out: Genealogy Workshop 2013

  1. Lou Valerio

    Thank you Moises for sharing your Information, wondering if you knew how we can get get previous copies of ” Families of Salinas Victoria, Nuevo Leon, Mexico” Volume 1-8 by Crispin Rendon or web site we can go to.

    Thanks: Lou Valerio

  2. Oscar Garcia

    Hi Moses – how do I get in touch by email with Elizabeth Heis regarding finding the roster with the names of those who donated a peso ? So far, I have not found an ancestor that was an officer in the Spanish army during the American Revolution. If I remember right, you have an ancestor – Tomas Sanchez (founder of Laredo) who was a Captain during the American Revolution, so that likely would work for you (not for me, I am related to his sister Josepha and to his father). I do have relatives in Saltillo that you also mentioned in a separate blogging – for example I am related to Lucas Garcia and Baltazar de Sosa (I don’t know who Baltazar parents are). Hope to see you soon at some meeting.

    1. Moises Garza Post author

      Oscar we are definitely cousins. I have emailed a friend and requested her email. Once I get it I’ll send you a message with it through facebook. I’ll also see you in the next meeting.

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