Zapata Rising, Are Your Roots From Zapata, Texas?

Where your ancestors from Zapata? If they were you might want to check out for more information. They are hoping to make it “the biggest family reunion in the world”. It will be taking place on Oct. 17-19, 2013 in Zapata, Texas.

Everyone that has roots in Zapata, Texas is encouraged to attend. One of the purposes of this event is to gather all the original families that were displaced as a result of the Falcon Dam back int he 1950’s and 1960’s.

As mentioned in their blog the purpose of this event is to:

  • To recognize and honor the many families who were adversely affected by the creation of The Dam;
  • To create an economic impact in Zapata and surrounding areas by reuniting all of the original families and their descendants for 3 days in Zapata and, along the way, break the world’s record for the biggest family reunion (Going for World Guinness Record);
  • To record the oral history of those families by bringing historians and news writers to document their experiences;
  • To counteract the negative publicity that Zapata has suffered;
  • To instill pride in the community; and
  • To become a hub for heritage and eco tourism, two of the largest and fastest growing industries in Texas.

Screen shot of their blog:

Please visit their website at

I want to thank Mary Bullen Ramirez for making me aware of this event. Let me know if you are attending.

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