Batch Download FamilySearch Documents With FastFilm and Decrease Your Genealogical Research Times

Last month Taco Goulooze shared the link to FastFilm on Google+, if you have not used this utility you are missing out big time. You may be asking yourself, What is FastFilm? It is a small utility that will let you download Batch Images from FamilySearch.

You may ask your self, Why do I need this? Simply put, to speed up and be more efficient when searching for a particular document in a set of documents. As you may be aware of, just trying to view an image using your browser on FamilySearch may take up to 30 seconds to a minute to load. Imagine doing this if you do not have a date or and have to go document by document.

After installing FastFile you will be able to download the set of images where the document you are looking for may be. Believe me the download speeds are fast. After it finishes you will be able to browse through the images superfast without the loading times that you would get otherwise.

Just ensure that you have hard drive space since each image is on average about 1.5 megabyte big.

You can visit the developers page for more information or to download the program on the following link.        



  • I was advised that the link to the tool is no longer working, unfortunately it seems that the author removed his website along with the tool. I i find anything else let you know.

    • edgobard

      Isn’t there anybody with copy of the tool?
      The site with the tool is down for longer time now.
      (I don’t want to reinvent the wheel by developing the same tool again)
      I have also found fs-thumbs… So for now, i’ll give it a try…

      • The tool was very useful, I do have a copy and last time I tried it it still worked. I still have to try the one that you just mentioned.

        • Kaj Ahlburg

          Does your Fastfilm still work ?
          My doesn´t.

          • I have not used it in while, Since I downloaded and archived what I needed. I’ll look for it and test it out.

    • Gábor Nagy
  • Gabriel Salinas

    Hola Moisés. Tendrás una copia del Fastfilm, ya que ya no está disponible y no pude encontrar ninguna copia para descargar. Gracias

    • Desafortunada mente mi copia lla no funciona y no he podido encontrar algo mas que funcione.

      • Gabriel Salinas

        Gracias de todos modos

  • Jose A

    Enviame a mi correo la copia que tienes y yo la arreglo.

    • I just sent it as an attached .zip file, make sure and check your spam folder. Let me know if you fix it.

      • Kirill

        Can I kindly ask you to send me the copy of fastfilm too.