Horacio Garza Marroquin, Jul 6 1941 – Apr 13 2008

My uncle Horacio Garza Marroquin was born July 6, 1941 the eldest son of Eulalio Garza Lopez and Dominga Marroquin Gonzalez. Today marks the anniversary of his too early death on April 13, 2008. My earliest memory of him is when I was about six years old and I was for some reason walking to the ranch from school alone. As I was going down the hill from Los Trevinos I heard a truck coming and as I turned around I saw the coolest truck I had ever seen, it was a black four by four truck with tires as tall as I was. I was amazed when the truck stopped next to me and the door opened, it was my uncle the one driving it. He asked as to what I was doing so far from the ranch and when I told him that I was on my way home from school he just smiled and said hop on I’ll take you home. I told him that it was a nice truck and he just smiled saying that he had just bough it.

I always admired him and it must have been due to the fact that everyone who new him where never short of stories to tell about him. Specially the stories that my dad would tell about his older brother. I also remember those stories he would tell. 
Well here is a video that one of his sons made about him and some pictures that I extracted from the video. When I get a chance to I’ll be posting stories about him and for any family members reading this, post your stories about him on this page or email them to me.

Remembrance Video by Horacio Garza Jr.:

Extracted Photos from Video:

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