Los Treviños, Tamaulipas, Mexico

Los Treviños is situated in the Municipality of Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas, Mexico. As you get closer to town the first thing you see is its water tower which was barely constructed in the 1990’s. It is literally a one road town with homes to either side of the road. The sign with the towns name indicates that the population was over 200, but as you drive past the town you will hardly see a soul. The small town has tree small stores, a church, a school, and a cemetery. The first store is owned by Leonel Treviño, the second by Albento Treviño and the third by Arturo Treviño. There is also a small place where fish is sold run by Orlando and I can not recall his last name. The evangelical church is named Templo Ebenezeer and it still holds services. The school last I knew was closed down and looked rundown. The Los Trevinos Cemetery is a few miles away from town but it is still the resting place to locals and people that had left but whose last wishes were to be buried among their loved ones.

To be honest I have not been able to find much information about the history of this small town, but one can assume with certainty that the name comes from the predominant last name of Treviño, which most of it’s residents carry. I have asked older people as to the history of the town but no one has given me any answers. About ten years ago on our way to Congregacion El Arcabuz Tamaulipas, as we were in the outskirts of the small town I noticed a fountain just to the left of the road. I asked my father Lauro Garza Marroquin if there had ever been a house right there and he stated no. He mentioned that the fountain was the center of the old plaza of the original town site for Los Treviños. He mentioned that the Plaza was surrounded by Jacales but that there had been a great flood and they were all destroyed. He mentioned that the people had moved to higher ground and that they eventually rebuilt in the present location. I asked my father if that flood had been in his lifetime and he stated no, that it had been way before he was born but that the old people from town would talk about the flood. The only recorded flood that I have been able to find occurred in August 27, 1909 where the river San Juan kept rising until August 29th of that same year (Leal, 1982). The river that flooded Los Treviños was not the San Juan river but the San Antonio River and both of their waters come from around the same region and are only about ten miles apart. There is a very strong probability that this was also the flood that devastated the first towns settlements.

Map of Los Treviños Tamauliaps, Mexico.

The rectangle represents where Los Treviños is currently located and the small square
represents the old town settlement. 

From looking at the above image it seems that no real planning took place on the current layout of the town since it seems that people built their homes were ever they had property at. The town currently has no town square or Plaza as they are called.

Water Tower at the North entrance of town.

Water Tower at North entrance of town built in the 1990’s.

Note: If anyone has more information about this town let me know.


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  1. Anonymous

    I miss that place I use to go every weekend if
    Not every other weekend my mother was from
    There my grandmother house is next to the church

  2. Claudia treviño

    Mis abuelos vivieron en los treviños a lado de la escuela primaria. Tengo hermosos recuerdos de mi niñes. Que tristesa que en la actualidad este todo abandonado.

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