La Palmita Muerte Sobre Las Lomas by Armando Leal Rios

La Palmita Muerte Sobre Las Lomas is a 143 page book packed with stories and details of the families of La Palmita, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. It’s author Armando Leal Rios was born in this small Northeaster Mexican town. He not only talks about his memories and stories that had been handed down but also talks about it’s history and how the town almost disappeared three times.

This small book also talks about a good portion of all the ranches and towns around La Palmita, even towns and cities in Starr and Hidalgo County are mentioned.

Cover of Book:

I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in this area or anyone interested in a good historical book.

Unfortunately this book is no longer being sold and only 1000 copies were ever made. The copy I have belongs to my friend Marty Ramos, who in turn got it from his father. Don’t worry here is the WorldCat Search for the nearest local library that has the book available.

Note: If anyone needs for me to search for a name in this book let me know. I might in the future post all mentioned names in an index.

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