by Moises Garza

October 3, 2011

Last Names of Nuevo Leon

Danny Villarreal’s website is another treasure for Hispanic genealogy and the most complete resource when it comes down to researching the Villarreal Surname, but don’t be deceived. Many people may turn it’s back quickly thinking “I don’t have Villarreal ancestors what am I doing here?”. Danny’s website will not disappoint you he has an extensive database of over 11,000 individuals and most of them are from South Texas and Northeastern Mexico.

Screen Shot of Website:
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In His Own Words:

The Villarreal surname is a Noble and very old surname its lineage is very well extended throughout the entire Iberian Peninsula. There are several different casas solares in Aragon, Castilla, Pais Vasco y La Rioja. There were only a handful of Villarreal families that entered the New World during and after the conquest. There is also a large concentration of this surname in Argentina. This web page is an attempt to document all of these men and women so that all with this surname can have a starting or ending point for your ancestral search. Y-DNA testing has helped us determine which family group we belong to. The most dominat family group is the Northern Mexico and Southwestern USA family. This area has the largest surname population even larger than Spain. This groups common ancestor is Diego de Villarreal. This family may be related to the Villarreal family from Mexico City, Guadalajara, Zacatecas, Saltilo, Durango and Monterrey, Mexico. Only DNA testing of people from Mexico will verify this. – Danny Villarreal

In my own experience using this website is that I have found countless ancestors and also the citations to find the original documents to support my research. Give it a try search for your ancestors and you will find them. Good luck and happy hunting, enjoy.

You can visit his website using this link:

Let me know in the comment area of this post on how Dany’s website helped you.

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    1. Hi Danny!
      I tried to share your awesome site with my mom, but my link is broken. Is the address still valid?
      (I am a Villarreal descendant, too! Nice to meet you!)

    2. Hi Danny: I am a Villareal and I’m wondering if you can help me with a brick wall. Trying to find names of my 2nd great grandfather’s parents. His name is Juan Villareal. Juan was born in 1834 in Bustamante, Nuevo Leon and died July 1 1921 in Bustamante. Any help you can give me is much appreciated. Thanks!

      1. Veronica I too have a Grandfather from Bustamante, NL Lazaro Villarreal died July 20, 1957 but have no other info my grandmothers name was Francesca Martinez

        John Villarreal

  1. Thanks, Danny, for sharing! I am going to study it carefully if I can get into it, because if I am correct, Margarita Villarreal Camargo was part of your family and
    she was a very dear friend of my mother and aunt, Esther Pena Rodriguez and
    Aurora Pena Gonzales, from the First Mexican Presbyterian Church on Jefferson
    Street. I will be great to read about this fine and well respected lady – the top secretary for Judge J.T. Canales.

    1. I think we may be related. I saw where a margarita villarreal Camargo was mentioned. She was my fathers cousins. We are from Brownsville Texas. Would like to further the possibility of communicating. Have many relatives that can share info.

  2. I am looking for relatives of my husband. He is Jose Luis Flores his parents Blas Flores and Maria Trinidad Avila. Paternal grandparents Miguel Flores and Ramona Villarreal. Maternal grandparents Inez Avila and Aurelia Puebla. Last known to be in Rancho Los Fresnos Tlatlenango Zacatecas Mexico.

    Please e-mail me.

  3. My name is Gregoria Villarreal Rios…I am 66 years old…have lost contact with all of my Villarreal family. My father, Santana Villarreal was the oldest of 7. The family resided in Valle Hermoso Tamaulipas. Last time I saw my paternal grandfather, Demetrio Villarreal, was at my father’s funeral in 1978. He flew into Madera, California from Tamaulipas and returned home after only 3 days. My paternal grandmother died when I was only 5 years old. I want to know more about them

  4. I have found in Familysearch the request from Francisco de Villarreal (the one married to Justina Mendoza) to enter the Orden de Alcantara in 1628. It says there that he is the son of Pedro de Villarreal Areiceta and Maria Martinez de Ibarra. The document mentions that at the time of the request he was in Mexico as Contador.

    I descent from his brother Bautista de Villarreal, who went to Cumana, Venezuela in 1598.


    Pedro Gutierrez

    Montreal, Canada

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