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Diccionario Biografico de Tamaulipas – Biographical Dictionary of Tamaulipas

Just wanted to make sure that you are aware of a great resource for the State of Tamaulipas. It is dictionary of biographies about notable people of Tamaulipas. The authors of this book “Diccionario Biografico de Tamaulipas” are Juan Fidel Zorrilla and Carlos Gonzalez Salas. It was printed back in 1984 in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Unfortunately it does not contain much genealogical information but some biographies do mention whom their parents were but it is great to help you piece your ancestors life’s. That is if they are mentioned within the pages of this book.

The main object of the writers was to include whomever in any generated activities have contributed or participated in the historic, economic, social, political, and cultural development of Tamaulipas. They not only mention people whom were born in Tamaulipas but many other persons that somehow have meant something to Tamaulipas.

Here is a sample of what you can expect to find:

DE LA GARZA FALCON, BLAS MARIA – Capitan fundador de la villa de Camargo establecida e1 5 de marzo, de 1749. Gozaba de quinientos; pesos anuales de sueldo, estaban a su mando doce plazas de la Real Escuadra y tenia ciento tres sirvientes. Contaba con ganado caballar y asnal. (E.G.D.L.F … , T. II, p. 388 ).

Cover of Book Diccionario Biografico de Tamaulipas:

Diccionario Biografico de Tamaulipas Juan Fidel Zorrilla Carlos Gonzalez Salas

This book will be rare to find since only 2000 copies where printed but you can always look for a copy at Worldcat.org to see if a local library carries it.

UTPA has a copy:

Yes the university of Texas Pan American has a copy of this book. You can see it’s availability here.

Hope that you find this resource useful and or you are able to find your ancestors in this book. Let me know about your findings.

1885 Map of Coahuila, Mexico

I know that some of you may are researching the Mexican state of Coahuila. I for example have many ancestors that where from Coahuila. This map is dated 1885 and might be useful to see what towns used to be around your ancestors home town. Sometimes this will provide you with additional clues as to where to continue your research. If you click on the image you will be taken to a high quality image of the map. The detail is great. Continue reading

1884 Map of Tamaulipas, Mexico

I found the following map at the Texas History Portal. It is an 1884 map of the Mexican State of Tamaulipas, Mexico. Maps have come to play an integral part in my genealogy research and the following map is very interesting since it names the towns as they were named in many birth, baptism, marriage, and death record. It also provides me with more clues as to what towns used to be named what. Continue reading

Families of Salinas Victoria, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume Six by Crispin Rendon

Crispin Rendon just released the sixth volume on his series for Salinas Victoria, Nuevo Leon. This Volume covers 1810 – 1816 and covers 304 marriages. I am sure that you as well as I am, are exited to start browsing this eBook so with nothing else here is the email that I received earlier form Crispin.  Continue reading

Captain Blas Maria de la Garza Falcon Colonizer of South Texas

The following is an excellent book about Blas Maria de la Garza Falcon whom was the son of General Blas de la Garza Falcon (1673-1736), governor of the province of Coahuila from 1723 to 1729 and 1733 to 1735, and Dona Beatriz de Villarreal. He was born in or near Monterrey, Nuevo Leon in 1712. He married Dona Catarina Gomez de Castro whom was the daughter of Don Antonio Gomez de Castro and Dona Nicolasa Baez de Trevino, on January 1, 1731 at the mining town of Boca de Leones, present day Villaldamas, Nuevo Leon , Mexico. Continue reading

1913 Civil Registry Death Index for Doctor Coss, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

This is the 1913 Civil Registry Death Index for Doctor Coss, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. It is listed by alphabetical order. The original image used for this transcription can be found in the following collection from FamilySearch Mexico, Nuevo León, Civil Registration, 1859-1962 > Doctor Coss > Defunciones 1911-1940

 Transcript of Original Image:

Numero  Nombres        Folio
de Actas
34      Alvarado Mercedes              36
45      Bazan Candelaria               47
6       Cantu Marcelina                8
10      Cantu Rodolfo                  12
30      Cantu Luisa                    32
42      Cantu Pablo                    44
4       Elizondo Leonardo              6
36      Escamilla Elena                38
47      Elizondo Candelaria            49
3       Garcia Francisca               5
5       Garcia Teodora                 7
7       Garcia Rosario del Maria       9
18      Garcia Juan                    20
19      Guerra Cantu Vidal             21
23      Garcia Flores Paula            25
35      Garcia Juana                   37
1       Hinojosa Enrique Virgilio      3
17      De la Ruella
22      Lopez Salinas Juliana          24
38      Lara Santos Jose               40
41      Lopez Porfiria                 43
33      Pena Felicitas                 35
39      Paz Tomas                      41
48      Pena Maria                     50
13      Rios Juan                      15
14      Rios Maria Jose                16
21      Ramos Amado                    18
21      Rodriguez Crisanta             23
24      Rios Modesto                   26
26      Rios Ruperto                   28
27      Rios Jesus                     29
29      Ramos Jose                     30
31      Rodriguez Francisca            33
46      Rios Aniceto                   48
2       Salas Juana                    4
8       Salinas Eugenio                10
11      Salians Gonzalo                13
12      Salinas Ysmael                 14
25      Salinas Santos                 27
40      Salians Maria                  42
43      Sanchez Concepcion             45
44      Salinas Armando                46
15      Trevino Florencio              17
20      Trigo Paula                    22
37      Trevino Florencio              39
17      Uribe Santos Maria             12
9       Vela Jose                      11
28      Vela Fidencio                  30
32      Vega Paula                     34

Source: FamilySearch.org

This Post’s URL: http://www.wearecousins.info/2013/02/1913-civil-registry-death-index-for-doctor-coss-nuevo-leon-mexico

Irish Lives Remembered A Resource to Help You Research Your Irish Ancestors

Irish Lives RememberredBelieve it or not there are many people in South Texas and Northeastern Mexico with Irish ancestors. I know this because of this regions rich history and the names that I occasionally come across on the church and civil indexes.

On the 8th of January Chris Paton made me aware through Google+ about Irish Lives Remembered a Genealogy Community and its free magazine.

I already downloaded two issues and they are great. Even if you don’t have Irish ancestors I recommend you read them since it is always helpful to see whats available and the stories are great.

You can visit this website here http://irishlivesremembered.com/magazines.html and can read more about the Irish in Mexico at wikipidia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irish_immigration_to_Mexico.

Have fun and enjoy!