Aquellos Primeros Saltillenses, eBook by María Elena Santoscoy Flores

The eBook “Aquellos Primeros Saltillenses” by Maria Elena Santoscoy Flores is a great resource to anyone who has traced their ancestors to Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. This book provides essential knowledge about the origins of Saltillo and the perils of its founders and early settlers. It also describes their main activities through which in the middle of the semi-desert lanscape where able to build one of the most important cities of northeastern Mexico.

I have yet to read the full book but I have already found mentions of several of my ancestors specially Alberto del canto and Diego de Montemayor. If you are doing Genealogy research on any of the early settlers you might want to look towards the end of the book. The author provides the family trees of most of them.

Cover of the book Aquellos Primeros Saltillenses

Let me just advise you that this book is all in Spanish. If you do not know how to read Spanish I would recommend that you press F+Ctrl and search for your ancestor. Once you find them you can highlight the particular paragraph and then use Google translate.

Regardless of if you know Spanish or not I highly recommend that you download and save this eBook to your computer. You can find the link just bellow.

Download eBook:

  • Aquellos Primeros Saltillenses (No Longer Working)

Let me know if you find anything interesting in this eBook or something new that you did not know before.

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  1. Irene Hernandez Maldonado

    I tried to download the ebook Aquellos Primeros Saltillenses and got this message: Not Found
    The requested URL /libros/aquellos primeros saltillenses.pdf was not found on this server.

    Can you help me? I would like to access this book.



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