Descendants of Miguel Saenz Garza Family Lineage of Los Saenz, Texas Volume 1

Descendants of Miguel Saenz Garza Family Lineage of Los Saenz, Texas Volume 1 was researched and written by Isabel Ernestina Garza Brown back in 1995. This book is only 54 pages including the covers but it contains a wealth of information. To be honest with you the only reason that I checked it out at the library was because it had Garza and Los Saenz, Texas.

My father used to tell us “if you date someone from the Miguel Aleman and Roma area ask her whom her parents are since you will be related to them”.

Turns out that Mrs Brown and I do have common ancestors Jose Francisco Angel de la Garza and Cayetana Pena.

Cover of Book:

This book also contains copies of original documents and traces their family line all the way to the present. Found out that I used to work with two people mentioned in here that I had no idea we were very distant cousins.

If you are researching the Garza’s or Saenz from this area check this book out.

This book is available at the Special collections at the University of Texas Pan american in Edinburg, Texas. Check it out here.

I did a search on WorldCat  to see if other libraries have it but only UTPA comes out.

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  • David Cantú

    Please keep me abreast of any changes to this web site

    Thank You

    • Moises Garza

      This is the book that I was telling you about.

  • Irene Senia

    Is there a way to get this book short of driving to Edinburg?

    • Moises Garza

      Irene the other only alternative would be to check to see if a local library near you has a copy.