1767 Land Grant of Francisco Angel de la Garza – Mier Porcion 14

Map of Mexican Porciones by Mary Jo Galindo.

The above is a map that Mary Jo Galindo made from an old one found in Mier. The above image can be found in her dissertation on page 10.

Land Grant of Francisco Angel de la Garza:

This is a copy from the book Anales y Testimonios del Cantaro. It is a translation of a 1767 document found in the archives of Mier. It also contains all the names of the people that were given the above listed grants. I’ll be posting all of them in another post. 

Transcription of above image:

14. – A la misma linea hecharon otros treinta y cinco cordeles que hacen mil setecientas cincuenta varas mexicanas, con tantas a la cabezada opuesta, y diez y siete mil de largo, completa porcion, demarcandose en el Paso de la Laja, pidola Francisco de la Garza tambien vecino de Camargo por tener alli sus bienes, y se le deja como a los de arriba.


14. – On the same line they threw thirty five strings which make one thousand seven hundred and fifty Mexican varas, with the same on opposite side, and seventeen thousand long, completes porcion, marked in the Pass of the Alaja, asked by Francisco Garza also neighbor of Camargo for having his property there, and is left as those above.

Some Notes:

This few lines in this document granted to my 6th great grandfather Francisco Angel de la Garza a piece of land .91 miles by 8.85 miles long, along the San Juan River in present day Arcabuz, Tamaulipas, Mexico. This document also states that he was from Camargo and that he had property on the land he petitioned for. So it can safely be assumed that he was already living at this location before 1767.

Francisco got married in Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico back in December 16, 1757 to Maria Cayetana Pena.

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