Diego Garcia, Porcion 78 Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico

I received the following email from Miguel Garcia.

My root ancestor is DIEGO GARCIA, he had porcion 78 in the jurisdiction of Camargo, I have been searching during even years, trying to get his birth date and the name of his parents, if anyone knows this information, I am willing to swap it for some info I have.

If you have any information on Diego Garcia or if you are descendant of his please contact Miguel Garcia at mike.barnstormer@gmail.com.

More information about Diego Garcia:

Diego Garcia was awarded Porcion 78 back in 1767 in the jurisdiction of Camargo. This porcion contained 5756 acres of land. He is also briefly mentioned as the owner of this porcion in a free eBook by Google titled The Laws of Texas 1822-1897.

The following website might also be helpful:

It lists a lot of genealogical data and many leads.


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10 thoughts on “Diego Garcia, Porcion 78 Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico

  1. Consuelo Canalez Garza

    RE: Diego Garcia
    I just found that his baptismal was 02/12/1738 Camargo Tamaulipas, Mex. I found that his parents were Alonso Garcia and Leonore Valverde.
    I also found other parents: Francisco Garcia and Maria Vela. Porcion
    78 has 9.09% of unclaimed mineral proceeds.

    1. Miguel Garcia

      Thanks to Consuelo Canales Garza, I still have doubts of who DIEGO GARCIA`s parents were. In a genealogical site they list Diego`s children (Married to Maria Jacoba Vela Villarreal) If diego was born in 1738, there appears a son (JUAN DE LOS SANTOS GARCIA VELA) married around 1705, (and born around 1685) how can this be? if his father was born in 1738? I would like to contact CONSUELO CANALES GARZA, to see if she needs information on some of her ancestors.

  2. Gabriel Longoria

    As far as I know, porcion 78 was granted to Francisco de la Garza. I have notarized paperwork of a family tree and a copy of the original documentation written by Governor Roberts stating that the land was granted to him. please contact me so that we can further discuss information.

    1. Veronica


      It has come to my attention that I am a descendant of Francisco De La Garza Ballesteros. Could you provide me with the notarized family tree and the written documentation of the land grant?

      Also, do you have information on how to be declared heirs?

  3. Miguel Garcia

    Hello Moises and all of your readers: I still cannot find any data on parents of Diego Garcia (Of porcion 78, Camargo Jurisdiction). I am still waiting if more people are related to him and so, share some information about this issue. (According to my research, he married Maria Garcia, Maria Jacoba Vela and also to Maria Vela Longoria).
    Thanks in advance for your kindness.


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