New Guide to Spanish and Mexican Land Grants In South Texas

The Spanish and Mexican Land Grants in South Texas not only go hand in hand with history but also with Genealogy. Land was the reason that many of our ancestors followed Jose de Escandon to populate what is now Northeastern Mexico and South Texas. Later on the Mexican Government gave more land grants stretching up to the Nueces River and beyond. The book “New Guide to Spanish and Mexican Land Grants in South Texas” by Galen D. Greaser will be your go to book when it comes to land grant information.

Cover of Book:

New Guide to Spanish and Mexican Land Grants in South Texas

This book contains a wealth of information. Bellow I have copied the contents of the book just so you get a general idea of what you will be able to find within the pages of this book.


Part 1: The History

Once Upon a River: Spanish and Mexican Land Grants in South Texas

– Villas del Norte

– The Visita General of 1767: The Porciones Grants

Hacienda de Dolores
Lugar de Mier

– Large Land Grants North of the Rio Grande (1777-1800)
– Policy Reforms: Royal Grants, 1802-1812
– Unsettled Times: 1810-1821
– Independent Mexico
– The Public Lands ofTamaulipas: The Laws
– Land Grants in Northern Tamaulipas
– A Flood of Fire on the Rio Grande: Change in Sovereignty and Boundaries
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and Texas

Appendix I: The “Blood” Title: Andres Bautista Pereda and Jose Manuel Pereda’s
Spanish Grants
Appendix II: The Jose Francisco Balli “La Barreta” Grant: A Case Study
Appendix III: “Sal del Rey” and Mineral Rights in Texas
Appendix IV: Opinion on Several Points Related to Real Property in Mexico

Part II: The Land Grants

Explanatory Note for Entries in this New Guide

Entries A-Z

General Index

I really enjoyed reading this book and getting the information that I needed about my ancestor’s land Grants on both sides of the Rio Grande. This Book also lists all the porciones awarded on the Mexican side and not just South Texas.

Luckily for me my local university UTPA had a copy of this book and I was able to borrow it for a couple of weeks. Bellow I will list several places where you can get a copy of this book.

Where to find this book:

In the comments section of this post please let me know what you find within the pages of this book. Have fun.

6 thoughts on “New Guide to Spanish and Mexican Land Grants In South Texas

  1. James micheal ariola

    I need help with my geneology and name is james micheal ariola my great grampa was montezuma ariola we were told we had a huge spanish land grant.

  2. carmen Amaro

    after discovering that my family on my mother’s side probably got land grants. I wonder if those can be reclaimed. I know there was an issue with a childless widow inheriting all my mother’s family’s lands when my uncle died. is that contestable . I know it is a long shot. this is land in candela , salinas victoria area. After geology research i learned I was a direct descendent of Blas Maria De La Garza Falcon

  3. Margaret Garcia

    I want to put my 2 cents worth. If the land is in Mexico, it has a lot of red tape for many reasons. My father had a big tract of land in northern Mexico and when he died, we had our share of problems, as we had the right to inherit but not to hold the land. This of course was before NAFtA in 1984. There has been many changes since then. Once you sell it, It is hard to bring a large amount across the border as there is only a certain amount of money that can be crossed over and has to be declared. There were many headaches involved. If it is oil producing, that is a horse of a different t color. We interviewed two attorneys and ended up hiring one.

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